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Thread: Ash's Journey to Level 40 Heroes and Dark Elixir Farming Guide

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    Latest Video:

    Compiled all my attacks in my 5 hour hardcore Dark Elixir Farming session into a 1 hour video! For those who haven't watched all the episodes or would like to watch them all in 1 video!

    I go through a lot of great information and strategies in these videos. Highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve in farming DE faster!

    Road to Max Heroes and TH9 (Episode 15):

    Table of Contents

    II....................My Planner and Video Tutorials
    Post #2 - The Ultimate Dark Elixir Farming Guide
    1..................... Upgrade Priorities
    2......................Conditions to Follow
    3..................... Army Compositions
    4..................... Rules of the Hunt
    5..................... Town Hall 7 DE Farming
    6......................Thought Processes When Approaching a Base
    7......................Estimating Dark Elixir Inside Storage and Drills
    Post #3 - Attack Guide for Farming Dark Elixir

    8...................... Attacking for 50% Win (Especially for Master League Farmers)
    9...................... Compilation of Great DE Protection Farming Bases

    Post #4 - My Previous Journey to Lv 40 Heroes!
    11.....................When should I upgrade my Town Hall?
    12.................... Compilation of more useful charts, videos, and guides

    "A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step" -Lao Tzu

    II. My Planner and Video Tutorials

    My Spreadsheet Planner:

    YouTube Videos
    I have a lot of highly in-depth videos to help you become a Clash of Clans player. Check them out!

    DE Attack Strategy Videos

    New Journey to Max Heroes and TH9 Series:

    Let's Farm DE Series:

    Old Lv40 Heroes Journey:
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    My Ultimate DE Farming Guide

    1. Upgrade Priorities:

    • You must prioritize upgrading all your 'offensive' units before your 'defensive' units. Laboratory, Spell Factory, Clan Castle, and Army Camps must all be leveled to max as soon as possible.
    • Prioritize on upgrading your farming troops and spells in your Laboratory first.
    • Upgrade Dark Elixir Storage to level 6. My goal will be to always keep the storage around 90% full before one of my heroes has completed training.
    • Upgrade both DE Drills to level 6. A lv 6 DE Drill produces 100 DE per hour. With two, that's 4800 DE per day. In a month that's about 144,000 DE. Sounds great to me!

    2. The conditions I follow:
    • Keep your Town Hall outside. If you have loads of DE, then keep TH outside so you don't get constantly zapped without a shield. Stay high in the trophy leagues to lessen the rate of zappers.
    • Know the value of Dark Elixir. The value of 1 DE = 140 Elixir/Gold or 280 of Gold + Elixir. This is the number I like to work with for a couple of reasons. One plausible reason I could give you is that the cap of how much DE you can raid from a fellow TH 9's DE storage is 2500, while the cap of the Elixir or Gold storage is 350,000. 350,000/2500 = 140. This allows to decide whether it's worth trying to break into the depths of the base for the DE storage if there's enough to interest me. There's always a chance of failure due to unforeseen circumstances especially when using weak army compositions. Thus, you will need to weigh your risk vs reward.
    • You don't have to boost barracks, but boosting will help you farm even faster. My method is very gem-friendly. You don't need use gems to make DE fast. Boosting will only increase your performance, nothing bad about it. However, I will not be using any gems in my new journey!

    3. Army Compositions:

    • BAM - 2 Barracks Barbarians, 2 Barracks Archers, 1 Barrack each 2 Wall Breakers, 2 Dark Barracks of 8 Minions each. For a total of about 8 Wall Breakers, 16 Minions, and rest Barbarians and Archers. (Unboosted) - Theoretical Training Time For Full Army: 19 minutes and 33 seconds (actual time of completion is much shorter, depending on how long you are nexting as Barracks cook troops while you are searching and raiding).
    • Spells: Only cook Heal Spells and 1 Poison Spell
    • The Archer Queen and/or Barbarian King are the best weapons for efficient Dark Elixir farming. I highly recommend using them (or one of them) if you're not upgrading both at the same time. (This does not apply to me)
    • This is a very efficient method of farming Dark Elixir, quick-to-train army that can break into a few layers to steal DE if needed. Watch my YouTube videos on how I effectively I use this composition.

    NEW: LoonBAM attack
    Link to guide:

    Master League Farming:

    Check out my Ultimate Master League Farming Guide here:

    Other Viable Compositions:

    BAM v2 - 3 rax Archers, 1 rax Barbarians, 4 Wall Breakers, 16 Minions, Lightning Spells (Recommended), Archer Queen and/or Barbarian King (Optional), Factory Boosted (Recommended)
    • Much like the above BAM composition, but with more Archers. This will allow you obtain 50% easier, but may be harder to break into cores of bases with enough Barbarians acting as meatshields and mini-wall breakers. And of course you want to Boost your Spell Factory so you can make about 2500 DE in bonus every hour from zapping.

