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Thread: Town hall Level 8 - Search best Layouts!

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    YOu should be farming...Dont know if ready for Shrivels base


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    I like Pingfaos Design, you should try it.

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    Talking Offensive attacking

    I watched the videos, the bases are much easier, and the archers usually didn't even get close to 100%, I know my setup works better. but you have to know how to attack with them.

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    Talking Offensive setup

    I know this setup works better than 200 archers, the archers will not get you 100 unless you are on a easy base and when you get higher trophie levels you will not be able to get all of the loot most likely if you use my strategy though, make sure you attack frome one side and let your troops make their way across like a bulldozer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by essxear View Post
    I like Pingfaos Design, you should try it.
    I like this trophy version. How is it holding up in 2300+?

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