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    Everything is Back to normal

    i found out due to an attack happiest 3 star i've had.

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    Game wasn't loading

    And I lost 300000 gold and elixer not to happy at you super cell about the network problems

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    Client and Server are Out of Sync

    Everytime I open the app, I get this error message... Any ideas?

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    Sorry, can u help me to fix my account.. the loading doesn't move and i can't do anything.. every step that you suggest get nothing.. the problem is not solved yet.. thq username: jasonrey level: 41 ipad 2 and ipod touch 4th gen, thx before

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    Try restarting ipad. Worked for me this time.

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    Closing this thread up.

    This thread is about 6 months of merged posts and reports when the server is having issue, so I'm gong to close it up.

    If you are having problems with the game loading, there is a sticky with most of the self-help steps which will fix you should it not be a server issue:

    Supercell does not do support directly through the forums. If you have a support issue that isn't resolved with the sticky, please report your issue one of two ways:

    From in-game if you can access it: Click the Settings icon, then Help and Support button, then "Report an Issue" button. This is important, because it sends the e-mail with in-game account data needed to better help you.

    If you can't access the game, then direct E-mail with as much detail as you can to:

    Depending on backlog, it can take several days to get to your support request. You should receive an automated reply with a ticket # fairly quickly however. As long as you get this ticket number, you are in the queue and will be helped as soon as possible.

    While you are waiting for an official Supercell support rep to reply, feel free to make a post on the bugs forum and maybe another community member can give you some advice to fix it.

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