    BAM Heal/Rage - 2 rax Barbarians, 2 rax Archers, 4 Wall Breakers, 16 Minions, 1 Rage Spell, 1 Heal Spell, 2-3 Lightning Spells, Archer Queen or Barbarian King (Optional), Factory Boosted (Recommended)
    • I recommend not using both Heal and Rage Spells if one is enough. Both Rage and Heal together is very powerful and will make it much easier breaking into bases for DE Storage. The you should also constantly make Lightning Spells for the other slots to constantly zap storages for bonus DE.

    Barch Heal/Rage - 2 rax Barbarians, 2 rax Archers, 6 Wall Breakers, 1 Rage Spell, 1 Heal Spell, 2-3 Lightning Spells, Archer Queen and/or Barbarian King (Recommended), Factory Boosted (Recommended)
    • This is more for the parsimonious folks whom don't want to spend DE on training Minions. However, I do recommend using a Hero with this composition as a King under Rage Spell with a bunch of Barbarians is a very powerful way of breaking into bases. Heal Spell should be used to fend off splash damages from Mortars of Wizard Towers.

    Barch Heal Breaker - 2 rax Barbarians, 2 rax Archers, 16 Wall Breakers, 4-5 Heal Spells, Barracks Boosted (Recommended), Spell Factory Boosted (Recommended), Archer Queen and/or Barbarian King (Recommended)

    • This method is more favorable with boosted barracks and factory for efficiency. It also also geared more towards people with high level Heroes, as the Heal Spells will allow your Heroes to maintain good health in combat, so you can expect to have your Heroes assist you in every raid without waiting. The main idea of this composition is set in stone by the over-abundance of Wall Breakers (16 of them). You want to start by sending in a couple of Barbarians and Archers behind them, then constantly send in a pair of Wall Breakers to break inside the core (or wherever the DE Storage is confined). Use Heal Spell to maintain health against splash defenses such as Wizard Towers and Mortars (as they're the number one threat to your army).

    GiBarch - 12-16 Giants, 6-8 Wall Breakers, 3 rax Archers, 1 rax Barbarians, Rage Spell (Recommended), Heal Spell (Optional), Archer Queen and/or Barbarian King (Recommended), Factory and Barracks Boosted (Recommended)
    • This composition utilizes Giants, who are great at breaking into bases and taking damage with their incredibly high HP. Although this isn't as efficient as any of the above compositions, it is great for those whom love to boost their barracks and factory. Rage Spell is almost a must with this composition for full potential for breaking into bases. A Hero is also recommended as this composition isn't too friendly with housing space and often you'll run out of enough troops to continue rampaging through defenses and layers of walls.

    GiBAM - 8 Giants, 4 Wall Breakers, 16 Minions, 3 rax Archers, 1 rax Barbarians, 1 Rage Spell (Optional), 3-4 Lightning Spells, Archer Queen and/or Barbarian King (Recommended), Factory Boosted (Recommended)
    • Similar to GiBarch, but this composition provides you with more versatility and a last resort option in Minions. This is one of the most difficult compositions to master simply because there's a lot of troops involved and the different ways to go about attacking a base with it. I highly recommend that you first master both the BAM and GiBarch methods before attempting this method. The key idea for this method is to break into a base with Giants distracting defenses, use Barbarians for extra meatshield with Archers attacking over walls behind them. Use Minions to quickly remove splash defenses in the way (over walls) and/or attack the DE Storage once you've cleared the path with your GiBarch army.

    Balloonion - 28 Balloons, 40-50 Minions, 2 Rage Spells, 2 Heal Spell, Barracks Boosted (Recommended), Factory Boosted (Recommended), Archer Queen and/or Barbarian King (Optional)

    • It is recommended that you farm at Masters league with this composition as the league bonus there will make up for much of your loss when it comes to training over 40 Minions. In order to increase time efficiency, boosting your barracks and factory is almost a must. Otherwise, all the above compositions are just greatly superior in terms of both cost efficiency and time efficiency.

    4. My Rules of the Hunt:

    (For Efficient Dark Elixir Farming)

