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Thread: \/alhalla Files - The Valkyrie Handbook

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    \/alhalla Files - The Valkyrie Handbook

    Let me first off start with explaining what \/alhalla was. It was a temporary clan that ran from September 1-14th devoted to all Valkyrie user, and that now meets every other month. Everyone in the clan used Valkyrie and experimented with various tactics, strategies, and compositions. This guide is a revision of my Valkyrie guide with everything I have learned from these experiences.

    This is a "working document." I am always experimenting and trying new things, and here is where I will share them!

    I've now decided to make \/alhalla a permanent clan. I am still going to host events but taking people for try outs and training in between. With that crew I plan to level up the clan and continue teaching players how to use the strategies included in this guide, as well as develop new ones. Members of the clan will be encouraged to visit our partners - Warbears, Icebears, Riverbears, Firebears, CaveBears. The Red Raiders, CoC Masters, D.K.2, Elite Pro's, The SPQR Clan, Suok Village, Death's Angels, and Death's Door. Members will be required to download line and become part of our 110 member chat, a smaller war room chat. However, you are not required to join Valhalla in order to join our chat. You need only an interest in Valkyrie and a desire to learn from other Valkyrie users.

    We've also recently opened up Fólkvangr our counterpart clan and are working to get it to level 5. ATM we will accept peeps who have not yet unlocked Valkyrie but in the future once we hit level 5 plan to make it more or less like \/alhalla. The clan hash tag is #PVGOOR80. Not sure which are zeros and the letter o FYI. So if you want to get your feet wet that is a good place to head.

    Also aside from events I plan to cap the clan between 20-30 for now so that our leadership does't get overwhelmed by training green thumbs. So bear in mind we have ups and downs because of the number of visitors who come to us looking for training. When we are on top of our game we clear the floor with Th8 all the way into mid Th9 easily and can score some solid stars higher up. But if you visit during a training round, you might not see us at 100% - FYI.

    Check Out Our new YouTube Channel -

    Like and Subscribe!

    Thanks to Zen and Hafid (contributors)

    But we are still an event clan at heart, so check out our event schedule below!

    Special Thanks to my Main Co-Leads

    The Leaders of \/alhalla
    Nio - Leader - (Death's Door)
    JustHafid - just.Hafid (Wanderer)
    NeggyBundy - (\/alhalla) - Giant and Valkyrie specialist
    Vilage of Death
    K1eren (Fólkvangr leader)
    Fangbone (AnduneWar)

    October 16th Push

    Daddy's Breaking Top 500 Video
    *so all of you that think Valkyrie are worthless. We had a clan with a mix of Th8-Th10 using Valkyrie to push and we nearing broke into the top 400 clans in clash!*

    Valkyrie Titans!
    ZenCoC - broke 3700, GoVaPe, GoWiVa, GoViz

    Th9 Champions!
    Bossdaddy85 - SealTeamBoss (COCmasters) - GoViz (with 1 PEKKA)
    Hafid - GoVaLo
    Duncan - GoWiVa
    Moosen-man - Shattered WiWiVaPe
    1Vish - (Zero War) GoWiVa
    Mad Duck - Valkyrie and Hogs and GoVaPe - Maxed offensively Th9
    Steedsurge (Death's Door) - Valkyrie Tornado (Death's Door)
    #K1eren# - GoVaLoon & GiVaLo
    Final Pulse - GoWiVa
    Dan The Doorman - GiVaLo + PEKKA

    Th8 Champions!
    george (D.K.2) - Valkyrie Tornado Th8!
    (others... sorry forget the names)

    This guide is broken into various parts

    1) Valkyrie users basics and FAQ (down below)
    2) GoViz & Viz
    -Th8 - early 10 strategies
    3) GoVaPe
    -Th8-10 strategy
    4) GoWiVa
    -Th10 & 9 Strategy
    5) Valkyrie n’ Hogs
    -Th8 – Th10 Strategies
    6) Valkyrie n’ Giants
    -Th8, 9, and early 10 strategy
    7) Valkyrie Tornado
    -Th8, 9, and early 10 strategy
    8) QuadViz
    -Late Th9/Th10 strategy
    9) CoC Girls

    -Th9 Strategy
    10) Hybrid Strategies
    -Th8-Th10 Strategies
    10) Selecting your Valkyrie Strategy

    Videos From \/alhalla



    Valkyrie Users Basics and FAQ
    Valkyrie are like any other unit in the game. If you don't know what you are doing and throw them into the fire, results aren't great. For example, balloons, as strong and effective as they are, require basic knowledge of their AI and behavior. Valkyrie are a unit that rewards skill.

    Q: How does the Valkyrie AI Work?
    The first thing you need to realize is that Valkyire have unique AI. In their description it states anything, but they also prioritize locations that offer their splash damage the most targets. This means if in the midst of a cluster of buildings, they will tend to stay where the buildings are grouped together. Compared against a PEKKA, who will always take on the closest target. This AI does not translate when dealing with enemy troops.

    Q: My Valkyrie always just go around the outside!
    The hardest thing to master is directing those fiery redheads to your intended target. During my run in \/alhalla I really didn't know why my success with doing this was so much higher than other players. My secret, I learned, is that I go a step farther than clearing the outside buildings. I purposely hit buildings to the left and right of the path first and leave buildings remaining in the middle. Once the flanking buildings are destroyed. I deployed the Valkyrie and make sure I have a breach in the walls so that they go inside after taking out those last few buildings on the outside. I basically create a path for the Valkyrie to follow using the defending base's buildings.

    Q: What deployment strategy is best for Valkyrie?
    Valkyrie are strongest in a tight group. Too spread out and they get picked off easy without healing. Too condensed and they tend to whiff attacks and suffer greatly from splash damage. This causes them to basically "bore into" or "gut" out a base. Its not that uncommon to see Valkyrie rip straight through a base and come out the other side. However, Valkyrie moving side to side tends to also produce many whiffed attacks. Please note that Valkyrie also seem to suffer from a "maximum capacity." What I mean that is once you have enough Valkyrie in one spot to basically 1-hit the near-by buildings additional Valkyrie tend to go to waste due to that whiffing factor. This means 4-8 Valkyrie is plenty for Th8, 4-14 is plenty for Th9/10. Sometimes more can be used vs the proper bases.

    Q: What is the Valkyrie's biggest weakness
    Valkyrie stink when they have to break through walls and obviously against spread out bases. Valkyrie don't have the attack speed or hp to spend time hitting walls. Also their damage isn't all that impressive if they aren't sent into the heart of a group of buildings. A stagnant Valkyrie is a dead Valkyrie.

    Q: What is the advantage of using Valkyrie?
    Valkyrie can do a lot of damage in a hurry and can also dish damage out to CC, heroes and buildings all at the same time. You get 14 Valkyrie into a core with both heroes, CC, and infernos and all you need is a few freeze spells and a rage to gut it in seconds. Might not get 50% but everything in that core will be destroyed. I like to think of her as a "wrecking ball," something that hits hard and fast but loses steam fast.

    Q: What are some good clan castle combinations for defense with the Valkyrie
    Th10: 1 Valkyrie, 1 Witch, 1 Wiz, 1 Loon, 6 Archers/Barbs
    1 Valkyrie, 1 Witch, 2 Wiz, 7 Archers/Barbs
    1 Valkyrie, 2 Wiz, 2 Loons, 9 Archers/barbs/loons + near-by skeleton traps to add to the chaos
    Note: Valkyrie aren't the best defenders at Th10 due to the types of attacks seen at that level. However even vs a poison spell a mix of speeds can make an excellent CC combinations. Valkyrie fits nicely into that because of her high movement speed and HP.

    Th9: I am still experimenting with this one, so look at my Th10 combinations and futz with them. Valkyrie are stronger at this level and goblins can be used as well to throw off people trying to lure. I recently got to put in my combinations last war when people left "whatever" requests and they did well.

    Th8: One thing that you notice if you war with or against \/alhalla is the lack of Dragon/Loon in war CC's. Not saying we don't use them but we have an awesome mix and we tend to defend better than our opponents. So variety in war CC's is an advantage people! Remember that!

    1 Valkyrie, 1 Wiz, 2 Loon, 3 Gobs - The goblins in numbers of 3 are fast enough to kill an archer some times a wizard before it even attacks. Can be very frustrating for an attacker
    1 Valkyrie, 1 Wiz, 1 Loon, 3 Gobs, 5 Archer/Barbs
    1 Valkyrie, 2 Wiz, 1 Loon, 3-4 Gobs (if not a gob then archer or barb)

    Their are actually more combinations but most have a Valkyrie, wizard, and loon. Then a mix of speeds and smaller troops. The idea is that one poison spell won't get them all because they don't occupy the same location. And if you try and bunch them up the different speeds make that extremely difficult. I'd actually love to design a base that had an obvious lure spot and triggered the skele traps at the same time and factored that in.

    Q: How about spring traps? Don't they really sting?

    A spring trap can get 1 Valkyrie. Due to housing space 2 Valks take up 16 spaces. This is one more than 15, which is the max for a spring trap. Sure if Giants, barbs, or hogs are mixed in they may also get the boot but due to the AI this isn't a big issue. What I mean by that is that Valkyrie don't follow the same paths that defense targeting units do, thus they tend to naturally avoid spring traps.

    Valkyrie are also the second fastest unit in the game. So when raged they can trigger a trap while moving and not get ejected. They can sometimes even do this when they are not raged if going at full tilt past the trap.

    So spring traps can hurt but are actually a much bigger issue for hogs and Giants due to these two factors.

    Q: What about CC troops, what are the worst?
    Honestly a pack of balloons or all minions (if wizards aren't immediately available) hurt bad. The massive splash of a loon hurts. Dragons are a pain but if you throw a few wizards behind with your queen and add a rage you can brush her off easy enough.

    Archers are only a pain if they spread out. If they do they can really distract you for a long time. Just make sure to trigger the CC from one point and not two, and where you deploy your Valks. Also in these situations its important to be patient with the deployment of your Valkyrie. Valkyrie tend to rush in and if they do this before all the archers have moved into place they can cause they to fan out, making you waste enormous amounts of time killing them off.

    Wizards can be devastating but if you know what to do, minor. Drop a rage and a jump so the Valks close the distance fast. With luck the wizards will die before they get an attack in. However, in mixed clan wars its best to lure if Th8. Level 6 wizards will easily dispatch level 1 and 2 Valkyrie if they get an attack in.

    Witches are fun. Valks eat them up and spit them out.

    The main issue is if ranged units sit behind a wall. This causes your Valkyrie, who surge ahead, to spend time hitting a wall while defenses pound in them. The most common mistake I make. Pick your attack points carefully. This can be avoided with the correct use of a jump spell. Valkyries are attracted to cc troops and heroes first, so it can be a good way to get

    Q: Hey, a few of these strategies don't start with a lure? You sure about that?
    Valkyrie themselves are really good at dealing with ground CC troops. Dragons aren't a huge problem after you gain experience. With their AI, some of these strategies need you to have some sort of pull. Mastering the pull will greatly improve your skill with Valkyrie based strategies, especially for trophy pushes. In war the decision is trickier.

