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Thread: Let's Suppose You Could...

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    Lightbulb Let's Suppose You Could...

    Virtualize yourself. There's a virtualizer machine that turns you into a smaller and pixeled version of yourself. As this new you, you can jump right into Hay Day and have a look around and do stuff if you wanted to. What would you do on your farm? Another farm? In the town? At the fishing lake?

    I'll start.

    I would go for a dip in the ocean in town. Then I would eat some ice cream at the beach cafe. I would go inquire with this "Grandma" that sends the little girl for TNT and dynamite. I want to see if "Grandma" really exists or what the deal is there. Then I would go check in on Tom's parents and ask them the last time they saw their son. I'd also wait to see who drives the truck (I've wondered). Then I think I would go play with all of my pets. They look like they'd be fun up close.

    I might even go pick the locks of mystery boxes lol.

    What about you? There's some really interesting things that can come out of this idea. Think it over. What would YOU do?
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    Great thread! I would arrange and decorate my farm. Playing on a small phone screen kinda sucks!

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    I would:

    chit-chat with the lobsters in their hot pot, enjoy some heat therapy, then slide into the fishing pond to cool off;

    give the goats a makeover;

    explore the mine;

    ride the Eggspress train to see where it goes.
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    I'd like to find out why the little girl asks for such dangerous items too! Although she only asks me axes and saws at the moment. No doubt in time she will get a little braver and ask for TNT and dynamite as well. But I'll never give any to her. It's shocking! 😮

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    Well first I want to go to the coffee kiosk and have a Raspberry Mocha. It sounds amazing!

    and I want to have a little peek inside the house.
    And the dairy of course. And find out why that conveyor just keeps on going but nothing ever comes out.

    And i want to draw a big smiley face on the order board and write "Sharon wuz here!"

    And I want to visit with the little people and see how they manage to carry 500 wheat off my farm at a time without bringing a wheelbarrow or anything.

    And i want a ride in the truck! Oh yes, I'd even drive it if I could. And honk the horn. Toot toot!
    And find out how far that road really goes.

    And then of course I want to go down to the dock and maybe hitch a ride down the river on the steamboat.

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    I think I would play with all my animals, and try out some ice cream cones. Oh! I would also I try to scare away all the foxes; they aggravate me from time to time.

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    i would ask the sheep why they have such shifty eyes. are they hiding something?
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    I would go into my barn and see how my stuff is organized...on shelves? in boxes? On the floor?

    I would swim across the river and explore over yonder.

    I would dive in the fishing area to look for that elusive Pearl.

    I would take one big pull on the Daily Wheel like they do it on the Price Is Right.

    I would meet all the triplets and quadruplets in my town.

    I would take a walk on my yellow brick road.

    I would walk up to Tom and smack him in the face with a roll of newspaper while he's napping.

    I would leave a stick of dynamite surprise in the mailbox for Alfred lol
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    I will go inside my farmhouse, have a look around and make it cozy and warm.

    After I fix up those loose boards outside I paint my house. When I'm done it's time to rock in my porch swing as I watch all my children play.

    As I stroll around the place I sit down by my pond while the cherry trees flow with the breeze.

    Hmmm...what is inside that mine? Time to have a look see. Looks like a plain old mine to me.

    Ahh ... The steamboat. Time to dress up in my best duds, like the little actress in town, and head down the river. I'm have a scrumptious dinner in their dining room with my honey. After dinner we stroll round the deck enjoying each other's company along with the gorgeous sites along the way.

    Back at home the visitors are coming by. I swing my door open wide and they bring all kinds of goodies to me! Then all the folks from town come too. We all head over and clear out the barn and dance the night away! A good old fashioned barn dance!

    The next day I decided to get in my little boat and head over and say "Hi" to fisherman Todd. I wonder how many fish he's caught. Time to roll my pant legs up and dangle my feet in the water. After a nice day of fishing I bid Todd a good evening and head home.

    After a restful nights sleep I drive the truck to town to pick up supplies. Surprise of surprises! Hubby and the kids caught the train and are waiting at the station. We all head down to the beach for a fun and relaxing day in the sun.

    You all stop by now ... Ya hear? 😃
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    Quote Originally Posted by Haystacker View Post
    I would leave a stick of dynamite surprise in the mailbox for Alfred lol
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