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Thread: BAM raids - the definitive guide

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    BAM raids - the definitive guide

    BAM is short for barbarian, archer, minion. BAM raiding is an extremely cost-effective farming tactic that relies on doing a lot of fast raids for generally small amounts of loot. If you don't have the time to do 100-200 raids per season, you'd be better off with a more expensive army hitting larger piles of loot.

    I've done hundreds of these raids and kept detailed statistics by league. The stats were accumulated during my TH8 phase. I've made over 50M gold/elixer and at least 50K DE with ~500 BAM raids.

    For the sake of reducing permutations of troops and cost, I'm going to assume at each TH level you are attacking with max level troops.

    This is a quick broad-stroke of the fundamentals - for each category I'll go into more detail later:

    • Army composition: barbarians, archers, and minions ONLY. No exceptions.
    • TH levels: This raid strategy is great for TH8, TH9, and TH10
    • Leagues: Farming with BAM should be done between G1 and M3, and will depend on your TH level and specific farming goals
    • Spells: Don't ever use them... ever
    • Minions: They are mostly for backup
    • BK/AQ: Also mainly for backup
    • Next button: You don't have to be too picky
    • Attack: Learn the four finger drop (that's what she said... hehehe)

    Stats summary
    Before I dive into the nitty gritty details, here's a summary of the stats I gathered over the course of about two weeks. I wanted a minimum of 100 raids in each league for comparison. I tried using this style in Gold 2 but it became clear quickly that it was too expensive. I also only hit 83 raids in Crystal 2 before dropping and haven't made my way back there to finish the 100 out.

    Total raids in data set = 284

    • G1 = 100
    • C3 = 101
    • C2 = 83

    Total net after all expenses including troops and the next button:

    Total Net Avg
    Gold 18,349,267 64,610
    Elixer 12,317,456 43,371
    DE 34,568 122

    If you're not boosting barracks, assuming you can do four raids per hour, you can expect an effective yield of:

    Gold 259,000 / hour
    Elixer 173,000 / hour
    DE 488 / hour

    If you boost your barracks you should be able to do about 20 raids per hour since the troops will be cooked before you get back from the previous raid, yielding an average of:

    Gold 1,292,000 / hour
    Elixer 867,000 / hour
    DE 2,440 / hour

    Here is the breakdown by league for these 284 raids:

    It turned out that on average, gold 1 was best for both elixer and gold. Crystal 2 wasn't too far behind, mostly because the loot bonus gets high enough to make up for the tougher bases. Crystal 2 also yields double the dark elixer than gold 1, again because of the loot bonus.

    Army composition
    Depending on the league you are farming in, the army composition will change slightly. I'll publish what I've been using here - you should play around with different options to see what works best.

    - Gold: 100 barb, 60 arch, 20 minion
    - Crystal: 80 barb, 80 arch, 20 minion

    I haven't done any BAM raiding in master (although I have trophy pushed to 2700 at TH8). I don't think many TH8's will be able to stay in master long, but TH9's and TH10's should be able to get away with it. The main motivation there would be the higher DE bonus.

    Best bet is always have at least 20 minions and depending on your camp space, increase barbs and archers appropriately. I'd imagine with 220 spaces my army will look more like:

    - Gold: 100 barb, 80 arch, 20 minion
    - Crystal: 90 barb, 90 arch, 20 minion

    And with 240 spaces more like:

    - Gold: 120 barb, 80 arch, 20 minion
    - Crystal: 100 barb, 100 arch, 20 minion

    I'll likely give the crystal numbers a try in master once I'm able to farm effectively there.

    I can also imagine not using all of the troops with so much camp space - but for the sake of easy calculations I'm going to assume you're dropping all troops which means Th9's and TH10's have to get more selective about the bases they attack.

    TH Levels
    The biggest difference for TH level will be the cost of the army. Here are some common armies and cost for each. Again, remember I'm assuming maxed troops.

    TH Barb Arch Minion Elixer DE
    8 100 60 20 22K 180
    8 80 80 20 24K 180
    9 100 80 20 39K 200
    9 90 90 20 41K 200
    10 120 80 20 56K 220
    10 100 100 20 60K 220

    The loot bonus becomes more important, as does base selection the higher up you farm. The above numbers are the MAXIUMUM cost of the army - you will find often that you don't need to use all of the troops. You should especially not use minions unless necessary.

    Use BAM in G1, C3, C2, C1, and M3. I haven't tested C1 or M3 yet but will once my TH9 finishes and I have the extra camp space / troop upgrades. The bonus is key, and here's what you get in these leagues:

    League Gold/Elixer DE
    Gold 1 13K 0
    Crystal 3 21K 50
    Crystal 2 34K 100
    Crystal 1 55K 200
    Master 3 75K 400

    It's easy to find good mixes of your TH level, cost of troops, and loot bonus. For example, I did 83 raids in C2 with a cost of 24K elixer per raid. A total of 12 times I missed the bonus, so 71 times I made enough in the loot bonus alone to pay for the army and get 10K profit, not to mention 34K in gold bonus for each raid, added on to whatever I looted from collectors.

    In almost 500 BAM raids (and counting...) I've never once used a spell. It's pretty obvious why - any spell cuts into your profits too much and makes this raiding style unattractive.

    The reason minions are in this mix is for backup. There are going to be times when you are sitting at 44% and there are a few damaged buildings on the outside. Drop one minion near the attacking area to clear any air mines, and get enough minions attacking to get to 50%.

    You'll also want to use them for sniping DE collectors and storage. If you have a clear path to DE storage (usually burried in the base somewhere), learn how to maneuver your minions to take DE. The higher up you are attacking the more this works in your favor. In Crystal 1 you've already covered the cost of minions in the DE bonus so use them at will.