    If in war see what sort of troops your opponents are bringing to the table before deciding to lure. Unfortunately today drag/loon combinations pretty much dominate. And if your a Th8, just lure its smart and easy. But pulling can still work out and poison only helps. Only thing is with the recent changes to the game I am not sure what you can expect ATM.

    Also, if a lure is easy - do it. Unless you need the insurance for the Valkyrie to go to the core, its safer to lure. However, at higher levels its not that difficult to make an expensive lure.

    Q: So what can I expect from these strategies in war? (War Clan) Which one should are competitive in a pitched battle?

    HoVa is strong at any town hall level, it just varies in composition. At Th8 and 9 Golems or Giants are not 100% necessary. Valkyrie do tank well enough at these ranges to hold their own. Still I personally prefer a few along for their AI and tanking. At Th10 you'll need at least 2 golems to tank if not 3/4 - the DPS is just too great.

    GoViz is strong from Th8 to Th10. Unfortunately this last update added more hp to point defenses. What this means is that after the 2 star this strategy is going to fizzle verses high level walls and my wrecking ball technique becomes too risky. However, against a vulnerable base at Th8 and Th9 it can devastate. At Th8 the CC troops is typically a PEKKA, Hog Riders, or back-end loons. The 3 star just requires practice. At the Th10 level GoGiViz is extremely powerful for a reliable 2 star. A few giants added to the comp really helps keep inferno beams in check.

    GoWiVa is strongest at Th9 but still a solid strategy at Th10 if infernos are split or both on single. If both are on multi I usually go with GoHoVaPe or a GoWiVaWiPe instead. At Th9 you can keep the witches spread out and the Valkyrie will tank effectively for them, and you can spare a spell for an additional jump. I've seen plenty of th9 3 stars with this strategy.

    GoVaPe is best at Th8. At Th9 GoViz is usually better unless buildings are spread out, and then GoWiVa is typically better. After the addition of the skeleton trap this strategy is just a bit harder to use as the PEKKA do terrible against skeletons. The Valkyrie make a great compliment in they rip them apart but its just not as strong.

    VaLo strategies are strong at any level but strongest at Th9. They are a solid strategy at Th8 and can produce a 3 star against vulnerable bases at Th10 (but this is very difficult). This can also be mixed with HoVa strategies to take advantage of base weaknesses. Always use surgical with this strategy as loons will get ripped to pieces easy if you don't. Great war strategy but difficult to push with unless a Th9 player.

    The Valkyrie Tornado can 3 star Th9 bases, especially early on. However, haven't practiced it enough to put it up their with the above strategies. However, at the Th10 level mixing in elements of this attack in a GoGiViz is very strong but customized to the base you attack. Basically if their is a weakness to a section of the base I will use a few giants/healers their instead of a golem.

    Do not underestimate giants. At Th8 and 9 they actually have certain advantages over golems. They have more DPS and are a little faster. If you add in healing or healers, then they can tank really well. Valkyrie are also very powerful with healing behind them, so they compliment each other well in that regard. Against certain bases it may actually be better to use giants with some sort of healing instead of Goelms.
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    10-22 Valkyrie
    10-16 Wizards

    0-6 Giants (or)
    0-3 Golems

    0-2 Witches
    0-1 PEKKA

    1-3 Jump, 1-2 Rage, 1-2 Freeze, 0-2 Heal


    -Guts bases easily
    -CC and heros are not an issue
    -Great option for 1 disco, one single
    -Reliable 2 star
    -If packing 2 jumps, can hit tight hit compartments

    -Not very efficient in terms of time
    -Sometimes struggles to get 50% after getting the Th
    -Though very capable of 3 stars, it takes practice and timing.
    -Ring bases, where their is a fairly open space surrounding the core, are tough
    -Bases with lots of pushed out buildings can make it hard to predict Valkyrie AI pathing
    -Spread out bases aren't ideal as Valkyrie can not use their splash damage to maximum effect

    Youtube Video - Th8 to Th10 Guide

    The Ideal Base: Valkyrie perform best on compact base designs, you want their splash to matter. That and you want a base that doesn't permit your Valkyrie to run every which way. For example, bases with rings of buildings tend to be bad because the Valkyrie may follow the ring, rather than proceed farther into the base. If the buildings are more compact in a certain area this may still provide a good route for your Valkyrie. Its also ideal if the infernos are spread out, much easier to eliminate one before tackling the second, as Valkyries can take 1 inferno on pretty well but 2 can be more of an issue. Also multi-target infernos level 2 or below aren't a major threat to Valkyrie.

    You may also want to consider defense placement. It’s best if your Valkyries are clearing a path for your Wizards. If your Valkyries punch a hole and leave defenses standing in their wake then you will be flanked. If this happens your wizards will go down quickly. However, if the defenses in range are destroyed - your momentum will hold out much longer.

    Centralized heros are very good especially if you can freeze them both (if Th10). They can be used to help guide your Valkyrie to the right place. Having one of these things directly behind the TH is very effective. However, if the archer queen or clan castle troop is off to the side of where you want to attack, it could pull you away from your target. The Barbarian King is less likely to cause a huge problem if he pulls your forces away because of his lack of a ranged attack. The queen or archers could cause your Valkyrie to pound on walls while they get hammered by defenses if not in a compartment you are attacking.

    If using the freeze spell, having the CC in the path of an inferno is ideal. That way you can freeze both the inferno and CC troops at the same time. For Valkyrie, freezing only the inferno tower is really a waste. Add in poison on top and the only unit that should give you trouble in the cc is massive quantities of small units. If these units spread out they burn away your time something awful. Lavahounds, dragons, and loons can be problematic but if you get 6 wizards and the AQ behind your main attack and catch them in a freeze/poison combo you should eliminate without major issues (and maybe rage/heal). Inexperienced GoViz users may find these 3 a huge pain.

    You also want more of the buildings inside the base than on the outside. A common issue with this build is getting "stuck" in the core and getting fired at on all sides, causing you to miss out on that 50%. For this same reason large cores are also a positive thing.

    Th8 Players: Props to Flamejetxx for creating a guide on GoViz for Th8 players.!-TH8
    Click here to see his strategy in action!
    *attack by Likkmebutt; From: Revolving 44*

    The Attack: Neither hero is a major problem for Valkyrie, due to the fact Valkyrie can dish damage to heroes while still destroying the base. A well planned freeze spell may be very effective if both heros, CC, and infernos are in the core. The biggest role heros play in your attack is drawing your forces where you want them to go. If the heroes will draw you off of your target, that can pose a problem. Be particularly wary of off center Archer Queens and archers/wizards. These ranged units can cause your Valkyrie to pound on walls while getting hammered by defenses. However, if all three of these are centralized its actually a positive for attacking.

    If the CC is an easy lure, do it. If a Th8 player or Th9 with less than maxed Valkyrie - also lure. Otherwise you can plan your attack to deal with them mid-attack. I don't recommend this while still learning.

    Valkyrie Trick (This is a must watch! It also applies to using wizards and witches)

    If you’re up against a properly upgraded Th10 base you need to bring Golems for the opening of the attack for maximum effect. Valkyrie will do fine verse a premature Th10 on their own, but heavily upgraded Th10 bases have too much DPS to not bring a tanking unit for the Valkyrie. One of the most effective tactics I know is to use your tanks to occupy the flanking defenses. Deploying them on the outside edges of the attack and using your wb to get them inside. This is extremely effective when these compartments run along the outside edge. Deploy the wizards in this zone along with about 4 Valkyrie. Make sure to deploy your wizards on the edge of this zone first so that your units converge on a central location. You can either use a jump spell or wallbreakers to get your Valkyrie inside. If your Valkyrie will attack the outside wall, allow them to do so to save on spells and wallbreakers. However, if there are other potential targets create the opening before all the outside buildings are destroyed. This prevents your Valkyrie from running off in a random direction.

    Be careful breaking opening compartments and your initial Valkyrie deployment. A common mistake is to not have a path opened up for the Valkyrie when they are selecting a target within the base. If an opening for your tanks is available before you open up a compartment for your Valkyrie and the outside buildings aren't cleared; they'll get pulled away from where you need them. This often ruins the raid.

    Advanced Jump Users Guide:

    If possible keep your Wizards in a "pocket" where the Golems are covering the flanks and the Valkyrie are paving a way straight ahead. That way they are providing fire instead of taking it. This is critical if you want to keep your momentum going because Valkyrie are terrible at taking out walls. If you’re not using 2 golems or any giants spare a few of your Valkyrie at the beginning, you'll want heal spells for this scenario. Valkyrie alone do not really create a solid pocket but a heal spell can help buy wizards time as they pick off flanking towers.

    Be careful when deploying Valkyrie. When they bunch up they tend to waste attacks and are very vulnerable to splash damage. Where when Valkyrie are in a tight spread they waste far less attacks and destroy multiple buildings very quickly. Also if wizards come out of the CC, you are far less likely to watch half of your force get zapped to death (or watch as your Valkyrie painfully take 1 archer out at a time). Deciding on the number of Valkyrie depends on attack style. For th8 peeps 6-8 Valkyrie are enough, more tends to create whiffed attacks. For Th9 players if your do lure 5-10 Valkyrie can do their part. If you don't you want at least 8 possible 14. This is just personal experience. If you want Valkyrie killed the CC you need more of them. A PEKKA can be a good addition if dealing with high level heros. Note though if your Valkyrie are going threw a wb hole or one they create, spreading them out will matter less because they'll bunch up going through the wall anyway.

    When clearing the outside buildings, drop your Wizards to the edges of your attack zone. Clear the buildings on the left and right of where you want to attack first. Purposely leaving buildings where you want your Valkyrie to go. This is much more effective than simply clearing the outside buildings because it creates a path for the Valkyrie to follow. Leaving an intentional path often removes the chances some random building that is 8 spaces off attracting their attention.

    Hafid's Th8 Break Down

    Envelope Technique
    If not using tanks there's also a simple trick to deploying your Valkyrie so they attack a particular spot. Find a cluster of buildings and drop your Valkyrie on the outside edge of one of those buildings so that the next best available target is in the direction you want them to go. Use your Wizards during this time to clear any buildings that are in the wrong direction, as they are less likely to wander off anyway. Do this on the edges of your attack zone and either drop a jump spell or bust open a wall with a wall-breaker in the middle. This is an effective way to get Valkyrie where you need them without the use of tanks.

    I do not personally recommend the lightning spell with Valkyrie, often a rage or heal is all they need to demolish those units. In particular at Th10 a well timed freeze and rage will render those units dead in seconds. Poison is a great addtion as it prevents several splash damage units from having much effect but appears useless for low hp units mid-battle.

    Once inside the outer compartment drop a jump spell where you want your Valkyrie to attack. If using earthquake simply use the spell before attacking since it is permanent. Picking the location and timing of this spell is tricky. Walls can be used to direct your Valkyrie just as much as prevent them from getting somewhere. Essentially you want to create a "runway" for your Valkyrie. A direct path to the TH, hopefully with just one Jump spell. You want this runway, if possible, to not leave buildings flanking your wizards. Its very easy for Valkyrie to surge ahead, destroy the town hall and get 30%. Also deploy the jump spell before your Valkyrie need to select a target made available by the jump spell. The magnet pull off the jump spell is exaggerated.

