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Thread: Lvl 80, Th8, maxed troops for town hall 8. Need decent clan.

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    The avengers.

    Just formed on Dec 27th So u will be a part of the clan building process as-well{already 2-0 win record}
    Check us out at clan tag #89uc92lg .{Shield or logo similar to the U.K flag}
    16 members presently looking for fresh recruits.
    th6 and above welcome.
    I am lvl 75 th8 half upgraded
    have experienced war players already.

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    Check us out. Here is our clan info:

    ( The Judged ) is Recruiting!

    We are looking for active and loyal players who play the game to win.

    About ( The Judged ) : We are an adult clan that formed May 20. Our player core is a group of family members and friends who are active and loyal. We are adults, meaning we have lives, jobs and families. Although we are very active, we do not sit and chat all day long in game. Some are chatty, others are not. If you are looking for a clan where the chat screen scrolls off every 10 minutes, this is not the clan for you.

    What are we looking for in new members: We want people who are serious about playing the game to win. Our leaders and members invest a lot of time and resources during wars. We want people who take it seriously and do their best to help us succeed as a group.
    1. No rushed TH bases - We want to see people take defenses and troop upgrades seriously. A TH 10 is worthless with TH 7 level defenses.
    2. Appropriately upgraded troops - You need to have troops upgraded. If you are a TH 9+ and don't have a viable GoWiPe/GoWiWi, etc. ready, you will be a liability in war.
    3. Donators - Our clan relies on one another for solid donations. While we do not have a Donate:Received requirement, we do expect people to give as much as they get and to be generous to the Clan. If you have solid level troops and you are not donating, we will take notice.
    4. Activity - If you are not active, there's no reason for you to be in the clan. You should always be trying to keep your builders busy and your lab upgrading troops.

    Note: ( The Judged ) will be CLOSED to new members during War Prep & War Day. If you are trying to join on one of these days, simply KiK me.

    Clan Rules:
    1. Be active. This means you need to be constantly upgrading your base/troops. Stagnant players will most likely be removed.
    2. Donate. If you are on and a donation requests pops up, help out. We will do the same for you.
    3. Be smart about asking for "special" troops. No one really needs Pekka or Witches for farming. War is an exception. We want you asking for and using the best troops available for wars.
    4. Co-Leader and Elder is earned. We will not give power to members unless they are trustworthy and loyal. Elder ranks are people who have shown loyalty and can be trusted to make the right decisions when people request to join, etc. Co-Leader is earned through a variety of variables including trust, loyalty, donations, war performance and other factors. DO NOT ask to be promoted. If you are interested in working your way in to some type of leadership position, I suggest communicating with me via KiK to learn what I expect out of leadership positions.
    5. Be respectful & mature. I am not going to police every little thing in chat, but let's keep it relatively clean.

    Wars: ( The Judged ) wars 2 times per week. We start WAR on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. This gives some farm time in between wars.

    War Rules:
    1. Use Both attacks. (No tolerance.)
    2. Your 1st attack must be within 2 spots of your own war position. (If you are #10 on the war map, you can attack anyone from #8 to #12 on your 1st attack.) Your 2nd attack has no requirements, but we expect people to use common sense. Do not wipe out the bottom enemy when we have several lower members yet to attack. We do not want to see #20 attacking #35.
    3. Attack for stars, not loot. Do not wait around hoping that you can use attacks for loot toward the end of the war. I will not tolerate selfish play.
    4. Use your best troops. (We expect members to use Dragons, GoWiPe ,GoWiWi, Hogs, etc. to ensure maximum stars per attack.)
    5. Only donate what is requested for war troops.
    6. War bases MUST be up-to-date.
    7. You MUST go all out for wars. This means using every troop and spell available. If you 2 star a base without using all of your spells/troops, you will be removed from the clan.
    8. Calling a base: You may call a base starting no earlier than 2 hours prior to the start of war. You call a base by posting, "Calling #10" in clan chat. Your call is good for 2 hours or until it scrolls off of the chat list. If clan chat is busy, you may need to refresh it. We will not expect everyone to keep track of every base that is called. If your call falls off of the list, that base is fair game for a re-call. Before players make a call, be sure to scroll through chat to ensure that the base you want is still available for call.
    9. War Castles are to only be filled with LEADER APPROVED troops. We appreciate when people want to help out, but we expect you to fill war castles in accordance with our strategy.

    If you are interested in joining us, please search ( The Judged ) ! Please be sure to include ( ) and spaces to find us. Our clan ID is: #9C9G22Y If you need to get ahold of me prior to requesting membership, you can PM me here on the forums or KIK me at: Aaron_Barnes

    When requesting entry in to the clan, please mention that you talked to Drak on the forums!!!

    We will see you in game!

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    Hulk Smash Inc


    Hulk Smash Inc. is a great war clan that
    has developed successfully in a short period of time. We are a clan that wars 2-3 times a week. On off days we FARM. WE LOVE WAR! We have max troops!
    Our clan is active and filled with people worldwide. (U.S.,Canada,Ireland,Australia,England etc.) If you can talk about crazy
    things in clan chat, join the chaos! Our clan banter contains some vulgar language & humor at times. Fair Warning!

    Elder & Co-Leader are earned through being loyal and
    trustworthy. Those candidates will be chosen by Leader & Co-Leaders so
    please do not ask for them.

    Rules for Clan &
    Be active
    Use both attacks in war
    Donate before requesting
    Chat it up with other clanmates
    Swearing is allowed

    If you are interested in
    this clan, Please request in CoC and make sure to tell us you found
    us through forums.

