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Thread: Neighbourhood jumpers

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    Neighbourhood jumpers

    Has anyone else experienced this : someone joins your neighbourhood only to leave just a short while after .
    today it was the second time that happened . When I messaged that person , she got abusive and nasty .
    What motivation is behind this totally eludes me .

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    The first neighbourhood I was ever part of had a lot of this. I think some people hop from NH to NH simply trying to find the stuff they need, especially EMs. I personally dislike this and would kick these people quickly, but others think it's just fine.

    Some (like me, because I'm doing a bit of hopping at the moment) are just trying to find likeminded players, and that can be difficult. Everyone has different preferences on how to play, and then there are different preferences on what should and should not be allowed in a neighbourhood, too. I've even been part of a group which favoured one nationality clearly over any other. With these variables, it's hard to find a good fit. I still haven't found a NH I'm *really* happy with, although there are some awesome people in every single place I've been.

    Is your NH set to 'request to join' or 'invite only'? This could help, if it has not been done already.

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