    • Town Hall snipe while waiting for a full army if you're farming high in the trophy leagues and are having a hard time maintaining trophies.
    • Always fill up barracks after every raid you expend your troops.
    • Your target DE per raid should be at least 1000 DE. 1000 DE * 140 = 140,000. When I farm for gold or elixir, I aim for at least a total of 300,000 per raid. 140,000*2 = 280,000 in theory if there were two DE storages. Thus, 1000 DE is a good number to work with. Especially when you're using such a weak army composition to work with. Sometimes DE farming can be slow, so you can change you target to 800 DE if that's more comfortable. If you were to farm with something more potent like Balloonion, then you probably would want to target at least 1500 DE to make up for time consumption of the army.
    • However, in the case of sniping a TH outside a base and there are DE Drills also easily accessible, then you should also take the easy DE that's available (unless if it's not worth it <100).
    • If you are in need of trophies and TH cannot be sniped, then at least 1000 DE must be accessible and possible for you to raid to make it worth raiding and possibly lose trophies.
    • Never be afraid to lose trophies. If I can obtain at least 1000 DE with my simple army comp, then I'll be happy to trade a few trophies for the DE.
    • You don't always need a full army camp. If your army camp is 75% full, then you should not waste time searching for Town Halls to snipe and good DE to steal from collectors. I can hold up to 220 troops in my camp, so if my camp is 75% full (165 troops), then I will search for DE and THs to snipe while my Barracks are cooking a full army. 220-165 = 55, which will take about 4 mins to fill. So while I'm nexting and can't find anything, I can just come back to home base wit a bigger army, then go back to nexting again. Some people are against this method simply because they don't believe it's worth searching without a full army. What if I run into an inactive base with a boatload of loot? Well think about it logically. You wouldn't have ran into it if you weren't searching at that precise time anyway. The more you search, the greater the rate of finding good bases to raid. I know there are many times I regret not having a full army camp, but I move on.
    • Never randomly spawn your troops around without thought. Always have a reason for spawning before you spawn. You have 3 whole minutes to raid. Try using a minute to think and plan out your attack in your head. Also conserve your troops, know how many are necessary to obtain the DE. If you can get all the DE with just 50 Barbs and 50 Archers, then don't go wasting all of them. Time is the most crucial aspect of farming efficiently. This means you'll have to wait less to fill up your army camp for the next big raid.
    • My main focus is DE per hour. I'm not going to wait 15 mins for a full army and then 5 mins of searching for a good base to raid. I'm always going to be busy, busy searching. The above two methods will help keep you busy and maximize your DE per hour.
    • Be aware of Clan Castle and 2x2 empty tiles (possible indication of Giant Bombs and Teslas). Be sure to always try luring Clan Castle first, if it's lure-able. If it's unlure-able, then you can either avoid raiding or weigh your risk vs reward. Be sure to test out for Giant Bombs outside the base with a few Barbarians before spawning a horde of troops.
    • Go for easy Gold/Elixir collector raids that you can also 1 star. You will find yourself nexting a lot, to a point where you will be losing a lot of gold. This means you should also farm for gold (for nexting) and elixir (for your spells) if you find an easy collector raid-able base with at least 300k+ total resource. If you fall under 300,000 gold, then you need to prioritize farming for gold over DE until you have at least 800,000 gold. This always works for me as I've never fell into a point where I've run out of enough gold or elixir to search for DE or create Lightning Spells.
    • Avoid heavily guarded DE storage. If the DE storage is confined within more than 2 layers of walls and surrounded by high level splash defense, then I usually do not pursue raiding it. A simple army of Barch isn't enough to 'safely' break into the core of a good TH 9+ base with centralized DE storage. Again, you must weigh risk vs reward when attempting a raid into the core.
    • BE CONFIDENT. When attempting to raid, be at least 90% confident that you can get the DE you want before attempting to use up all your troops. It's better to just skip the base if you're uncertain, then to risk losing your army and time.
    • Watch my YouTube video series to get some great ideas on how to effectively raid and farm Dark Elixir.

    5. Tips For Town Hall 7's Farming DE

    This is where most people begin farming Dark Elixir for the first time. As a Town Hall 7 player, your priority should be on getting your Barbarian King and getting him to Lv 5 as soon as possible because that's when you actually realize how great he is with his Iron Fist ability and how beneficial he is in every big raid you do. Farming at Town Hall 7 is hard given that most of the Dark Elixir are higher up in the leagues and as a TH 7 player you're limited to how well you can attack bases with a simple composition of say Barch or BAM. You also want to conserve Dark Elixir, so I wouldn't recommend using Minions in TH 7 to farm DE just because DE is very rare there and you're not going to be attacking many centralized storage bases. Possibly the easiest method to getting DE as a TH 7 is to just use you Lightning Spells to zap DE storages that are loaded and raid DE drills that are outside of bases. Try an army composition will allow you to attack the cores of many TH 7 and 8 bases to get to the DE storage. I would recommend using about 8 Giants, 6 Wall Breakers, 3 Barracks training Archers, and 1 Barrack training Barbarians or Goblins. I also recommend farming above 1500+ trophies for this. If you're having a hard time maintaining your trophies, then I recommend sniping Town Halls that are outside bases for free trophies. I used this method when I was TH 7 and was able to get my King from Lv 1 to 5 in less than a week!

