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    Cool Hay Day Update - Fall Update!

    *Update 3* And we are back online!! Keep an eye on the postman..
    *Update 2* We will unfortunately do a short maintenance to fix one unforeseen servers issue. We'll be back shortly!
    *Update* We are back online! The update is being populated around the world, so if it isn't available for you now, try again in a moment!

    Hey Neighbors,

    We are very proud and happy to announce that our latest update for Hay Day is now rolling out to all App Stores and Google Play Stores around the world!!! While we are preparing our servers (maintenance) for the update, take a look at the change log below and feel free to express your feelings in the comments:

    What’s BIG in this update?
    • New product: use the Honey Extractor machine to get handy Beeswax from the Honeycombs.
    • New Candle Maker machine: use the beeswax to create up to 3 different types of lovely Aromatic Candles (strawberry scent, lemon scent and raspberry scent).

    What else is new?
    • The Fall theme has arrived to Hay Day.
    • We have replaced our current FAQ section with an entirely new and awesome database help system.
    • Improvements to the newspaper: it now remembers your last visited page.
    • Barn and silo now also show which products / crops you don't have any of.
    • Balancing tweaks to the drop rate of Axes.
    • New notification when your Honeycombs are ready to be collected.
    • Important bug fixes that among other things, should considerably improve loading times when visiting other players.
    • Preparations for Halloween including time-limited decorations and more surprises to be unveiled around Halloween (they are not there yet, you need to wait for the Halloween Theme!)!

    There ya go! Hopefully there's something for everyone! The floor is yours..


    Nick / Supercell
    Community Manager
    Random ramblings @slusse on Twitter:

    For support related questions please reach out to our support team from within the game, or this link!

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    Great work! This update seems to have many improvements.

    Thanks a lot team!

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    Oooh im most delighted

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    Great work SC! 😊

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    Iiih! I can't wait to play! *-*

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    Sounds aMOOing! Very excited! Thank you SC!

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    Ah.. no new land

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    We need more land to expand!

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    Eggsecellent, Amoozing, Awesoome, ty for all

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    Add me ^_^ I'm a 68level player and need more friends.
    Farm name:
    Farm: 69 lv
    Town: 15 lv
    Full fishing slots
    Nice to be farm friends and BOOM BEACH too

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