    Be careful not to inadvertently create a path that leads your Valkyrie right past the inferno tower, while never attacking it directly. You'll also want to pick a path that has enough buildings for a 50% - this will take practice but Valkyrie can often take the TH without getting a high % of damage on the base.

    Your first rage spell or heal spell should be used as your Valkyrie collide with the enemy CC. These spells allows for you to quickly dispatch (survive) enemy CC and heros. If packing a freeze time this so you get a high priority defense or two in the freeze. The inferno tower is the best target for this. If not attacking a Th10, please note the heal spell is more versatile and useful .

    The second rage you will want for dispatching the core quickly. Placing the rage just in front of where the Valkyrie will attack. If packing a heal try and wait to use it until the Valkyrie have low health. Heal is often best with 2 freeze spells, if against 2 disco infernos. If possible also try and time this rage so it can help you destroy walls if need be, if you don't have enough jumps to keep going.

    Wrecking Ball
    One particularly powerful spell combination is 2 Freeze, 1 Rage, 1 Heal, 1 Jump. Visually the base ripe for this has a central path down the center with a core about the size of a heal spell. Place Golems outside that central path. Use your jump to make a straight path to the core and rage as you collide with enemy cc or as you enter the core. Lock up the core with the freeze spells. Either use your heal to get your critical health Valks back to full, placing the heal spell so Valks feel it's effects as they try and break out of the core; or wait to use your freeze spells until Valks are low on hp. Then lock up the infernos so you can use your heal. If your timing is good you'll have full health Valks running amok in a severely weakened base. This is what I use to 3 star early to mid Th10 bases. It won't cut it on a maxed base though, as you can't always knock out the infernos in time.

    With multi-target infernos, try and attack from an angle that allows you to deal with one inferno at a time. Attacking in the middle of disco inferno fire is generally bad, as the DPS is high enough to make big problems. However, Valkyries can take the fire from 1 inferno fairly well. Freeze and rage can made this a minor technicality.

    Once the core is gutted this is where your battle decisions will show. If your Golems kept the "pocket" strong, you should still have momentum from your wizards. Also if your "runway" was perfect you should of cleared a path that left no defensive building to flank your advancing army. Also if you were frugal with your wallbreakers and jump spells you should have enough to keep your line advancing beyond the core.

    If your pocket broke, chances are your wizards are dead. If you used your jump spells all on getting into the core, you could very well be watching as your Valkyrie get shot to pieces trying to punch a hole in a wall. If your "runway" was poor your Valkyrie may be all over the place or you'll have 30%, the town hall, but no second star.

    This is a solid 2 star comp, particularly once you level your heroes. Its great at getting the core but can sometimes fall short of getting 50% because of losing momentum as spells run dry. This strategy can 3 star early th10 players though, this takes practice and timing however. I have only recently managed to master this strategy enough to accomplish this task.

    Th10 3 Star

    The Reverse Snipe (new)
    Most players are familiar with sniping. They are attacking an exposed Th and quitting the battle. There is 50% sniping with barch or loons. Valkyrie can do sniping but in a whole new way. They can get that TH in the core, while only netting 30%. This is best used for either getting that hard to get star in Clan Wars, getting the loot bonus from tough bases once it’s apparent you’re going to win a war, gutting a vault base for maximum loot, or just getting that 1 star.

    Unlike when you’re trying for 2 stars, you actually want a narrow runway for this particular tactic. A smaller core is also actually preferable if this is your objective. Spread out bases with rings or otherwise open compartments aren't a good idea for this tactic. If you have freeze and rage that is best, but you'll want 1-2 jump spells as well. Depends on the amount of assurance you need.

    You also want the CC and heros in the core, or to be completely out of the way. This is a surgical strike and you don't want any distractions.

    You may need a single Golem or a few giants to clear some outside buildings with a handful of wizards, but otherwise you're purposely punching to the core. You want something closer to 20 Valkyrie than 14. Your goal is to overwhelm and very quickly demolish your target. Just bring enough wizards for the opening of the attack and for insurance in case of a dragon.

    You get 18-22 Valkyrie to the core under a rage and 2 Freeze, and you will get the Th. You might get stranded there but you'll get that Th. With practice you can reduce your spell use but this is a powerful way to essential snipe a base.

    So to summarize. You open up with a tank or use the envelope technique and get your Valkyrie inside the base at the point of a narrow path to the Town Hall. Drop a jump spell and rage to meet the oncoming CC troops and rush the core. Use Freeze if need be or the healing spell. More than 1 jump may be necessary depending on the base type. Get Th but unlikely to get a very high %

    Example Comps:

    Wrecking Ball Comp: 2 Golems, 14 Valkyrie, 6-8 Wallbreakers, 13-14 Wizards - CC: More Valks is ideal, but can work with Hogs, PEKKA, Another Golem, Witches, and more Wizards as well - Spells - 1 Jump, 2 Freeze, 1 Rage, 1 Heal

    Champ League Comp
    : 3 Golems, 10 Valkyrie, 6-8 WallBreakers, 14 Wizards - CC: Most strong ground troops will do. Spells - 2 Rage, 2 Freeze, 1 Jump

    GoViz: 2 Golems, 18 Valkyries, 15 Wizards, 3 Wallbreakers - 2 jump, 1 freeze, and 2 rage

    Mass Valkyries 2 (no Golem): 22 Valkyries, 16 Wizards, 3 Jump Spells, 1 Freeze, 1 rage

    Chief Pat - Valkyrie at 4,000 trophies - th9 - Golem, Valkyrie, Wizards (Th9) - Valkyrie, Barbarians, Archers - Th9, Golem, PEKKA, Valkyrie Wizard - Th9, no jump spell - Th9 (Th10 maxed - Valkyrie, Golem, Wizard) - Against a Maxed Base - 3 star on premature Th10 - Premature th10 3 star, Viz

    Variation: - Raid from \/alhalla

    Attack Log


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    GoVaPe and GiVaPe

    The Composition

    2 Golem - Tank
    7-8 Valkyrie - Clearing the Core, CC troops, and heroes

    2-3 PEKKA - DPS and Breaking Down Walls

    10-13 WIzards - DPS and Range, Clearing a Path
    7+ Wallbreakers - Get units into the outer layer

    Spells - 1 Jump, 2 Rage, 2 Freeze / Th9 1 Jump, 2 Rage, 1 Heal


    • Strong and Versatile, no single defense is a big issue - great pushing comp
    • Great at Destroying the TH
    • Easily deals with Heros and CC
    • Uses all barracks fairly evenly
    • Spreads out the elixir costs between dark and purple
    • Deals with infernos in either mode well
    • Anti-GoWiWi bases are weak GoVaPe bases


    • If troops don't get into the core, attack falls apart
    • Bases with wall rings can be problematic, units are hard to direct
    • Infernos providing cover fire to the outside of the base can be problematic
    • Heros and CC can pull units away from the core if not inside it
    • CC triggered too early can be problematic
    • Dragons can be dealt with but are problematic

    • With the addition of skeleton traps, GoVaPe has lost some strength

    Selecting a Base
    GoVaPe is a fairly versatile and strong strategy but is best against bases with three basic characteristics. One is a solid "runway" or direct path to the core. The second is a larger core with tightly compact buildings inside the base. The third is two disco infernos. If your not dealing with discos, then GoViz is really stronger. PEKKA soak up damage better but with the addition of skeleton traps they have lost a little bit of power. Centralized heros and CC isn't a big issue. They can actually be a positive thing, as they will draw your forces into core. Since this strategy relies on the Freeze spell, those centralized troops can easily be dealt with by getting an inferno and those troops in the radius of the spell. In fact, its problematic if the CC gets triggered too early in the attack. You want that CC rushing to meet you when your Valkyrie are ready to take to the field - not before.

    Bases with rings or that don't provide a direct path forward can be problematic . This is mostly because the units are hard to direct and prone to wandering off. However, this isn't to be confused with bases with large compact cores. These are like candy, rip for the picking. You also want to be able to attack without triggering an inferno or CC right off the bat. This strategy loves time to set up for its main runway. If a base provides breathing room on the outside rim to set up an attack, it’s often a good target.

    Bases that have a direct path to a large core with fairly open and compact compartments (meaning units don't have to break down many walls) will suffer greatly at the hands of this composition. Valkyrie are extremely powerful Vs compact designs where they have to spend very little time hammering on a wall.
    One of my favorite base types is the southern teaser. This composition can easily approach from the opposite side of the open, trapped filled, side and then decimate everything in that centralized compacted area. Even at a high level these bases often give up in the neighborhood of 70 percent to this composition.

    The opening of a good GoVaPe attack is the key to the success. Valkyrie and PEKKA both like to wander and that initial strike determines much of what they will do during the battle. If you don't set it up right they are prone to wandering off target and the power of this combo is very likely to fizzle as the units split up.

    I always open with attacks to the left and right of the runway I want. A solid runway is about 2 to 3 buildings wide that provides a direct path to the core with a jump spell. This maximizes the splash potential of your Valkyrie by keeping them somewhat spread out, but also still close together. When Valkyrie are too bunched up they whiff attacks something terrible but if too spread out they get picked off by defenses extremely easy. An important note here is that I purposely leave buildings in the path of my PEKKA/Valks to direct them. This prevents your units from selecting a building on the outside perimeter that is technically closer from drawing them about 8-12 paces off target. When you watch my raids my PEKKA are always up before all the outside buildings are cleared and my Valkyrie aren't far behind. Its which buildings I have clear that is the big deal.

    Because you have PEKKA along, you can afford to start your attack fairly spread out. The PEKKA can do some light taking in the center of your attack formation. This is one of the reasons GoVaPe is an excellent pushing strategy. Valkyrie are strong inside the core but weak on the outside. This initial flexibility to open up an attack wide or narrow allows you to get more buildings on the outside, getting a higher percent if need be.

    Also I take advantage of a commonly cited disadvantage of Valkyrie here. I always go PEKKA then Valkyrie because after the initial push the Valkyrie will rush ahead of my other units. This means the PEKKA will tank damage initially and then later the Valkyrie will take damage instead. By deploying my PEKKA initially to take damage both units survive longer because they more or less take "turns" taking damage.
    I carry 7 wall breakers typically and I will use them to get the Golems inside the base and to get my PEKKA/Valkyrie inside. Sometimes I let the PEKKA make their own whole and have WB break a secondary layer. I typically will get golems inside with a WB pair unless that opens up a path I do not want my units taking or I don't have enough WB for the job. I do this because wizards have a tendency to bunch up along the walls when golems are tanking on the outside and often end up rushing ahead of the golems when they make a hole in the wall. PEKKA are generally where I want my Valkyrie to go, so the wizards aren't as prone to get ahead of their tanks here.