    6. Thought Processes When Approaching a Base

    • Is the DE storage in range of the CC? If so, is the CC lure-able? If it's not lure-able, then can I still break into the base, lure it, and at the same time take the DE?
    • What are all the defenses guarding the DE storage? (since my only goal is the DE storage, I don't have to worry about defenses that aren't within the range of DE storage)
    • How many walls must I break before to get into position for my Archers or Barbarians to take the DE? Or what level are the walls? If the walls are of high level, are there also splash defense (Mortar/Wiz Tower) within this range? (Barbarians need to break through the walls fast if there are splash defenses within range, so it's often wise to avoid high level walls (lv 8+) with splash defenses on the outer edges of the base)
    • Where are the splash defenses placed? Can I remove or distract the splash defenses in my way?
    • Is the storage possibly guarded by Teslas or Giant Bombs? (2x2 tile radius)
    • What is the best direction for me to attack from? (the best path is usually the shortest path, and the path that allows you avoid/distract/remove splash defense quickly)
    • Are there Heros guarding the DE storage around the core of the base? (you should avoid Heroes around the storage and around more than 1 layer of wall because the Heroes have a magnetic ability to pull distract all your troops if they target you, which will allow other defenses (especially splash defense) to quickly wipe your troops. Especially the Archer Queen, she has the ability to not only attack you over walls, but also make your Barbarians and Archers attack the walls in front of her instead of her).
    • Are there Inferno Towers guarding the DE storage inside the base? If so, is it a multi-targeting Inferno Tower or a single-targeting? (If it's a multi-targeting tower in range of the DE storage inside the base, then you should completely avoid it. Be sure to know how to identify whether it's single-targeting or multi-targeting)
    • How powerful are the defenses? (If the DE storage is well-protected by high level splash defenses such as Lv 7+ Mortar and Lv 6+ Wiz Towers, then you should probably avoid it, unless if you can distract it)
    • Is the Xbow set to ground only or ground + air?

    You will learn most of this from experience. Keep practicing, practice makes perfect!

    7. Estimating Dark Elixir inside Storage and Drills

    Town Hall Level % Available to be Stolen Cap Storage Amount to Reach Cap
    7-8 6% 2,000 33,333
    9 5% 2,500 50,000
    10 4% 3,000 75,000

    If you're a Town Hall 9 for example and you have 50,000 DE in your storage, then the most someone can steal from your storage is 2,500. While if you have 200,000 DE instead, then the most someone can steal from you is still 2,500 because the cap is 50,000. 50,000*0.05 = 2,500.

    The Dark Elixir drills hold their DE inside of a small transparent cubic container on top. To accurately estimate the amount of DE inside this tiny container, make sure you zoom in wall the way:

    This particular drill looks empty, but it actually may have a little DE stored in it. It has around 0 to 19% DE available. But still really isn't worth pursuing.

    Dark Elixir Storage and Drill DE Availability Chart:

    (Credit to Sanguin for making this amazing chart!)

    (Click Picture for Full Image)
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    Attack Guide For Dark Elixir Farming

    Step 1: Locate the Dark Elixir
    Where are most of the Dark Elixir stored in the base? Only attack the base if the amount of Dark Elixir you’re looking for meets your standards. For example, if you’re looking for at least 800 Dark Elixir and there’s 400 DE stored inside a the DE Storage and 400 DE stored in 2 Lv 3 Drills that are all separated within the base, then you probably would want to skip this base. Why? Because you’re most likely not going to be able to attack this base from all cylinders and get in deep enough to steal all 800 DE. The most potent attack you can go is attack from one direction. Attacking in multiple directions weakens your attack, and how far you can get inside a base.

    Step 2: Assess all the defenses protecting the Dark Elixir
    When you’re farming for Dark Elixir, you’re farming for Dark Elixir. Forget if there’s like 200K each Gold and Elixir, your main target is the Dark Elixir, don’t waste troops around the base trying to get the Gold and Elixir first. When you’re farming for Dark Elixir, assess only the defenses surrounding the Dark Elixir. Is the Dark Elixir protected by splash defense? (Mortars and Wizard Towers) How far inside the base is the DE located? From experience are you confident that you’ll be able to steal all the DE? If so, then progress. Also, remember if the Town Hall level is 1 Town Hall level less, than you have an advantage in power. For example, a Town Hall 9 player with Lv 6 Barch can do a lot of damage to a Town Hall 8 base, regardless of how high the level of the defenses are.

    Step 3: Clan Castle
    First thing you want to do before attacking is to check whether there’s anything inside the Clan Castle. If the Clan Castle is not within the range of the Dark Elixir, then ignore it. If it is, then try to activate it with a few Barbarians and/or Wall Breakers. If you can’t lure it, then always prepare for the worst. And then assess whether you can still take all the DE. Having a Lightning Spell as a backup helps a lot in processing your decision of whether to attack the base or not.

    Step 4: Plan out your attack
    Once you’ve chosen the direction you wish to attack, plan how you will go about attacking the base. Always be skeptical of empty 2x2 tile spaces and they could be hiding Hidden Teslas or Giant Bombs. Before spawning a bunch of Barbarians and Archers outside of a place, test for Giant Bombs, especially any empty spaces behind other buildings or in the line of direction towards the Dark Elixir.
    Prioritize on removing Wizard Towers and Mortars out of the way. Use the combination of Barbarians + Archers + Minions against a Wizard Tower to quickly remove it.

