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    How do you up your reputation? I see your reputation has to be a certain level for some items people sell .

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    You stumbled upon town expansion materials (brick, stone block, paint bucket, tar bucket, hammer, hand drill) or map pieces I guess.
    Official Town FAQ:
    Q: I noticed there are new Upgrade Materials?
    A: Complete all the building requests for a visitor to get a rare item with a high chance for one of the new upgrade materials.
    Q: What are Reputation Points?
    A: You earn reputation points when serving visitors in your Town. Note - reputation points are only achieved in the Town area, not at your farm. Reputation points are required to upgrade your buildings in town, to buy new Service buildings and to unlock new features in the Town area.
    Take your time to read about the Town in this wonderful guide:
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2horns1halo View Post
    How do you up your reputation? I see your reputation has to be a certain level for some items people sell .
    Are you asking why you can not buy some things in the newspaper? If so, the way it works is this: if your farm can make the product, you can buy the product. If your level hasn't unlocked that particular item, then you cannot buy it. This is different from reputation points. They are only for the town.

    so I think your question is how can you level up to unlock more items? Most farming activities give you experience points. As you collect them, the blue bar at the top of your screen grows and when it fills up, you level up. Then the bar is empty again to start on the next level. Truck orders usually give the most experience points.
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