    Once the outer layer is breached and your units have a direct line to the core is when you want to see that Clan Castle or a hero activated. Ideally your Valkyrie will be rushing to meet these units and you can throw a rage on top, with a jump spell opening up a direct line to the core. The rage and jump allows your units to close the gap quickly and utilize their splash damage. Without the rage, Valkyrie will often be killed before they ever swing their axe. Wizards in particular are a huge issue. Also, dragons are problematic and for that reason make sure wizards are backing up your Valkyrie in their rush to the core. A rage that gets 3-4 wizards in range, and a queen hopefully, can deal with that dragon quick enough to prevent massive damage. Please note, this is why I settled on the number of wizards in the composition. Swap out more wizards and 1 dragon becomes very very scary.

    I typically try and time a freeze to get both CC troops and an inferno. This is the best case scenario, as CC troops will be obliterated if frozen while Valkyrie are rushing with a rage. This is in particular great for those CC filled with wizards. However, when dealing with a CC full of nothing but archers you can not afford to wait for all 35 of the units to come out. Waiting for the full force can result in your Valkyrie getting held up in the core while a huge number of defenses rip them to pieces. This is actually the biggest strength of a CC full of these units, they stall really well buying the defenses precious seconds. Despite their splash damage Valkyrie tend to end up taking on archers a few at a time. A freeze in mid CC deployment can mean the archers actually bunch up more, as some are frozen and others are moving to intercept. In these situations, I may also use one freeze on the inferno initially and the second one to get the remaining CC troops and lock up the inferno for another 8 seconds.

    For Th9 and 8 players a heal spell is very powerful. Dropping one of these will help deal with archers, though maxed wizards are still a big issue. Having your Barbarian King use his ability to create extra barbarians is a good way to help take these units out quickly. You may also want a few witches along for the ride, as they create great distractions as well.

    Typically once these units get into the core, freeze and rage is used - its a win. The biggest question at this point is how high your percentage is. Valkyrie are terrible once they have to stop to break down walls. PEKKA are a great compliment to Valkyrie because they do fairly well, if raged, at taking out walls quickly - in particular premature bases. Still, once the core is gutted your momentum is going to petter. If your base had a large core, you will likely be sitting pretty. If your base is heavily segmented in the core you may struggle hitting 50 percent. Also, if a high number of buildings was on the outside edge of the base your opening deployment will be critical as to whether or not you hit 50 percent.

    Three starring a maxed base is always a long shot, but bases with a solid runway with large compact cores and otherwise large compartments will struggle vs this composition. Those with less upgraded defenses will likely give up a 3 star if executed properly against a base weak Vs GoVaPe.

    You can substitute Giants for Golems. For Th9 and 8 this isn't a major trade off. With heal Giants hold up pretty well. At th10 it's weaker but still a decent combo. Good for preserving dark elixir.

    Youtube Videos: - Th9 3 Star - GoVaPe - GoVaPe - VaGo WiPe - VaGo WiPe - Vs high lvl th10 - Early Th9 - Th8


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    *in progress*

    The Composition

    1-3 Golems
    3-6 Witches
    6-14 Valkyrie
    0-1 PEKKA
    5+ Wallbreakers
    10+ Wizards
    Troops for a lure
    CC – Typically more witches but if you got clan mates sporting maxed Valkyrie they can go here to
    Spells – Varies - At Th8 2 jumps isn't that uncommon, at Th10 typically 2 rage, 2 freeze, and 1 jump

    Powerful strategy that is effective in war
    Has flexibility in dealing with spaced out and tightly clustered buildings
    Witches provide extra momentum after Valkyrie putter out
    Great at dealing with CC troops and heroes

    Very DE intensive
    Mortar fire needs to be careful considered
    A well place giant bomb, or a simple miscalculation can result in several witches dying
    Units can sometimes be hard to predict
    Heavily segmented bases are not ideal for this combo

    Selecting a Base
    Witches are very vulnerable to splash damage, in particular the long range of the mortar. You either want mortar fire exposed or in the path of your Valkyrie. If the later, you also want the first mortar shells to be taking on Valkyrie and not skeletons. Unfortunate timing can result in the winds being taken from your sales as your undead horde goes up in smoke. The same goes for predictable giant bomb placement. You can counter act this some by getting your golems in front taking the heat.

    Valkyrie like a runway, but Witches like room to move. This means the units can complement each other fairly well against certain base types. Bases that have their point defenses, cannons and archer towers, on the peripheral and splash damage in the core make good victims. Witches mop up cannons and archer towers.

    Another important consideration is where buildings are clustered and where there are spaces. Unlike PEKKA Valkyrie will naturally stick to tight groups of buildings. This means she is a bit more reliable than a PEKKA if you select a path where tightly packed buildings make a hidden runway. This is important to note, because the bases that GoWiVa excels at have features that are less than ideal for a GoVaPe.

    Whereas GoVaPe or GoViz almost prefer centralized CC troops, GoWiVa is a bit better if the CC troops are lured. Witches easily deal with CC troops, and removing them from the scene frees you up from worrying about your Valkyrie getting blown to bits by a few wizards. A CC hog lure is an option for hard to lure bases, but note its difficult to master this type of lure (looks easy, but to truly capitalize on it takes practice).

    In terms of infernos, single target or one single target and one multi-target are ideal. Skeletons actually do pretty well distracting 1 inferno and can make a heal spell effective on Valkyrie due to this quality. Facing single target infernos allows you to bring a heal spell to the battle field without too much worry. This spell greatly improves the longevity of Valkyrie. Despite this I typically rely on rage spells for this combo, simply because the skeletons get little benefit from the heal spell.

    Open base designs with tightly compacted buildings are ideal. Keeping your witches and Valkyrie moving is critical in an attack. With more open designs this isn't difficult. For Th9 players or a double single target inferno base, sporting an extra jump can give you lots of room to move. Against the right bases this can 3 star.

    Zen's GoWiVa Guide

    Typically I start off an attack by luring the CC. Giants, loons, hogs, loons or wallbreakers can all fit this bill. It’s not 100% necessary to get a complete pull, but you want the grand majority of the units pulled. This means you’ll need enough units to get the job done. A lure that only pulls a small portion of units is generally a huge waste. The major concern with the CC is distraction. So 1-2 remaining units wont' be a bit problem, but 10-12 pulling all your skeletons into a central location will be.

    Make sure to draw the units to a corner of the map that keeps your witches out of harm’s way. Having a few barbarians and archers along for the ride isn’t a bad idea. If possible, start your attack close to a hero. Witches deal with them very well. Make sure to back up your witches with a few wizards. Their DPS and splash is critical because skeletons aren't very powerful on their own. Also deploy your witches early enough so the skeletons are spawned well before enemy troops reach them. The power of a witch is in its ability to keep spawning units, losing them early makes them a huge waste.

    Deploy Golems to the right and left of your witches. Create a pocket, witches need support and protection. Its best to have at least 2 witches together, a single witch is overwhelmed fairly easy. A pair does a great job protecting itself from everything but splash. Golems and Valkyrie can create a U shape with your witches in the center. This “pocket” provides good protection for your fragile units. Unlike a GoVaPe or GoViz though you want a tight pocket. Witches need protection and are most effective providing fodder, but once they start taking fire their life span is short.

    Next place your wizards on the sides of your attack. I typically drop a rage spell and drop my wallbreakers in teams of 2. My objective is to blow the base wide open, witches want room to move. Creating a runway in this combo tends to be a bit different than other strategies. The major difference is you tend to clear a much greater number of clutter buildings than in other combos. Also you will probably be looking for a cluster of buildings with a slight gap before another cluster of buildings. Since this is ideal on bases with a tight core but spread out 2nd and 3rd layers, you'll have to be smarter about pathing. If buildings are in a ring and touching each other Valkyrie will 90% of the time follow the ring. But if their are breaks in that ring, with a cluster of buildings in the next layer - Valkyrie will just as likely proceed to the next cluster of buildings. Keep this in mind when planning an attack. The Since witches make great distractions, it’s often wise to let them deal with the easy to eliminate buildings before sending in your Valkyrie. The witch's skeletons do well at this task, but keep this in mind when selecting an attack location. Valkyrie are easily distracted and a point of attack may be bad, just because there is too much clutter.

    A secondary option, if not luring, is to deploy your witches close behind your golems initially. In this scenario the witches provide lots of distracting fire for the golem, and the golem protects the witch. This is great for areas of a base not protected heavily by splash damage. If you select not to lure, its best to have the CC triggered after Valkyrie are deployed or timing the deployment so the Valkyrie collide with those troops. Witches provide a good distraction when tackling enemy CC but they need Wizards and Valkyrie backing them up to effectively eliminate enemy CC within a base. For this reason it’s best to use the CC in this scenario to draw your Valkyrie to the core. I recommend a lure with this strategy, however, mostly because of how efficient it is at eliminating CC troops once lured.

    Valkyrie come into a play once a clear path has been made by your other troops. Select a compartment or groups of buildings (advanced) that provides a direct line to the core and drop your jump spell to get them there quick. Larger cores with compact buildings are ideal. The placement of this jump spell is critical. A jump spell is about 7 spaces wide but needs to overlap a wall to have an effect. If your jump spell only touches a wall, your troops may not end up leaping that wall. The other consideration is that it is not always best to open up multiple compartments. As I write this I messed up a Valkyrie attack because I opened up multiple compartments, causing my Valkyrie to actually go AROUND the core. Direct paths are often safest, and larger adjacent compartments are better left unopened. The exception to this is at Th9 and using 2 jumps or double single target infernos at Th10. In that variation you are intentionally opening the base very wide open so your units can roam as they will.

    Keep in mind that Valkyrie have a very specific task in this combination. They are to quickly destroy the core, running 6-8 at the Th10 level and being efficient with them tends to produce the best results. Get them inside the core with a rage and freeze and watch them gut out the core so the witches can roam free. More Valkyrie allows for a great room for error but for the best results utilizing them fore "core gutting" will give you the best results.

    If using a heal spell you want to be heavier on Valkyrie (around 10, 8 minimum). Skeletons can be good distractions to eat up inferno beams but as I said, they don't benefit greatly either. But particularly if running only 2 witches it can be an effective option.

    Some players opt to not carry a jump spell. This will require many more wallbreakers and I have seen it work very well vs Th9. In this scenario you’re carrying a mix of rage and heal typically; timing the extra rages to get the most out of your wall breakers, to keep your two units moving forward. Both Witches and Valkyrie are very powerful if unhindered by walls. This can work on Th10 as well but pathing and timing become extremely tricky. With all the splash and inferno beams keeping those wallbreakers alive can be a chore.

    A common problem you run into is getting stuck in the core once it is cleared. Neither Valkyrie nor Witches excel at taking on walls. That is why some players work in a PEKKA when using this combination. Their high DPS makes them a good fit to break down walls. Having left over rage or heal spells will make a huge difference at this point of the battle. Note if using a PEKKA, rage tends to be better than heal.

    After this stage, luck plays a role. Witches can keep your wizards alive indefinitely against point defenses. Throw in a high level queen and you can do some damage once major defenses are cleared.

    Excellent Example of Strategy from Youtube


    ZenCoC -,,, &

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    Valkyrie n' Hogs


    8-14 Valkyrie
    10-18 Hog Riders
    10-15 Wizards
    5+ Wallbreakers

    0-4 Witches
    0-2 Golems
    0-1 PEKKA
    0-4 Healer

    Varies but for Th9 players it always consist of at least 1 jump and 1 rage. Th10 players typically also carry a freeze spell or two.