    How to spawn different troops

    Barbarians - Start by testing out empty spaces for bombs with a few Barbarians. Then remove all outlying buildings out of the way with a few Barbarians and Archers so you can control the direction you wish to proceed in getting the Dark Elixir. Then rapidly spawn a bunch of Barbarians using multiple fingers towards the direction of the Dark Elixir. The usual purpose of these Barbarians is to act as shields for other troops as Barbarians have great HP to take multiple hits from defenses.

    Archers - Use a few Archers at the beginning of a raid to remove all outlying buildings that are unprotected by the range of Archers. Archers have a 3.5 tile radius attack range. Never send in Archers unprotected, meaning you must have Barbarians in front of them for shield. Archers have terribly low HP and can be 1 shotted by most defenses. Like Barbarians, and after you’ve sent in your Barbarians, you want to rapidly send a bunch of Archers behind them by using multiple fingers to spawn them.

    Using Multiple Fingers to Spawn:
    If you’ve never used more than 1 finger at the same time to spawn troops, then start practicing. You can sweep with 2 fingers instead of one by using both your index and middle finger together. You can spawn 3 troops at a time by constantly tapping with your index, middle, and ring fingers together. You can use one hand to change troops while your spawn troops with the other hand. You can use both hands with 3 fingers to constantly tap and spawn 6 troops at a time. Do not sweep with more than 3 fingers at the same tim. If you have a device with a small screen, then zoom in all the way. If you have a small screen and fat fingers, then I can’t help you with that. Buy a device with a larger screen lol.

    Minions - If there are any outlying buildings in the way unguarded by air-attacking defenses, then remove first with a Minion. Minions fly over walls, so they’re excellent for targetting splash defenses hiding behind walls. Archers aren’t very good at that simply because they’re one-shotted by most splash defense. Minions are also exceptional at quickly removing Wizard Towers, a prime threat for your army. In order to spawn a group of Minions, start by sending out 1 or 2 around to trigger any possible Air Bombs in the way. Then you can safely send the rest in that same direction.

    Tip: The above troops perform their best when used in a large group and are spawn rapidly with multiple fingers in one direction. This means you must remove all possible splash defenses and air bombs out of the way before you can safely send in a large horde

    Wall Breakers - Once you have a bunch of Barbarians distracting all the defenses, you can then safely deploy Wall Breakers. Remember, Mortars hit every 5 seconds, so be sure to time that if there’s a Mortar in the way. Wall Breakers don’t target the closest wall, then target the closest wall concealing a building. To accurately break the wall of interest, you must remove the buildings inside of the walls that are in your way before sending in your Wall Breaker. It takes a lot of practice before you can master using Wall Breakers effectively.

    Clan Castle Troops - Use your Clan Castle troops as last resort or along with your mass horde. CC troops come out one by one and have a terrible AI, so make sure to send them out at the right moment, especially if your horde is in need of more troops.

    Archer Queen or Barbarian King - Make sure you have point defenses (Cannons, Archer Towers, Teslas!) out of the way before sending in your Hero. Or send them out along with your mass horder of Barbarians and Archers. The Barbarian King is an excellent combination with Barch because of his excellent HP allowing him to take as many hits a she wants from Moratsr and Wizard Towers. If the core has a bunch of Mortars, Wizards, and Air Defenses surrounding the DE Storage, then that means it’s weak to the Barbarian King. Always have a few Wall Breakers to break walls and control the movement of your Barbarian King. The Rage Spell is also an excellent spell for the Barbarian King as it not only makes him go berserk, but can also lead him the right way towards the Dark Elixir. The Archer Queen is excellent in her own right because of her brilliant 5 tile attack range and her abililty to attack over walls. She can reach the Dark Elixir storage better than any other troop in the game. Send her out along with a bunch of Barbarians and Archers as shields.

    Lightning Spell - You can use Lightning Spells to obtain bonus Dark Elixir by zapping DE Storages filled with DE or remove annoying Clan Castle troops. Or use 2 Lightning Spells to remove Mortars or Wizard Towers in your way, as then safely spam a mass horde of Barbarians and Archers.
    Rage Spell - Excellent not only for breaking inside a base with a mass horde, but also directing your troops towards the right direction.
    Heal Spell - Great for protection against splash damage. Even better when coupled with a Rage Spell.
    Jump Spell - Great for controlling the direction of your troops towards the DE storage. Works best when coupled with a Rage Spell as well.

