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Thread: $70 discount diamonds

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    $70 discount diamonds

    I've bought the diamond deals many times but I will NEVER buy the $70 diamond deal. Instead of the Only deal popping up as this deal(cuz I've bought the lower amounts) please offer all the diamond deals at the same time. If there were several deals (discounts) to choose from id actually buy from them. Instead I am no longer buying diamonds. $70 is too much to pay for a "free" game. I'll buy the $20 deal over and over again but not the $70 EVER!

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    70$ discount diamonds

    I agree!! I've bought 1.99 and 2.99. If it my birthday I may go as high as 20$ but that def my limit. I don't know 69.99 is my only discount offer. I guess someone somewhere is buying them

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    Yeah! I wouldn't buy the $70 ones. That's tooooo much! $20, MAYBE $30, but that's my limit.

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