    Extremely effective vs Th9 and premature Th10
    Hits hard and fast
    Valkyrie and Hogs complement each other well
    Offers a variety of troop deployment strategies

    Extremely DE intensive and relies very heavily on one barracks
    Timing is huge, miscalculations can result in losses
    Troops that make the backbone of this combo are very trap vulnerable

    Selecting a Base
    Honestly Valkyrie N’ Hogs isn’t so much about base selection per se as it is selecting the right deployment strategy for a particular base. Selecting the right supporting troops for a clan war is also very critical. What I can tell you is that Valkyrie like compacted cores and that is their primary job, usually, in this composition. Still either witches or healers can help you tackle spread out bases. If the base is all spread out (even the core), then this is probably not the best strategy.

    In terms of when this strategy is at its peak, I’d say Th9. Valkyrie and Hogs together can demolish a Th9 base pretty easily. If you loved hogs before the giant bomb change, this may be a way to bring your hogs back into the fold. At this level you can use healing spells or even healers to turn either unit into a high DPS fast moving tank. Premature Th10 bases are also very vulnerable to this combo because hogs will chew through neglected defenses pretty fast.

    When tackling maxed out bases more thought will be required and planning. Healers are a poor choice against th10 for 2 reasons. The most obvious one is multi-target infernos. But after using this composition for a while a bigger problem really is that healers don’t have a 5th level. They just don’t keep up with the DPS of maxed level defenses. Golems and Witches become the supporting troops of choice. With those units supporting your Valkyrie/Hogs you can tackle most bases with the right strategy and deployment.

    Consider the CC carefully. It's placement and layout are critical for troop comp and attack angle.

    Examples of Valk n' Hog Comps

    Before I continue this is a difficult strategy to master. Execution can mean the difference between 40% and 90%. It can pack a wallop but requires skill.

    Fried Chicken's Th9 Guide -

    3 Stars on Advanced Th9 Bases -

    Attacking is different depending on what sort of base you’re looking at and how you choose to deploy these units. So instead of trying to type one section on deployment I will break it into the different techniques you can use depending on your objective.

    My Original Video Guide

    Some high quality Th9 HoVa Attacks!

    Th8 Variant

    OneHive's Take on this Combination

    The V maneuver
    This is a technique I favor and is a great one vs th9. It's more tricky vs th10. I start the attack with a lure, either sparing some hogs or bringing along some giants, and draw the CC to an undefended space on the map. I then deploy witches and wizards to take these units out. It’s not a bad idea to have a small handful of barbs and archers for distractions at this point. The Valkyrie trick is also a good option.

    I then deploy my tanking unit to distract defensive fire. I usually do this a little left or right of the witches, since they provide good distractions. Vs Th9 and below it’s not 100% necessary to have a tanking unit, as Valkyrie with the heal spell do pretty well.

    I will select my location to send the Valkyrie in depending on the base layout. Typically I will send my Valkyrie into the core. In this scenario I will look for the best direct route to the core, somewhere where placing 1 jump spell get me where I want to go. But sometimes I will allow my Hogs to do the work of clearing out the core. I will do this if buildings are tightly packed in larger compartments around the core. Valkyrie do best against tightly packed compartments. I will also try and send my Valkyrie in a location that potentially has many giant bomb traps. Valkyrie aren’t particularly vulnerable to these traps and do much better than hogs against them. The Valkyrie should also deal with the Queen. For high level heros a PEKKA is a good addition.

    Once my Valkyrie have the defenses occupied I will send in my Hogs so they crisscross with my Valkyrie. They will destroy a defensive side of the base that has not been touched. I will then try and time one healing or rage spell for when these two groups cross paths. For this particular maneuver I favor 1 jump, 1 rage, 1 freeze and 2 heal. Don't worry at th9 if you need one heal to counter a GB.

    If you get the timing right, you essentially get twice the spell for the price of one. The other reason I developed this strategy is that Hogs and Valkyrie have very different strengths. Valkyrie hit hard and fast but quickly petter out as they run into walls. Hogs on the other hand, jump walls but lack the HP to sustain much damage. Valkyrie also have a nasty habit of getting themselves bottled in the core and then getting “stuck” as defenses from all side fire on them. Hogs can easily clear one side of this bottle, and then proceed to easily and effortlessly continue past the core. This also buys Valks enough time to break out of the core.

    After this it’s all about spell timing. I typically use rage to get my Hogs past the queen if Valks didn't neutralize her and try my best to have at least 1 heal spell available for when the core is down. Either a rage or a heal will work when the two groups crisscross, but the better the timing with your spells the more damage you can do. Ideally you want to be dropping your healing spell so that units in critical health recover most if not all of their HP. With your hogs, you also want to keep a close eye on possible giant bomb locations and save health for a possible trap.

    Please note that this strategy will fall apart if the Valkyrie cannot survive very long. This is why Golems are necessary verses Th10. However, verses Th9 HoVaPe or even He-HoVa will also work well since you can use healing spells and the overall DPS of the defenses is lower.

    Verses mid to advanced th10 requires more caution. You can not afford to trigger a GB while the hogs clear a side. It's better to have a second golem and to deploy him as the main force hits the core to attract flanking fire. While defenses are busy hogs can take out point defenses on a walled off side. Note this isn't my primary strategy vs th10.

    Cavalry Charge
    For th10 this is a blitz. If the base offers a direct path to the core and the big guns are clustered together, then you can use rage/freeze to basically do critical damage in 8 seconds. I use 2 Golems at th10 for this attack and open up like a GoViz but consider defense pathing for hogs as well. I only lure if it's an easy lure.

    Centralized heros are better along with heavily centralized important defenses. Also room to set up the attack is necissary, CC triggering too early will mess you up.

    I always try and get my Valkyrie into the core with this strategy. I want them occupying defenses and any CC in the way.

    If possible I keep a golem near the surge of my attack. I use it to trigger the CC from one point, so I get a straight pull. As long as I can get the CC drawn out in a clump my Valks will eat them alive. If inside the core when they meet so I can add freeze on top, perfect.

    When it comes time to unleash the hogs, so to speak, I time it so that the hogs reach the core about the same time as my Valkyrie. Pay careful attention to defenses that make a direct line to the core, they'll help you hit the core hard. I don’t cluster my hogs, but spread them out in a tight line. Or I send a few slightly ahead of the pack. Once they hit the core I will either drop a heal or rage spell. Freeze comes into play for inferno fire. With this maneuver, your royals, Valkyrie, hogs and witches should be colliding with the core roughly the same time. This means as long as you can take down/freeze 1 inferno your heal spell should still be effective due to the number of units in play. Activating your king’s ability at this time is a particularly good way to distract the inferno as well. For higher level th10 bases it is better to drop the heal for another rage. Aim to do as much damage as you can as quickly as you can as a strong th10.

    Tine the 1st rage for as you collide with the core and the second as you exit. At th9 you can save a spell to keep momentum going.

    The Hog Lure
    Inventor: ZenCoC
    -can only embed 3 videos per post

    This is a strategy developed by ZenCoC and is typically used with a heavy witch composition. This strategy uses hogs in the opening of the attack rather than as a 3rd wave. Bases that have point defenses that aren’t covered by the heavy hitters; infernos, x-bows, and well protected wizard towers, are vulnerable to this tactic. In particular if tightly grouped.

    In its pure form a rage or heal is dropped in the opening of this attack and a portion or all of the hogs (10-12) are dropped to clear defenses and trigger the CC. Depending on the layout you may or may not spread the hogs out, but the goal is to clear some defenses while luring the CC at the same time. After the CC is eliminated drop a wizard to clean up the weakened area.

    Typically a full pull is pretty easy with this strategy but you’ll want to careful consider the location of the pull. Triggering a set of double bombs would leave your hogs nothing but bacon.

    The next step is to get the CC troops in the open and clumped up. The Valkyrie trick or witches can kill the CC but you must have fodder. I frequently make the mistake of deploying witches without distracting the enemy CC. If you do this the enemy CC will ignore your skeles and beeline to your witches. For either troop drop a barbarian or 3 to get the attention of the CC. This give witches time to spawn skeletons and valkyrie time to swing. Deploy witches with wizard support to eliminate enemy CC. Note if your losing units other than fodder or a minor loss, you did this wrong.

    Next deploy a golem to tank damage from the defenses left or right of where the hogs cleared out defenses. This Golem is to protect wizards as they clear distracting buildings. Get the Golem inside the base. Make sure to get any free buildings left by the hogs with that solo wizards.

    Deploy Valkyrie and BK so they make a direct line towards the core. It’s best to choose an attack location that restricts the Valkyrie’s movement this way, having heros in the core will help significantly with this. Drop a jump spell to get your Valkyie to the core quickly.

    Once in the core drop freeze spells to lock up the infernos and if possible a hero as well. Drop a rage spell once you’re Valkyrie have breached the core to accelerate the mayhem. Make sure to save a few wizards or train some archers to pick up easy buildings once the core is done. With this strategy it’s easy for your units to become stranded in the core. It’s also sometimes a good idea to save your king for clearing outside buildings if the core will not yield a high enough percentage for the 2 star.

    Witches are best in thus combo. With a cleares side and Valks destroying the core, these gals can keep your AQ going.

    Hadif Breaks Down a Th9 3 Star

    Hafid Video Link 2:


    Nigel Momongan from Youtube - Various Valkyrie and Hog Replays

    ZenCoC (Th10)

    Orcmaniac (th9)

    Th8 - 1 Golem, 1 PEKKA, 10 Wizards, 6 Valks, 10 Hogs - wb and fodder to flavor - 1 Rage, 2 Heal

    Th9 - 1 Golem/Giants, 8 Valks, 18 Hogs, 8 Wizards and WB/fodder
    Fried Chicken's Th9 Comp - 2 Giants, 1 archer, 1 Wallbreaker, 3 Wizards, 15 valkyries, 15 hog riders - Spells- 3 heals, 1 jump.
    Slaskio's Comp - 12 Hogs, 8 Valks, 7 Wizards, 4 Witches, 10 WB - Spells - 2 Heal 2 Rage, Golem in CC

    Th10 - Cavarly Focused - 2 Golem, 1 PEKKA, 7-9 Valks, 12 Hogs, 10-13 Wizards, 6 WB and fodder

    Th10 - Hog Lure Focus - 1 Golem, 2-4 Witches, 10-15 Wizards, 7-9 Valks, 10-15 Hogs, WB and fodder

    Cavalry Ho-GoViz

    Crisscross & Cavalry

    Zen's Hog Lure

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    Valkyrie n’ Giants

    12-16 Giants
    6-10 Valkyrie (6 for Th8)
    10-20 Wizards (or replace with archers)
    Wallbreakers (I run 6-10)
    Mix of Troops for luring (personal preferences vary here)

    0-2 Witches
    0-1 PEKKA
    Hog Riders in CC

    Spells - Vary.