    8. Attacking for 50% Win (Especially for Master League Farmers)

    Tips on what type of bases to attack and what type of bases to avoid when Barching in Master League. Credit to Proxy (aka Chase) for these:

    A very useful chart for assessing how many buildings needed to achieve 50%:

    Level Maximum Number of Buildings Available Number of Buildings For 50% Total Number of Resource and Buildings (+5 Builder Huts) Total Number of Defensive Buildings
    8 62 31 34 (39) 23
    9 72 36 38 (43) 29
    10 80 40 41 (46) 34


    Avoid bases with high level Wizard Towers protected by walls surrounding the exterior parts of the base as they then quickly eradicate your Barch troops. Also avoid bases with active Heroes patrolling the outside parts of the base, as they will not only distract and lure your troops, but also allow other defenses to quickly decimate a substantial amount of your Barch troops.

    Attack (Easy 50%):

    You want to attack this type of base simply because most of the non-defensive buildings are on the outside of the building, which usually equates to easy 50% win. As you can see, Heroes are inside the base and high level Wizard Towers are far apart from the outside buildings.


    Again, this base may look tempting to 50% with Barch as it is rushed, weak defenses, and some builder huts on the corners. But don't let that fool you! This base is harder than it looks. There are Wizard Towers and a Barbariaan King on the outskirts of the base protected by walls and other defenses. Most of the buildings are also inside the walls, so that will also make it a difficult base to 50%.

    Attack (Easy 50%):

    High level Wizard Towers are inside the base. Heroes are inactive on defense. Lots of buildings outside the base. Which means this is an excellent base to Barch for easy 50%.


    9. Compilation of some of my best DE Protection Farming Bases

    For Town Hall 9:

    The Cogwheel - Alternate High DE Protection TH 8/9 Farming Base
    by moonsabre, alterations by Ash

    Forum thread link:
    TH 10 version:
    Speed Build Video:
    Video Defense Replay Playlist:

    (Click Image For Full Size)

    Hypercube IX - High Protection DE Town Hall 9 Farming Base

    Forum thread link:

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    My Journey to Level 40 Heroes!

    Date I upgraded to Town Hall 9 and obtained the Archer Queen: September 22, 2014

    October 8, 2014

    Right now, I am a pretty new TH 9 player who had recently bought an Archer Queen. So I've only recently decided to attempt this journey. So I am going to start recording my progress on this thread from today and update this thread every 2 weeks.

    Level of Archer Queen: Level 7
    Level of Barbarian King: Level 11

    Heroic Heist: 927,955 DE

    October 22, 2014

    Level of Archer Queen: Level 10
    Level of Barbarian King: Level 13

    Heroic Heist: 1,409,711

    November 5, 2014

    Level of Archer Queen: Level 13
    Level of Barbarian King: Level 15

    Heroic Heist: 1,892,908

    Started on Level 10 Lava Walls: November 15, 2014

    November 19, 2014

    Level of Archer Queen: Level 15
    Level of Barbarian King: Level 18
    Walls: 12 Lavas, 220 Legos, 18 Skulls

    Heroic Heist: 2,242,066

    • I have decided for the first time I will boost my barracks for farming Level 10 walls! I will be farming Lv 10 walls on top of keeping both my heroes on upgrade at all times!
    • I have also decided to free one of my five builders so I can use it to dump my Gold or Elixir on Lv 10 walls as my storages fill up quickly when I'm boosting my barracks.

    December 3, 2014

    Level of Archer Queen: Level 17
    Level of Barbarian King: Level 19
    Walls: 75 Lavas, 170 Legos, 5 Skulls

    Heroic Heist: 2,708,239

    December 17, 2014

    Level of Archer Queen: Level 19
    Level of Barbarian King: Level 22
    Walls: 118 Lavas, 132 Legos

    Heroic Heist: 3,211,120

    December 31, 2014

    Level of Archer Queen: Level 21
    Level of Barbarian King: Level 24
    Walls: 198 Lavas, 52 Legos

    Heroic Heist: 3,909,096

    • I have begun my upgrade to Town Hall Level 10 today! So in 14 days I will be a TH 10 player. In the meantime I will finish the remaining 52 Lv 10 walls.
    • I have also decided that from now on I will gem the time of either my Archer Queen or Barbarian King if my Dark Elixir Storage is full! I will still not be able to use either of Heroes as they will be immediately put back to upgrade if I gem their time.

    Completed all Level 10 Lava Walls: January 13, 2015

    January 14, 2015

    Level of Archer Queen: Level 29
    Level of Barbarian King: Level 26
    Walls: 250 Lava Walls!

