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Thread: Lvl 118 Dedicated coc player looking for a mature war clan

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    Cool Lvl 118 Dedicated coc player looking for a mature war clan

    Please reply below or PM me or kik@kabeast
    I have all the troops maxed except lava hounds
    I am a town hall 10 I am 19 from england
    I would like a active mature war clan with good troops
    Thanks for your intrest Ren

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    Aug 2014

    Im ️FARMING low

    Please set cuos @1100

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    Phantom Elite is Looking for YOU!

    Level 128 - TH10 All Max Troops

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    Oct 2014

    Hi! About to win 76th war! Consider us?

    When applying put in message:
    • you found us on forums

    Clan name: 438
    mostly adults with some mid teenagers in the clan. A Small clan but we war seriously

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    Have a look at Calamityswrath!

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    Thumbs Up Crystal Warrior - check us out


    Clan Crystal Warrior is a competitive war clan that participates in 3 wars a week. If you are looking for a war-focused clan that expects to win each of our wars, then we invite you to come check us out.

    Clan Overview:

    • Inactive/non-communicative members flushed out after each war.
    • War attacks are often planned and coordinated among our members.
    • Clan promotions earned through war performance, elders are able to consistently 3-star tougher opponents.
    • Currently looking for skilled attackers who are always looking to improve.

    We only add a few new members before each war in order to make sure that everyone is active and solid at attacking for 3-stars. The higher the town hall a given player has, the better they must be.

    We are looking mainly for TH9 with good defense and heroes level who can 3 star other TH9 of same strength.

    Minimum requirements:
    Troops - 5 lvl
    Barbarian King - 5+ lvl

    In game look for Crystal Warrior with half blue/half white shield emblem (if you search the name we have the most trophies).

    Crystal Warrior Youtube Channel
    KnightlyGaming - our Youtube strategy corner

    Regards and best of luck


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    South Carolina, USA

    Cool Just what you are looking for! paper cut at a time | Adult clan looking for New Members


    Where and Adult can be an Adult!
    Every Friday is Pop A Top Friday! Post a picture of your delicious alcoholic beverage on our Glass board
    Adult humor and conversations are always welcome.
    This isn't TNT so we don't know Drama!
    Aside from that just come have a good time with great people!!
    evilNAPKiNS Family of Clans
    "Active players are valued over all else!"

    evilNAPKiNS BMF was born September 11, 2014 when we realized we had a TON of applications coming in. We started this clan to build upon the same ideas we had with the original. It is a 400 donation a season clan that is about having a great time but being respectful and mature. The core group of 35 Members that came over and formed this clan have a war record of 31-5-1.

    "evilNAPKiNS BMF our newest family clan is a mature group of misfits and extremely chatty. We are mostly comprised of USA based members and a lot of SEC football fans. Sometimes someone has a beer too many or forgets to turn off the margarita blender, but aside from that we are drama free! Archers are also our donation of default. So grab your BBQ covered napkins and lets kill some Super Heroes!"

    Leadership, respect and active members are the key to success of the evilNAPKINS. Clans

    √ We demand respect between family members and disrespectful behaviors will not be tolerated. However, expect trash talking and joking with each other but this is all for fun.

    √ All NAPKiNS have families, lives, careers, school, etc. so if you ever need a break from the game just let us know.

    Is earned not by donation levels but by the type of person you are and level of activity in the clan. We look for the best and brightest, often crazy, NAPKiNS to take the challenge of leadership.

    Trophy push is first (3) days of every month
    Clan Wars are started twice a week with prep days being Tuesday and Friday, starting around 8PM EST

    House Cleaning
    Have a shield on your account by first Wednesday of every season. Low activity members are removed after the war.

    800+ Trophies
    400 Minimum donations per season
    Age is 18+
    Must remain active
    Be respectful and support our family!

    Join Us Now! Apply at

    Contact us through our web site
    Clan tag: #8VGR9LRV
    Our Recruiting Thread

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    th9/th10 war clan.. 74 wins

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedahl1 View Post
    Wow jedah always on the forum lol, beat me to this one.

    Red Elite is a great clan, highly suggest coming by!

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    #1 elites

    Hey i don't have big words, pretty pictures or fancy banners to offer, but what i do have to offer is the truth... And also a 105+ Th 10 Super active international clan, so we're always on! >:] we war back to back(but with a twist... That proves to be a less stressful way for everybody, youll see when you join)... Check us out at #1 ELITES

    What we require of you is not much,
    Just make sure to use both your attacks in war, its a annoyance when players don't use their attacks and we suffer a lost for it... If you share this same ideology about teamwork, consider us
    Besides requiring everybody to (1)use their war attacks, we also require(2) you to socialize and (3)request as much as you want, according to our no empty cc policy... Also donate before requesting.
    Hopefully those three rules aren't too stressful, we try to be lenient as possible by giving chances, but if its a obvious trend, we do have to act on it.
    The only thing we can ask of you is to have fun and stay active, and in return, hopefully we can bring a little joy somewhere into your life <3

    Yours truly,
    #1 ELITES
    #1 ELITES ​is my home and family <3
    Current Lvl: 153

    Message me for any questions!

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