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Thread: LVL 98 TH9 Looking For A High Donation Clan

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    LVL 98 TH9 Looking For A High Donation Clan

    Im looking for a high donating war clan.
    Im nearly maxed th9 just need a couple more defences, walls and heros.
    All maxed TH9 troops except dark troops.

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    Emersus Mortem

    Emersus Mortem
    We are an international clan that aspires to have a top 50 capable clan. We are fun and strategically minded and love talking attack and defense do and don'ts. As always we encourage friendly atmosphere and tenacious vigor of the game. If you are a three phase player this is the clan for you! We will take level 80 and up for new family members.
    Our schedule is WAR starting at 8 pm CST Tuesday and Friday, and we do a week long TROPHY PUSH about every TWO MONTHS. To try out the harvest of our farming. Archers are default but we give everything if needed or to help training for attacks whether Hog, GO attack variants, or AIR raids. Farming takes the rest.

    Here are our guidelines:
    Ask any leader of a clan, it is hard to find a program that keeps everyone happy. We have a spirit of progression and the resolve to do it for Emersus Mortem. The end goal is a top 50 clan capability during our trophy pushes. The tough part is growing it to that point with everyone happy. We have thought about our clan membership and what that member looks like. We have asked for input from the leadership as well. We have decided that we all want to progress the Emersus Mortem name in Clash of Clans. Drawn out below is what membership looks like and how to stay a member.

    Emersus Mortem membership description:
    Members must be Adults (17+)
    Member must be TH 8 or higher (no rushed Town Halls)
    Member must be able to donate & receive 900 per season (2weeks)
    Member must be 80 or higher, would prefer 85+
    Member must participate in all clan wars and pushes.

    We want loyal, active, chatty, giving members and they are a must for our goal.
    Communication is key. If you cannot reach your membership criteria for a time, we just ask that you tell us up front.

    Pushes will be mandatory for all members.
    We are on the right track for sure, we appreciate all the activity and respect everyone in their real life duties and endeavors. No hard feelings and the door will be open to all good communicators who wish to return upon taking a break from COC.

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    We donate and request a lot

    Hi Snorkel,

    As the title said, we donate and we request a lot. We are an international group of adults who are active daily and love to farm! We war only once a week and we all make our attacks. Please visit our website by clicking on the attachment below and send us an email if you're interested in joining. We are currently at 48 members. Hope to hear from you.

    IGN: Citibunni - TH 11 - Level 171
    Coleader of "Adults ! World" - #2QPQULCJ

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    We are looking for active members because we do back to back clan wars with a few breaks here and their to farm for upgrades. We are all very competitive and like to win. More of an Adult clan. No little kids. All serious players that have a lot of unhappy wives telling us to put down this game. BUT we can't lol.

    People are always on so troop donations get filled like instant.

    We have built a solid core of active players and have weeded out the ones that aren't. Now time to expand.

    **No Pre-Mature Town Hall Players Please**

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    CoC Hog Wars

    CoC Hog Wars
    Clan Goal: Wars twice a week with great success while promoting a mature atmosphere where donating takes priority over requesting.
    War Times: Mondays and Fridays 9PM CT
    Level 70+
    Age 18+
    Wars Stars: 100+
    Needs to be/stay active
    Join our forum within 2 hours before the next war search(will be explained in more detail once in clan)
    Lvl 4 Basic Troops
    Must join our feeder clan for new member probation(minimum two weeks).
    Don't meet our lvl req? join our feeder clan while you level
    Feeder Clan: CoC Bacon Wars!
    Rules for CoC Bacon Wars
    Any questions please email us at:

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    20+ win streak

    Come check us out at DunkinDonuts! Mention my IGN (DAY) and also from forum in request to join
    IGN: DAY
    CURRENT LVL: 160
    GG: 1.8B FIN: 241K HH: 11.2M WH: 397
    BK: L40 AQ: L40

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