    Very efficient, mid-level strength composition
    Can hit storages and still perform in clan wars
    Uses all barracks and spreads the costs of elixir (dark and purple) evenly
    -Can spare troops to lure and eliminate effectively
    You have a grand total of 18-26 tanks in front of your wizards, offering flexibility in deployment

    Very trap vulnerable
    Performance against un-lured CC is variable (as opposed to other Valkyrie strategies)
    Not as much raw power as some other builds (still respectable though)
    Valkyrie are a bit hard to direct in this combo verses golem based combos
    Giants hate high level heros

    Note: This is a farming worthy composition. Just run 6-8 Valkyrie and substitute the wizards out for archers. The Valkyrie add a bit of extra DPS and work well with giants when deployed correctly. Also Valkyrie and Giants are extremely good troops for the heal spell. Especially at TH8 and 9, this can be used for maximum effect.

    Base Selection
    With this type of Valkyrie attack there is some debate as to whether or not you need to lure. I feel both Giants and Valkyrie are a bit vulnerable to wizards in the enemy CC. Sometimes your Valkyrie will rip them apart before they do harm, and other times your Valkyrie will rush in, clustering all together, and go up in a fiery ball of smoke.

    So bases with a reasonable lure are better. Something where you don't have to bend over backward to draw the troops out. Now if you're in a clan war witches and archers aren't a big problem. A dragon just needs to be planned for. Its 3+ wizards hiding behind a bunch of archers that will cause issues. While your units may be picking off the less important archers, the wizards may get off a 1-hit-KO.

    Otherwise, you want bases with more buildings inside the walls than outside. You want to see compact buildings with defenses and non defenses mixed together. This way your giants surge forward, taking fire, while your Valkyrie take there time to move into position.

    High level walls and small compartments are difficult for this composition. Neither Valkyrie nor Giants do well against walls. Its also more difficult if the base design has pushed out buildings from the main base. These tend to be a huge distraction for Valkyrie and a frequent source of frustration. These aren't a deal breaker but its going to require allot more caution deploying troops. Also, you don't want allot of pushed out buildings along the perimeter. Valkyrie are very hard to control if you have to content with that.

    These troops are vulnerable to traps but this is mainly a concern in the opening. Valkyrie are actually fast enough to outpace spring traps and due to their AI, often do (especially with rage in effect). However, when you're trying to set up your attack with your giants, losing 5-10 giants is going to seriously hurt your raid.

    You want to take into consideration at the opening of an attack where the wizard towers are. You want to take 2 of these out quickly, if possible. If Th10, you also want to be able to neutral any multi-target infernos fairly quickly. The splash damage of the wizard towers is particularly devastating if your giants/Valkyrie are clustered up on a wall.

    The only other consideration is a good attack angel. Keeping your tanks in front of your wizards is obviously idea. Some base designs will pull your troops to the core, causing your ranged units to get flanked. This won't necessarily ruin your raid (you tend to open up your attack more broadly anyway) but its far from ideal.


    First draw out the CC troops and determine the best way to eliminate. The Valkyrie trick is particularly powerful in this combination since you don't need to save every single Valkyrie for the core rush. Make sure to draw the CC troops to a corner you wish to attack from, that way its easy to simple drop some giants in front of your Valkyrie and make her part of your attack (after having her eliminate the CC).

    If you are not luring, choose an attack side that allows you to set up your attack before triggering the CC. You want your Valkyrie and some wizards tackling the CC, possible with a giant or 2 to distract in front. You also want those CC troops to bunch up at least some. Triggering the CC troops from multiple points can cause confusion and issues, as they aren't concentrated for a freeze or a rage spell (unless wizards/witches only - then your Valkyrie will do fine dispatching them as long as they aren't going solo). You want to accomplish the straight pull of a golem based strategy, but while working with multiple units instead of 1. The worse case scenario is to have archers and wizards going every which way, or to have the archers fan out in front of the wizards. For this, some players bring a lightning spell.

    Open up with giants, distract defenses, and bust open the walls with wall breakers. Target a section of the base that allows you a direct path to the core, this is particularly important when using the jump spell. Also take note of where the wizard towers are and try to take them out quickly. You must choose a wide path or a narrow one depending on the base strength and your objective. If attacking wide, you deploy your giants in a row, somewhat spread out to avoid splash. Wizards directly behind. If attacking more focused, you may deploy 3-4 waves at a particular location.

    If there are a significant number of buildings on the outside of the base, make sure to deploy giants on the sides of your attack point with a few wizards. It may pay to leave a few buildings where you want your Valkyrie to enter the base (as a sort of guide). Once your giants are distracting defenses, try and break open any compartments you can.

    I usually keep a handful, or CC, of giants in reserve to see how my opening attack is going. That way I can deploy them where they are needed. It pays to also keep a few wizards handy, in case your troops decide to go in a circle around your target.

    If you have a few barbarians along, its not a bad idea to deploy a few of these first to see where they go. If you used them all up or didn't bring any, drop just 1 or 2 Valkyrie to see if they wander off. If they go where you want you can deploy them all. Please note though, for this combination you may want 2-3 waves of the red heads. You for sure want the bulk to go to the core, but as long as giants/wizards or Valkyrie are getting to the core you should be able to destroy it. Also since your dealing with multiple units, you have more freedom to spread those Valkyrie out but you still want at least 6 going to the core along with a few giants/wizards. If the giants aren't going to the core, make sure all the Valkyrie do.

    Time your spells for maximum use. Place heal spells where troops are going to be traveling, and rage spells just ahead of where your troops are attacking. A well timed rage will get your troops moving and help your wallbreakers bust open extra compartments. Deploy jump spells plenty early, so your units don't end up ignoring it. Freeze spells are best on inferno towers or CC troops if they were un-lured. A lightning spell can be extra insurance against CC troops but one that I generally feel is a waste but for raiding it may be a nice insurance card (in clan wars, if the lure is tough - I just pick a Valkyrie composition that can destroy the CC troops while in the base).

    It may seem this strategy is simple, but knowing where to deploy your giants and Valkyrie is very important. If you are skilled at keeping your troops moving with wallbreakers, timing jump spells, and good deployment this strategy is actually very strong. It doesn't have the raw power of GoViz or Valkyrie and Hogs but should none the less not be underestimated. Its more than capable of a 2 star and pillaging hard to get at vaults.

    Youtube - Th10 2 star raids - Valkyrie/Giant/Archer

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    Valkyrie Tornado

    *in progress*


    12 Giants
    2 Healers
    6-10 Valkyrie
    12-16 Wizards
    Wallbreakers (varies depending on what bases you are up against)
    1 Golem (For Th9/10)

    0-1 PEKKA (PEKKA can stand in for wizards, mostly if you need some hero killing power)
    0-2 Witch (Good support troop but not necessary)

    1 Rage, 1 Healing, 1 Jump, 2 Freeze. For lower th levels rage/healing tends to be the best. More healing if you need to keep up with defenses, more rage if your healers can easily handel the job.

    NEW DE Spell Variation
    4 Healers
    ~18 Giants
    8 Valkyrie
    12 Wizards
    8 Wallbreakers

    1 Rage, 1 Heal, 1 Freeze, 4 EarthQuake/2 Jump and Poison

    Th8 Variation
    3 Healers
    12 Giants
    12 Wizards
    6-7 Valkyrie
    8 WB
    2 Archers
    1 Heal, 4 EQ (or 3 with a Rage) - Can also put more WB in and put in another rage, 1 Poison

    Credit: Sadist Kandra
    -Video is very old but I don't like taking credit for what I didn't originally come up with

    Spreads elixir costs and training time evenly
    Elixir costs are reasonable
    Keeps spell usage down
    High DPS units allow healers to be used in more ways
    Do not necessarily have to take on Air Defenses head on
    With a Golem in the mix this combination tanks remarkably well, allowing high % attacks
    Until higher wall levels, you do not need many wb in the mix to be effective
    Extremely effective against rushed bases that neglected point defenses
    Effectively deals with troops inside the base

    Units are very trap vulnerable
    Disco infernos can be an issue if they do not go down in the surge part of the attack
    Vs high level th10 defenses healers have trouble keeping up
    You have to consider base layout very carefully
    CC Loons can be an issue because of splash. If they target a group of giants, they will die

    Base Selection
    Though very similar to the traditional Giant/Healer combination the addition of Valkyrie has certain advantages. Namely you can afford, damage wise, to bring 2-4 healers. This means they can get split up if need be. In fact this is the secret of my success. I split my groups of giants up much like a GoWiXx attack. Valkyrie also make a great compliment to healers as well. Before the update I discouraged more than 2 healers just because of all the variables you have to content with but with the addition of the poison spell 3 healers for Th8 and 4 for Th9/10 is very doable. Just keep in mind that in war the CC compositions are very different are barreling in will not work nearly as well as in regular raiding.

    Because of this their are 3 types of Air Defense coverage that are weak verses this combination. Bases with a very wide spread of AD coverage in the outside layer. The next being in a line, Valkyrie are great at rushing ahead and taking these out. And finally heavily centralized Air Defenses. This may seem contrary but since you have Valkyrie along, the Giants can function much like golems do for GoViz, GoWiVa, and GoVaPe. As long as they are distracting defenses and taking fire, they are getting the job done. This means if I can get my giants in, and have them distract defenses along an edge - I will. The giants occupy perimeter defenses, and Valkyrie go for the heart. This also means AD coverage in the middle layer of the base is the hardest for this composition. Much harder to eliminate them before they have a chance to take out your healers.

    After running this combination many times, luring is not necessary (in regular raiding). Now in war I never turn down an easy lure. If you can easily lure, its safer to do so. But if you are not luring you must know how to use Valkyrie to eliminate the CC quickly. For the record I do not recommend the tornado at Th8 (giants just aren't that great at Th8, and housing space is an issue) and for Th10 I recommend luring unless you already know what the CC is and plan for it. The DE factory really changed the nature of what is in a CC. You just don't see witches, mass archers, or mass wizards anymore. This means you will see lava hounds, dragons, valkyrie and loons. Loons can pose a real threat and due to changes in AI, dragons can as well if your troops do not move in to kill the unit. At Th9 level 4 valkyrie are strong enough that a skilled attack can move in without a lure but for other Th levels in war I would lure. You just can't count on your wizards/AQ to actually attack these CC units anymore.

    You want to see defenses spread out and in particular non-defensive buildings mixed in between those defenses. Heavily concentrated defenses may overcome a healers effects while more spread out defensive fire allows healers time to keep the giants going. Also lots of trash buildings can be very distracting for your Valkyrie if outside of the base. However, with this combination of units funneling is usually a snap.

    The core of the base is best if dense or tightly packed, in particular if it has a large collection of buildings in it. Valkyrie can make quick work of these types of core and often the giants and healers can then easily pick off the rest of the base. This is particularly true if x-bows, infernos, and teslas are all packed into the core.

    Other than that you want bases that allow you to keep your giants in front and taking fire. This combination fizzles quick if your wizards (and or witches) get taken out. The Valkyrie can save it from a complete loss but a major component to this strategy is the giants soaking up damage like sponges.