    Heroic Heist: 4,937,583

    • I have now completed all 250 of my walls to Level 10!!
    • I will now be focusing mainly on farming Dark Elixir!
    • I will am now also using my Archer Queen to assist me in farming Dark Elixir faster! A reason why I was able to farm over 1 million Dark Elixir in the last 2 weeks!
    • I will not gem the time of my Barbarian King. However, I will still keep him on upgrade at all times! I will gem the time of my Archer Queen so that I can not only level her up faster, but also farm DE faster. The reason I want her to Lv 40 before the King is because she is the best weapon for farming fast DE, and with a Lv 40 AQ, it will only get easier for me to farm DE.
    • I have already proved that you do not need to use heroes or gem their time if you want to farm Dark Elixir fast, so don't be discouraged because I'm using my Archer Queen and gemming her time. I've been farming Dark Elixir without a hero for over 3 months, so I think it's time for me to enjoy using one for all my hard work in getting them this high.
    • Today I am officially a TH 10 player!!

    Upgraded to Town Hall 10: January 14, 2015

    January 29, 2015

    Level of Archer Queen: Level 33
    Level of Barbarian King: Level 28

    Heroic Heist: 5,752,230

    • I have made stolen about 800,000 DE in the last two weeks as a TH 10 player. So as you can see, the transition to TH 10 hasn't slowed me down at all.

    February 12, 2015

    Level of Archer Queen: Level 35
    Level of Barbarian King: Level 30

    Heroic Heist: 6,254,246

    March 5, 2015

    Level of Archer Queen: Level 38
    Level of Barbarian King: Level 32

    Heroic Heist: 6,816,201

    March 10, 2015
    Level 40 Archer Queen!

    May 9, 2015
    Level 40 Barbarian King!

    Heroic Heist: 8,314,650

    11. When should I upgrade my Town Hall?

    What’s the best Town Hall to farm Dark Elixir?

    The best Town Halls to farm Dark Elixir are Town Halls 9 and 10. This is not only because of the extra Dark Elixir Drills you receive, but also because of the extra Army Camp space, extra Spell Factory slot, significantly more powerful high level troops, significantly better defense, and most importantly, the Archer Queen. These upgrades make farming for Dark Elixir so much easier and is a big reason I often stress players to upgrade their TH 8 to farm DE at TH 9 to upgrade their Barbarian King instead of wait to max their Barbarian King to level 10 before moving to Town Hall 9.

    When should I upgrade to Town Hall 9?

    This depends on many factors, and also depends on what type of player you are. If you’re a great farmer who makes loot really fast, then you should be able to complete all your level 8 Skull Walls in less than a month. And since upgrading all 200 Walls at TH 8 is the biggest challenge, if you can complete that, then there’s no reason not to upgrade to TH 9 because none of the other prices come close to the cost of walls. And of course, the only reason not to upgrade your Town Hall is because of loot penalty. If you are more of a casual player who can only spend about 1 hour a day on farming, then you should probably wait until you max all your defense before moving on to TH 9. While if you completed all your Skull Walls, but haven’t leveled up your King to level 10, then don’t worry. Farming DE is easier at TH 9, so you shouldn’t waste time, go to TH 9.

    When did I realize I needed to upgrade to TH 9?

    Personally, as a hardcore farmer, loot comes easy for me. I finished all my Skull Walls with Gold in about less than 2 weeks. So I decided to upgrade to TH 9 as soon as I completed my walls. Why? Because unlike walls, defenses are timed. I would be wasting a lot of time waiting for my 5 builders to max out all my defenses before I started farming for Dark Elixir and working on my Archer Queen at Town Hall 9. Time is money. My goal is to max TH 10 as soon as possible. In order to do that, I cannot waste time waiting on all my defenses to finish. I also don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to gem the time of all my defenses. If I gemmed the build times, then I would probably be able to farm a max TH 10 in about a month without max level walls or heroes. So as you can see, from this logic, by the time I complete farming my level 11 walls, I’ll have max defenses and max heroes.

    What about loot penalty? What about your weak defenses?

    The loot penalty isn’t really apparent for me, nor is it for much of my hardcore clanmates. I’ve completed about half my lv 10 walls in less than a month on top of keeping both my heroes on constant upgrade (farming Dark Elixir).
    As for defenses, first ask yourself, what is the point of defenses? Besides it making your base look more appealing?

    Simple question, as a farmer, the main purpose of defenses is to protect your resources. But there are many ways to go around this.
    The game is full of loopholes, you just have to know how to get around. Having your Town Hall outside will allow you to save your resources at times as if a player solely wishes to obtain trophies, he can do so by sniping your Town Hall and providing you with a 12 hour shield. Of course the trade off is few trophies. Another obvious loophole is farming in sessions and keep your game active at all times. You don’t want to keep logging off after every raid just to get attacked again and potentially lose a lot of resources. Another way, which in my opinion is the biggest loophole in the game, is having an idle builder to dump your resources on walls. If you keep a builder free at all times to dump your all the resources you’ve made that day into walls, then you’ve basically killed the notion of having defenses, because you have no resource to lose. And the last loophole is having a very intimidating base even if your defenses are weak. My base has some really weak defenses for a Town Hall 9, and of course that’s because I’ve only started playing the game since about 4 months ago and have never gemmed the timer of any of my defenses. However, my base does an excellent job in the fear factor department with excellent DE protection and high level walls.