    Clan Name: HULK SMASH Inc.
    Clan Tag: PV2PRJRU
    Leader: Thug Life


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    AmateurS Ops

    We are a small war clan that wars twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays. We are look for a strong town hall 8+ member with level 7 walls and with some war experience. We are small, only 15 members at the moment, so we need a member for 15 person war. (One of our co's was just here to help start off the clan). We are very new, and will complete our first war very soon. Which appears to be a win. I hope you'll join us!

    Level 98 | Lego Walls 2/250 | New Town Hall 9 | Active Farmer | Clan:
    Formally known as Lieutenant Shroom
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    Heya, we're looking for members to join our established adult clan. My IGN is Gymbuddy and my Clan tag is #U9RG2R8 and we're a mediumish (20 members) warring clan 24/7 set up mostly in Canada. Most of us are Th7s and Th8s and a couple th9s so during wars our default strategy is mass dragons, gowipe, gowiwi or hogs. Base rushing is not recommended

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    United States

    Revolving 44- #8UPV8GYJ

    Revolving 44- #8UPV8GYJ is now recruiting! We are a very serious War clan with ambition to win! We donate well, help out all of our Teammates, War as much as we can, and help our members grow beyond what they could even imagine!

    What we have to offer you:

    Our Leader- TIB~A~DOUGH is an incredibly compassionate player of Clash of Clans, and will make sure that you have everything you need to succeed so long as you are a contributing member of the clan! If you need a day off, No Problem! You are welcome back whenever you'd like! If you need TOP TIER Troops for your war attack, then you better believe he will make sure you have them!

    Our Dragon Specialist- indian man, like most of the rest of our clan is highly skilled in Dragon raiding! Dragons are by far the most popular raiding style in the game, so you better believe that you'll be seeing a lot of successful attempts! If you need assistance with that kind of attack, he's your man!

    GoWiPe Specialists- Likkmebutt / Modified are highly skilled and successful GoWiPe Users! Whenever you want to use GoWiPe, it's best you seek out their advice, because they have yet to find a challenging opponent to utilize GoWiPe against!

    GoWiVa / GoViz Specialist- Curtis Wolf is our specialist in using the less common, but highly effective Valkyrie attack! If you're interested in learning the most powerful TH8 attack in the game, then be sure to seek the advice of him!

    Best Troops- We have plenty of TH8s and Th9s that can offer you good Troops on a daily basis! If you request troops, you best expect your request to be filled accurately often within seconds, just be reasonable with your requests unless its WAR TIME! During Wars, you can easily expect the best of the best!

    Our Top TIER members, the Maxed TH9s and our TH10s are able to donate whatever you could possible ask for in order to get your 3 Star War attack! You can expect Lv2 Witches, LV6 Wizards, and LV4 Dragons! Fact of the matter is that we need you to have the best of the best!

    What we need from you:

    We are a War Oriented clan that is interesting in making you grow to your top potential!

    -We expect you to try your hardest in wars, using both attacks to gain as many stars as you can possibly manage!

    -You MUST consult with a CO-Leader before you attack, indicating your target and method of attack! Even our own CO-Leaders ask other CO-Leaders for attacking advice before we go in ourselves! This ensures that your target is right for you, and that your attack can be as successful as possible! It has won us a great many wars in the past before making this new clan, and has brought us success over some of the toughest clans in the game!

    - We expect that you maintain a 1:3 Donation:Request ratio by the end of the season! This helps to weed out mooches, and helps to make the clan look more attractive in general!

    -If you have an idea that can help the clan, don't keep it to yourself, we can always improve!

    -Our Clan rules are easy and helps us to be successful, so following them is a must! You can find them in the Description, or you can ask a CO-Leader, and they can help you work through any issues!

    If you're interested, please request, and be prepared to answer a few questions! Thank you for contributing to the clan!
    Yes... I'm one of THOSE people who type so much that by the time I realize just how much I typed, it's too late anyway... For that, I'm sorry

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    In my town hall

    Cool Organized, dedicated War Clan looking for war experts. 55W-4L and still countin

    CLAN NAME: "RAZORS" (With the quotations)

    Clan overview:

    • 1 year old clan, we have our core team.
    • 10 member clan.(Could expand to 15 if it is necessary)
    • Specialized in War and Farming.
    • Current war score: 55W - 4L
    • All members are active, generous donators.
    • Back to Back Wars

    Requirements to join:

    • Being a TH8-TH9
    • Friend in need 15,000
    • War hero : 170+ stars
    • Being active in wars
    • Gold Grab 100+ million same goes for elixir
    • Fluent english language

    • Most of the clan members have timing : GMT+2 (Only 5 hour range difference at most is accepted. Its for the best clan experience)

    To apply, please fill out the form below and P.M it to me.

    Experience level:
    Town Hall level:
    Time Zone:
    Gold Grab:
    War Hero:
    Friend in need:

    You can check us out in game , search for "RAZORS" (with the quotations)

    Please feel free to PM me or leave a comment on this thread if you're interested.

    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Best regards.

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    We are an adult clan looking for good people to join/merge. we war mondays and again if we win. elder is earned to prevent hoppers or other drama associated with high turnover. hope to see you.

    we are legion of fury clan tag# 22c8lrqv

    lvl 60+

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    Check us out🎯

    Come check out my new clan Soup A Cell. Please say that u are coming from the coc forms.

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