    The Healer
    I wanted to make a special note here. To be useful a healer need not survive the battle, she only needs to prolong the life of your units. One characteristic of my own attacks is deploying her almost immediately. This serves several purposes. The 1st is that it prevents her AI from healing a unit I do not want her to. A healer will target the closest unit to her that has taken damage. This means if you wait to deploy her until an AD is down, she may go for your ranged units instead - or a hero. Giants are slow and generally deployed in a pack (the more housing space a healer is healing, the less likely she will break from her original target), a healer will generally stick with them until they either get substantially thinned out or die all together. The second is that it allows me to make use of her healing immediately. Its much easier to insure her survival in the early parts of the fight, than later. So if she goes down after surging the core, but has kept your giants at full health - she will have been effective.

    For this reason, I visually cut a base into sections covered by Air Defenses and Infernos. If there is a gap in coverage, its generally the best place to use your giants. When dealing with a full array of defenses it can often be more practical to attack a location that is simply not well protected rather than always aiming to take out an Air Defense first. In fact, I rarely use my giants/healers near an Air Defense.

    I just wanted to note here that giants actually have an advantage over golems in some ways. Giants have more DPS and when used with a healer can have infinite life. Their just a bit faster and since you use them in groups, single target infernos don’t do well against them and you do have the option of overwhelming infernos with their numbers - particularly ones that are not maxed out. The major advantage is they are less likely to send a whole raid hitting a wall.


    The addition of Earthquake and Poison are huge for this attacking strategy. Luring has always strained this combination for troop space and poison means only the most war oriented troops will truly give you a run for your money. I've been making MASSIVE qualities of DE in up Champions II with 4 healers and 4 Earthquakes. I recommend you give it a try!

    In any given attack method you want to carefully consider the Air Defense coverage. You only need to identify gaps or areas where taking out just one AD will create a gab in air defense coverage. At Th10 you must also consider disco infernos, which are better if firmly tucked deep inside the base. With Infernos you also want to attack from an angle where you hit the nearest one (if doubles) head on.

    I’ve described it in more detail in my GoViz section, but Valkyrie do best with a runway. A somewhat confined direct path to the core. Too much side to side action causes them to whiff attacks something terrible.

    One Point Attack
    I am removing this section, I rarely attack from 1 location. Its probably the least effective way to use the giants and healers and most prone to AI pains.

    Two-Point Attack
    With Valkyrie two-point attacks are much more effective than one. You can clear more outside buildings and make a better path for the Valkyrie. It basically turns the Giants into the Golems in a GoViz attack. If you haven’t figured it out, a 2-point attack attacks 2 points. In the center of a typically 2-point attack is an Air Defense that once destroyed creates a large pocket. In this strategy you deploy healers immediately behind the giants because your giants aren’t going to take out the AD, your Valkyrie are. Your giants need only keep defenses occupied and if the walls are low enough in level you may not need to bother with wall breakers.

    I also have a variation of this where one of the points is a Golem. Then I focus on two healers on the giants. This is a good option if you need troop space for luring.

    Since you attack at 2 points, you can leave buildings standing where you want your Valkyrie to attack. This is the most effective pathing strategy I know, as it eliminates the need to worry about if you cleared a building that is 8 paces off target that is technically closer.

    A 2 point attack is very effective at dealing with the CC inside the base. (Lure if Th8 unless regular raiding) Just make sure you have a rage/healer for when you collide with the enemy cc and a jump spell to prevent your units from being hung up on a wall. For th10 the change of CC choices created by the poison spell means that in war your probably going to see a flying unit in the CC. This can create problems for timing, so at this point I recommend luring if trying it out in war (still experimenting with this). With the addition of poison spell I find I am not using my Valkyrie as much to eliminate the CC so I am factoring the CC placement a bit less than I use to and the inferno placement/heros more.

    This is my bread and butter tactic when using Giant/Healer. For those of you not Valkyrie fans, hogs can also function in this role but will require lurning.

    3-Point Attack
    Originally my 3 point attack was 2 giant/healer combinations with a golem down the middle. Through experimentation this is more effective at Th9 that 10 due to infernos. At Th10 giants and Valkyrie actually make a killer team for the core rush. But the basics of this strategy are my bread and butter as a Th10 player in Campion.

    The only major difference between this and the 2-point attack is that my Valkyrie have a tank lead the way into the core. This takes the point damage off of them and allows them to use their speed to swoop in while the defenses are occupied and do serious damage.

    For Th9 a Golem will do this well, but for a Th10 player a golem actually has a serious disadvantage when facing duel discos. 1 golem is 30 space. This has been a problem that as plagued me for a long time. I have tried applying GoWi tactics to my strategy but honestly GoViz is not GoWi. You use your golems differently, and its just enough different that the same techniques were giving me poor results.

    So what I do now, is I send in my giants/healers (maybe subbing one group out for a golem) in the same fashion as a 2-point attack. But now once I've created the funnel I send in the giants to occupy the nearest inferno. I then send in Valkyrie behind and time a rage so they quickly dispatch the nearest inferno. I then drop a freeze on the far side inferno and a heal spell after in the same manner as my Wrecking Ball technique. But I save on an extra freeze and can pack 4 Earthquakes or 2 jump spells. Against high level walls this can make a huge difference. Once you lose your momentum with this strategy it quickly fizzles out, by maintaining that momentum you can pull off some spectacular attacks.

    Skim and Rush
    This is not a staple technique but a base exploit that occasionally comes in handy. Some bases have large blind spots in AD coverage. If you stick to the outside of the base you can severely cripple the base while your giants receive infinite healing. It just requires you to attack in a way that is very abnormal. Most attacks are more direct, this technique requires you to actually attack a side of a base and move along it.

    If you’ve identified a section of the base that has no Air Defense coverage or a whole ring. Deploy your giants and place 2 healers behind. Deploy at the corner of a compartment so that giants move along the edge of the base, periodically deploying wallbreakers to keep them doing this. Keep a few giants in reserve to clear a necessary building if need be.

    Use only a handful of wizards to clear buildings. Your intention is to let the giants clear as many defenses in the blind spot as possible and since you are moving them in a sideways or looping fashion they may not effectively protect your wizards who will move to attack the center of the base eventually.

    Once you’ve exploited the blind spot, clear a few necessary buildings and have your Valkyrie gut the core. If possible take out Air Defenses to prolong the exploit. This is a surgical style attack and requires you to think about unit AI and behavior. But when a base comes along that this works on, it is fun to capitalize type of attack.

    If you can visualize the weaknesses of a base this is a very effective composition for storage farming, pushing, and perhaps even war. I’ve used it a few times now for war after figuring out the 3-point attack and can take on maxed Th10 defenses with it. I am still new to this variation but feel its comparable to a GoWi attack with 3 Golems. If there are Air Defense coverage gaps I think it is sometimes more effective at tanking and guaranteeing a high % damage. However, eventually Air Defense will take out the giants and if you're up against maxed defenses they won’t last long without healing.

    DISCLAIMER: Killing the CC inside a base requires some practice and skill. I recommend using GoViz first to practice this as you bring 14 Valkyrie to the table and they can do it with a margin of forgiveness. As little as 5 Valkyrie if well deployed can quickly destroy a core with CC troops but the fewer Valkyrie you use the more precision is require to accomplish this task. So if just learning this strategy, lure to allow your self some learning time.

    Alpha7's 6 Stars with the Tornado

    Youtube - Sadist Kandra - Sadist Kandra

    Logs Attack Log

    *Note none of these attacks used CC troops*
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    *Previously known as Valkyrie Healer, removed because of the unreliability of the combo when compared to other Valkyrie combos, in particular Valkyrie Tornado*

    *In Progress.... bloody time out function*

    4-5 Golems (5 golem is PentaViz)
    6-8 Valkyrie
    10-14 Wizards
    0-6 Wallbreakers

    High Level Heros

    Spells - 2 Jump, 2-3 Rage

    CC - Use to adjust combo to fit the base. Luring troops in particular will require adjustments to the above numbers

    The purpose of this combination is to handle infernos without the need of the freeze spell. Its designed to keep the attention of the 5 beams (plus your heros) so your support troops can roam freeze and you can afford packing other spells.

    Very reliable
    Huge tanking ability
    Since your packing 2 jumps its often easy to open up a base

    You sacrifice lots of DPS (so you need high level heros to compensate)
    Huge DE cost
    If your golems separate from your main force, your pretty much screwed
    Will not handle single target infernos well

    Base Selection
    This strategy is all about massive tanking. Its ideal for bases where your Golems can easily stay in front of your DPS as well as infernos being close together so Golems can effectively keep them occupied. Also you want both infernos on multi, as that is the point. Bringing the big tanks to absorb all those tentacles allowing you to forgo freeze spells. For this reason is a great Th9 Vs Th10 strategy or an early Th10 before freeze really has its punch potential.

    You are bringing 2 jumps so that frees you up some for moving about the base but really you want those 2 jumps to really do the hard work of opening up the base, allowing you more troop space for wizards and what not. Golems have like no power to take down a wall so if they get hung up on a wall they will likely lose all effectiveness.

    Similar to a Witch based strategy, the Valkyrie are really intended to gut the core out. For this reason you want a design that allows you to get those red heads in without considerable fuss. In generally this isn't a big issue unless the outside buildings are significantly pushed out. GoWiVa tends to handle that better.

    Due to bringing 4 Golems you can get away with attacking bases with tightly clustered point defenses. Just take this into consideration when you spread our Golems out. Tight clusters=tight formation. Spread out defenses allow you to spread the Golems out a bit more if needed.

    Otherwise this strategy is a bit of a hammer. It can generally pull off the 2 star simply because of the massive tanking if done properly.

    Quad and PentaViz are actually pretty simple attack strategies. If you don't plan to lure, I recommend a 5th Golem for the extra tanking. If luring and its going to cost you less than 30 troops, 4 is plenty. So the first step is determining that in a war plan.

    Similar to GoWiVa you don't really wanna spread your golems out like in a standard GoViz. You want to keep them close so when they engage the inferos they suck up all the fire power. You open the attack with the wizards and golems, throwing your heros behind. Once a path to the core has been cleared that is when you send in the Valkyrie. You want them to be able to take those occupied infernos down quickly, particularly if your facing a core loaded with teslas and other major point defenses.

    Since you have 3 rages you basically keep dropping that down in front of your golems. You overlap them some so they get the benefit of the rage but also just a bit behind so your Wizards boost as well. Keep dropping these in front of your force as it advances. Use your jump spells to open up the base and allow your golems to keep moving forward.

    If you didn't lure make sure your pulling from one point. Have one golem in the lead or a tight pair so troops don't fan out, have Valkyrie bring up the rear and destroy as these troops are occupied. When doing this attack opposite from the CC and make sure your not pulling the CC into a heavily segmented part of the base. Valkyrie wanna take on CC troops in open territory.

    Honestly aside form those points its a pretty straight forward attack. Keep golems moving in front, keep dropping rages and use Valkyrie to clear out the core, CC or both.

    Please note I do not recommend this strategy until you have high level heros. I have a level 40 queen and the massive tanking keeps her doing her thing but a level 15 queen isn't going to bring that sort of fire power.

