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    Clash of Clans CLASH OFF!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperSteve[Supercell] View Post
    Chief, itís time for a CLASH OFF!! Barbarian or Archer? Pick your favorite and tell us why - you could win 2000 gems!!! We'll announce the winner tomorrow!

    To enter the competition you need to either register to these forums, or login if you already have an account. You can register here: (there's also an option to sign up/in using Facebook).
    If they were to fight it would be archer as the barbarian would not even get close. And still when I am attacking bases I prefer archer however they do less damage and have less health they move and attack quicker. ARCHER ALL DA WAY.

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    Barbs bro!

    Man, barbs are way better, they destroy everything they touch and survive mortars!!!

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    Archers or Barbs

    Archers are the greatest, most versatile, and inexpensive troop there is to donate. Our high level clan donates archers as default, due to it being great on defence and offense. Defensively they can stay safely behind a wall and attack enemies without taking damage, along with being able to attack troops in the air. Offensively they are a great addition to your army, able to shoot over walls is a great asset. As opposed to barbs that need to first break through the wall to attack the target behind it. Defensively barbs are not a great troops as donation. Ground troops are powerless against dragons, which are heavily used above 2000 trophies making them quite useless at this point. Hopefully I've provided some convincing evidence as to why I consistently use archers in every raid and give them away as donations.

    !!! ARCHERS !!! > BARBS

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    I have to go with the archer. I love her thick thighs.

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    Talking Winner

    Congrats CaptainX!!!! You won the CLASH OFF contest and 2000 gems!!! I have sent you a private message, get back to me asap, so we can add gems to your account

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainX View Post
    Archers or Barbarians?

    That is the question.
    Let me give you the answer,
    Lets go on a quest then.

    She charges across fields,
    You die by her bow.
    The sword is no match,
    By now we all know.

    He's brave, there's no doubt.
    In groups they are cunning,
    But against a tribe of Archers?
    Poopy pants and full fledged running!

    Archers are mean.
    Archers are fighters.
    Barbarians are scared,
    Of small baby spiders.

    Barbarians they follow.
    But Archers they spread,
    Throughout the whole battle.
    Until all of you are dead.

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