    Barb King and Archer Queen
    My raiding was at TH8 so I didn't have the AQ yet... but the BK was used similar to minions. Drop him when you are almost at 50% and need a few more buildings. Or drop him when you see a chance at much more loot. For example, if your barbs happened to break through a wall and you see a juicy storage, get him in there to take more loot.

    One other thing worth mentioning. Since this attack strategy is so barb heavy I often found myself dropping 20-30 barbs near the BK and using his ability which will rage all of the barbs in range.

    Next Button
    I kept track of how many times I hit the next button during the 284 raids documented here. This is a large enough sample as to be generally accurate. Remember we don't want to spend too much gold and we don't need to be very picky about the bases we attack. Here is a breakdown by league:

    League Avg Avg Cost
    Gold 1 3.1 1,786
    Crystal 3 4.3 2,510
    Crystal 2 6.5 3,746

    As you'd expect, the next button got used more the higher up I went. Incidentally in Gold 2 the next button average was 1.7. There are a surprisingly large number of times when I was able to attack the first base they gave me.

    Don't be picky, look for collectors on the outside of walls. You won't have any wall breakers in your army so you'll rely on barbs and archers to kill enough buildings to get 50%.

    Base Selection
    If you see a TH7 with more than 50k/50k and walls with level 6 (pink) or lower, just attack it and take the bonus.

    Any TH8 with collectors outside are generally worth attacking. If they have level 8 walls or maxed defenses it's probably best to skip.

    For TH9 and TH10 bases I would generally attack if their xbows/infernos are either missing or empty. Again you need collectors and other buildings on the outside of walls to ensure a 50%.

    If you come across a farming base with the TH outside and it has decent loot - again 50k/50K or more - go ahead and snip the TH and collect as much loot as you can.

    The Attack
    It's important to get all of your troops into the battle as quickly as possible. With multi-touch screens this is relatively straightforward. I use the patented four finger attack. Actually two fingers, two thumbs. Using your pointer finger and thumb on each hand, put one in each corner in a non-red area on the map. Then sweep back and forth as fast as you can. Drop barbs and immediately drop archers.

    Before you do that, see if there's anything you can clear on the outside of the base not in reach of defenses. You can often have 20% of the base cleared before even starting the above attack.

    Once you've dropped everything, watch the swarm obliterate the outside of the base taking all collectors and much of the outer defenses.

    From there you can decide if it's worth dropping heroes or minions to clean up more loot, grab some DE, or just get yourself to 50%.

    Coming soon...
    I'll try putting together some videos demonstrating the attack and post links back here if/when I get them.
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    I really appreciate you taking the time to produce this thread. I have yet to try it, but will ASAP. I think this will help all town hall level 8s in the game.

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    Awesome, glad to hear it. Come back and post some of your results and feel free to ask questions.

    My TH9 upgrade has 4 days left and I've already maxed my gold and elixer using BAM. Just working on DE now.

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    Very good job

    This is a great guide I started using it yesterday and it has worked great. I am a TH9 and was just barely in crystal 3 when I started this and am already up to crystal 2. So far it has worked out well up but I did just get here also, granted my barch are lvl 6 so that helps but my minions are only lvl 2 but they do what they need to. I have not been tracking all the stats but hitting the next button less than ten times every search and finding what I need. But the rough numbers are close to 1 mil gold 1.25 elixir and like 11k Dark. I will post later to let you know if its still working out up here. Again thanks a ton.

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    Glad to hear it

    Great work, and thanks for posting your results. You had the same experience I've had - you move up in leagues without even realizing it. Since you are getting at least one star about 90% of the time, the trophies start adding up.

    This raid style is especially effective now that loot is so much harder to come by. With everyone using elixer to upgrade walls, finding collectors and going for the loot bonus with the cheapest possible army is a somewhat boring but also very effective way to farm.

    I'm going to push to C2 today so I have a more complete set of data before my TH finishes.

    Thanks again for your comments.

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    Quick update

    My TH9 finished on Friday night, and I have a quick update to the BAM strategy for those still picking it up. All you TH9 vets out there probably know this already.

    Moved into Crystal2 to keep pushing as far up as I can for the loot bonus with a cheaper army. The biggest difference so far is the Archer Queen. She is a DE assassin. In Crystal 2 the DE is plentiful, most bases have between 300-1200 available.

    A slight twist on the attack is to concentrate a few extra barbs and archers on the side of the base nearest to the DE. Once the outside buildings are down, I drop the BK. He starts cutting through the wall. I drop the AQ to start hammering the inside buildings with her ranged attack. The BK acts as a meat shield for a while, protecting the queen from damage. If appropriate I'll also drop five or six minions to get in the fight at the same time to do enough damage to cut a path to the DE.

    The queen often survives long enough to take down the DE storage. I'll also drop in the rest of the minions behind her if there is enough DE to justify losing them.

    Using this method in Crystal 2 has netted me about 19,000 DE in 50 attacks, an average of about 380 per attack. My camps aren't upgraded yet so the army mix has stayed 80/80/20. Cook time is exactly 15 minutes, and I boost the BK and AQ to make sure they are available for every attack.

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    Wow, finally a good guide to using BAM, thank you!
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    For me I use heal spells

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    Great thread!
    really helpfull! thanks!

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    I'm so dumb :/

    I've been struggling with BAM. Love the info here. Mostly I have a hard time letting go of my spells. But sadly, until you specifically mentioned it, I couldn't grasp the "four finger drop" the thumbs hadn't occurred to me.

    Thanks again.

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