    Can't find any will eventually have to make my own
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    Coc Girls

    *in progress*

    Inventor: King Kaizer

    Valkyrie 8+
    Witches 7+
    PEKKA 0-3
    Archers for lure and filler

    Wallbreakers - Varies

    CC - Golem

    Spells - Some combination of Jump, Rage, Freeze, and for Th9 heal

    : This is a fun combination that is actually very effective at Th9. It involves using an all girl army (minus filler units). Healers can be incorporated to make sure all the girls get to kick some butt!

    The Valkyrie - the battle hardened barbarian. She charges into battle head long and takes things by the horns

    The Witch - Mysterious, dark and cunning. She drifts onto the battle field with her army of the undead, commanding from a distance

    The PEKKA - Stoic, loyal, and steadfast. With her twin swords and battle armor she wades into battle. (The type of girl you'd marry - King Kaizer)


    The Healer - A protector and healer. She watches from above, sending her magic to heal and rejuvenate.

    The Archer - A marskwoman with steely resolve. She quickly takes aim and never misses her target

    Base selection
    At a fundamental level this strategy ends up being a Mass Witch attack. Don't be fooled, however, as the girls make a great team. If you time the deployment of the Valkyrie just right, they clear a path for the witches and free up the skeletons to wreck havoc.

    However, your working with units that can be temperamental and hard to direct. Its best to use this particular combination on a base that has a funnel point, a sort of V shape that you can easily send your swarm of skeletons in. The witches will easily clear the outside buildings with there minions and move into the V shape, which is the perfect opportunity for the Valkyrie to come in behind and clear out the core.

    An ideal base has larger compartments, with clusters of buildings towards the center/core. The witches can easily deal with point defenses and wide open spaces. The Valkyrie can easily demolish a tight nit core. So a base that tries and combine these two features is a prime target.

    Bases that are heavily segmented in the core, with heavily protected splash defenses, and buildings slightly pushed out from the perimeter are going to pose a problem. Not saying you can't overcome this, but these bases are prone to making your units wander off target and a well timed mortar shell at a critical moment can still the thunder from the attack if your units are bunched up in a tight space.

    Have the mortars in the core or central area will actually be good, as the Valkyrie can clear these out when they rush in. Wizard towers are an issue as well but their shorter range generally makes them less problematic.

    Some people lure with this strategy, I actually prefer to use the CC to draw my troops in. If hero's are centralized and the CC is an easy lure, however, there is no reason not to. Witches will easily dispatch CC troops when used in mass. If not luring, you want the CC to be triggered about the same time you deploy your Valkyrie. So its best to attack from a side that will require some clearing first. Triggering the CC too early means they are more likely to spread out and distract your troops during the critical preparation stage.


    Even though this strategy has a gimmicky nature, it is very powerful against the right set ups. Its also insanely expensive so save it for war and amusement.

    The best attack location is one that provides your Witches some breathing room. Its much better to be able to allow the witches to conjure up a storm of skeletons than to have to throw some PEKKA or Valkyrie in front to tank to buy some time. Not all bases have a good location to do this however.

    A spot you can funnel your witches is the next best thing. I find a V shape in the base where the witches can all funnel through is often a great feature. The skeletons tend to clear the buildings on the sides of the attack zone as the witches move into the V shape.

    If the clan castle is exposed I would lure it for security but if centralized don't waste the troops. As a Th9 you may still want to lure though, because your chances of a 3 star are much greater (less need for something to draw your troops to the core). Once lured the witches can generate a never ending skeleton storm to dispatch them.

    I often throw my PEKKA in a location to distract wizard or mortar fire. I am not really trying to use them for the core rush, more to take and provide extra damage. Ideally they will go into the base as well but its not necessary for the attack to succeed. Mass witches tend to end up going every direction anyway.

    Once a clear path is made to the core is when you want to bring in your Valkyrie. I like to drop a jump spell because its very reliable. If your using wallbreakers you must have a path cleared before the Valkyrie are deployed, because they will go to the first target they select. If they select a target before the core is exposed, they may wander off in a random direction. This is why the jump spell is a powerful option. Just remember to place it before deploying your Valkyrie or before your Valkyrie approach there intended target. A common mistake is to drop a rage, then a jump spell. Again if your units select targets based on what was available to them before the jump spell, they may ignore it entirely.

    Your spell usage requires patience and timing. Timing your rage to get your wallbreakers through a few extra walls and surging the core is idea. Freezing the infernos when they start to thin out the skeletons. (If using) With heal, timing it just right to get critical units to maximum health. From my experiences so far spamming spells won't get you much in results but waiting for that moment you really need it can make a huge difference.

    One difficulty with this composition is directing the units. With skeletons and witches running amok is can be difficult to determine the right time to deploy Valkyrie and royals. I just had a battle where I thought I had blown a path wide open and my Valkyrie made a long journey around the TH, though I still destroyed it with my king. This is why I personally favor the jump spell. Timing deployment while bursting through walls with WB can be tricky and I often find myself scratching my head as to why my units went the direction they did.

    After stripping the core with Valkyrie its a matter of how your units behave. If your units get flanked, chances are your witches will get killed. Valkyrie tend to "drill" into a base and this is one reason why more open compartments is ideal, the extra breathing room really helps witches keep there undead army between them and harms way.

    With some luck your witches will continue spawning an undead army and your royals will use this as a distraction from the DPS they are dealing. A 65% can easily be 100% depending on chance and how the units end up splitting up.

    Example Comps
    7 Witches, 10 Valkyrie, 2 Pekka, 9 WB, 8 Archers - 1 jump, 2 freeze, and 2 rage - Golem in CC

    10 Witches, 13 Valkyrie and 8 wb - 1 jump, 2 freeze, 2 rage - Golem in CC

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    Selecting your Valkyrie Strategy

    Valkyrie used in such a variety of compositions that they are often useful in some capacity against a wide range of base types and for different purposes. Despite the depth of my guide it does not cover every little strategy available. A quality example is 8 giants, 6 Witches, 10 Valkyrie, Golem and some wizards. But here is some guidance for selecting the strategy that is right for you.

    Skill - some Valkyrie strategies aren't difficult to use, while others require more timing and knowledge of unit behavior in different situations (I am going from least to most skilled)

    1) GoVaPe and GoViz - these attacks generally follow a similar strategy each time, making them easy to use
    2) GoWiVa - still similar to 1 but witches are a bit different and tricky to master
    3) Giants n' Valkyrie - Still fairly easy to use because you utilize waves of units and make adjustments as the battle goes, however directly your Valkyrie is a little harder
    4) Valkyrie Tornado - Healers and be tricky and prone to early deaths by traps
    5) CoC Girls - most effective against certain base types, unit AI is a pain
    6) Hogs n' Valkyrie - to be really good with this strategy you need to develop different deployment methods, which all require timing and experience. Its a powerful strategy but a complex one
    7) Valkyrie and Healers - pretty tricky to get this to work properly with the AI of the two units. Can't discount it though as sometimes it can hit pretty hard

    - So what are the strategies that pack a punch and perform consistently?

    1) GoVaPe - raw power helps this strat and a great resource spread
    2) GoViz - need to plan for the 50% but the higher you go the more split infetno defenses you'll see. Add a 3rd golem and you can hit maxed defenses
    3) Hogs n' Valkyrie - A bit DE intensive, but extreemly powerful in skilled hands. I've hit maxed bases with this
    4)GoWiVa - again raw power helps but very DE intensive
    5) Giants n' Valkyrie - great spread of resources
    6) Valkyrie Tornado - once infernos enter the picture healers become a huge liability
    7 & 8) CoC Girls and Valkyrie and Healers - not dependable enough

    - YES farming!
    1 & 2) Giants n' Valkyrie, Valkyrie Tornado - both would require some tweaking around the edges, such as adding more archers but with the reduction of the training times they can make a great storage raiding army

    Everything Else) Ya... nothing else will work for farming

    Clan Wars

    1) Valkyrie n' Hogs - if you got the skill and time to plan this strategy can devastate.
    2) GoViz - perfect timing and those tough centralized CC's will be child's play
    3) GoVaPe and GoWiVa - Big Hitters that can hit certain base types more effectively than 1 & 2
    3) Giants n' Valkyrie/Valkyrie Tornado - If Th9 or below these strategies are very comparable in power. If Th10, dropping the healers might be necessary. Regardless, don't underestimate this strategy. It may not 3 star Th10 bases but it can 3 star Th9 and 2 star Th10
    4) CoC Girls - against the right base set up and Th9, very powerful. But I am finding it limited otherwise
    5) Valkyrie and Healers - Not an option for Th10, but should not be dismissed as a option for Th8/9

    Base Type
    After considering the above, these strategies do vary some in what types of bases are ideal. All Valkyrie based strategies like to see clusters of more open compartments but can vary otherwise or deal with it more effectively than others.

    -Excels at trap and southern teaser bases. Duel infernos aren't a problem but small interior compartments with high level walls are an issue. Its better to see most buildings within the base, rather an a significant portion pushed out. Also a good runway is needed to control unit behavior. Skele traps were a big nerf to PEKKA. You'll want this mostly for two discos.

    GoWiVa - Witches make dealing with having an outer ring of pushed out buildings easier. They also handle more open, less controlled spaces better. Heavily protected mortar fire can be problematic, however. Its also much better to see a split between disco and single target inferno than 2 discos.

    GoViz - Similar to GoVaPe in base preference but GoViz is handle single target infernos better. If dealing with a split between the two types and looking at large compact interior compartments, this strategy may serve you better than GoVaPe. Also nothing rips through large compact compartments better than GoViz.

    Hogs n' Valkyrie
    - To be honest if you know all the deployment methods, there is generally a method of dealing with it using this strategy. Still, duel discos are a deterrent. However, small compact compartments are easier for this strategy to clear with the hogs than other Valkyrie strategies. This is particularly true if you can get your Valkyrie into the mix of things and taking fire. Highly centralized and compact key defenses is ideal. Clusters of point defenses is also good as hogs can clear them fast.

    Giants and Valkyrie
    - Obviously single target inferos are better but even poorly upgraded ones will do. Having most of your buildings in the base itself and defenses mixed in with non-defensive buildings is best. Other than that the strategy is pretty flexible but it may struggle against maxed out bases compared against strategies utilizing Golems instead. CC needs to be lured and high level heros are a pain.

    Valkyrie Tornado
    - Exposed or heavily centralized air defenses are both good here. Infernos set to disco are very bad but even heavily upgraded defenses are as well. Healers cap out at Th9 but Th10 adds considerably more DPS to a base. This strategy will handle pushed out buildings better than other Valkyrie strategies due to the healers, but your Valkyrie themselves will preform best on clustered buildings. Spaced out defenses are best for the giants/healers with a tight core for your Valkyrie. You'll also want "blind spots" in AD and inferno coverage.

    CoC Girls
    - you really want a base with a natural funnel, with larger or more open compartments. Its best if the core is compact but the other buildings don't need to be. Room for your witches to breath is best, as they tend to get shot to pieces in base designs with small compartments.

    Valkyrie n' Healers
    - AD placement is a big factor. If you can eliminate one easily or deal with them after the healers have done their thing. Again this will deal with pushed out buildings better but at the same time you want to be able to get your Valkyrie inside the base without much fuss. Bases that make this easier are ideal. Disco infernos and heros placed off-center of your target are also bad. CC needs to be lured.
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