    12. Compilation of More Useful Charts, Videos, and Guides:

    Added a splash defense chart so you know how how many hits your troops can take for the different troop levels, since splash damage is the biggest threat to BAM/Barch. For example, say you have Lv 6 Archers. According to the chart below, your Archers can be 1 shot KO'd by Lv 6 Mortars, but not Lv 5.

    (Click Image to View Full Size)

    I recommend studying this chart (in accordance to your troop levels) as it may be very valuable information to better assist you during your raids.

    (From Clash of Clans Wikia)

    --- YouTube Video Series of my Journey to Lv 40 Heroes! ---
    Episode 1: The Intro -
    Episode 2:
    Episode 3:
    Episode 4:

    Some more of my helpful videos:

    The Ultimate Wall Breaker Guide by Flammy:

    (Note: These Guides May Be Outdated)

    TimeForShady - Brandon's Journey to 10 Million Dark Elixir - DE Farming Guide
    UnitySharp - UnitySharp's Farming Guide for TH9 - How to Max TH Fastest
    strikeninja4787 - Ninja's Guide to Dark Elixir for TH 7 and TH 8

    “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.” -Abraham Lincoln

    13. Credits:

    TimeForShady (Brandon) - Many of his ideas and inspiration for starting this thread. His DE Farming Guide and Journey gave way for this thread.
    moonsabre (thedarkone) - Base design ideas/creator of The Cogwheel
    Valx (zcon26) - Tips for army compositions, Master League farming, and many other farming ideas
    Proxy (Chase) - Tips for Master League farming and attacking, base testing, etc...
    Clash of Clans Wikia - Lots of valuable information
    Sorry if I've missed anyone who's provided me with information, tips, and inspiration for pursuing this journey.

    14. Miscellaneous

    Here are my considerations for going to TH 10:

    - Start TH 10 upgrade when I've reached 200 Lavas. TH 10 requires 14 days to upgrade so enough time to finish the 50 remaining walls.
    - If I've all my Lv 10 walls completed, then there's no point in staying in TH 10. The only reason to remain in TH 9 would be if I'm having problems to obtain resource for upgrades. And that obviously isn't and won't be the case because no defense comes close to what Lv 10 walls cost.

    What about farming Dark Elixir? Would it be harder to make Dark Elixir at TH 10?

    Other than a small loot penalty and with a capacity of 3000 DE available to be stolen (as opposed to 2500 at TH 9), farming for Dark Elixir actually becomes a lot easier.

    The benefits of farming Dark Elixir at TH 10 as opposed to TH 9:

    - A 3rd DE Drill. 3 Lv 6 DE Drills will allow you to make 7200 DE per day, which is 2400 more than TH 9.
    - Better defense for your Dark Elixir. Sure you're giving up 3000 DE available instead of 2500, but at TH 10, you have even better defense. With 2 Infernos and a great base, a farmer with TH outside, you'll probably save more DE at TH 10 than TH 9.
    - Bigger Army Camp space. From 220 to 240 camp space, will make farming DE easier.
    - Stronger Tier 1 troops. Lv 7 Barch, Lv 6 Minions, Lv 7 Giants. All will make farming DE easier.
    - 5th Spell Factory slot. Will make farming DE easier.
    - 5 more CC troop space. Better for farming and defending.
    - Lv 6 Wall Breaker will 1 shot Lv 6 walls and 2 shot Lv 9 walls.

    - Early start on Lv 11 walls.


    Lucky DE findings November 2014:

    Lucky Findings of December 2014:

    My Clan and Planner

    Looking for a great clan?

    Check out my family. I run three farming clans: Altar of Heroes, Altar of Royals, and Altar of Nobles. To become a member, you must APPLY on this thread:

    (Click the Picture to Apply!)

    Builders' Spreadsheet - My Planner for Prioritizing Upgrades
    Received requests to view my spreadsheet that I use to prioritize and time my builders. You can view it here:


    100 Replies - 11/5/2014
    500 Replies - 1/3/2015
    750 Replies - 2/22/2015
    1000 Replies - 7/9/2015

    Reached 100,000 Views - 1/12/2015
    Reached 200,000 Views - 3/22/2015
    Reached 300,000 Views - 6/15/2015
    Reached 400,000 Views - 9/28/2015

    • Donate. Clash of Clans is a big hobby of mine, but teaching and sharing my knowledge is something I enjoy doing more of. I have made many guides and threads (that I worked hundreds of hours on making) for this community that reach thousands of views and help many players improve their game. All for free. I make no profit from any of my content, including YouTube videos, which are ad-free. I would love to continue to provide high quality content for free and have more plans for more incredible content in the future. If my guides have helped you, and if you can, please consider donating a small token of your generosity. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. It will help immensely for many of my future contents and projects. Thank you!
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