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Thread: Ax and Saw

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    Ax and Saw

    I've been getting a lot of saws but no axes. I'm hesitant to sell my saws because when I need them, I can't get any and have lots of dead trees on my farm.

    Now, I have several dead bushes that I can't get rid of because I'm not getting any axes.

    Is there a correlation between having one or the other? For example: Since I have several saws, the game is not giving me axes until I get rid of some saws.

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    I haven't really noticed a big correlation for my farm with saws and axes, but there always does seem to be more of one than the other.

    There is definitely a correlation with expansion items for me, but not so much on the saw and axes. It always seems to be a little more of one than the other, then sometimes it switches and I'll get more of the other one for a while.

    The only time I ever sell axes or saws is if I really need the barn space or I have some unfathomable amount of one over the other, and then I'll only sell off a small few.

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    axes and saws

    I never sell saws and axes. Lately I can't get enough axes to get rid of dead bushes, especially those nectar bushes for the bees. I have resorted to hiring Tom for a day to get several orders of them.

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    Axes have been a problem since the BEE update. The is actually a petition in the ideas and suggestions forum all about it

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