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    No Loot

    This game used to be AMAZING. But since update with Elixir for walls it has lost a LOT of its luster.. Who really wants to have to hit the NEXT button for 15 minutes to find a barely decent base to raid.. #annoying

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    Quote Originally Posted by dominion View Post
    Because the forums only hold a small amount of the active players I doubt everyone on here having level 11 mines and pumps would make a notable difference.

    The main reason I have mine at level 10, and not 11, is the worker time. 4 days on a mine or a wizard tower done 4 days sooner?
    Don't understate the power of level 11 collectors! In the long run, it makes a huge difference in your resources. I upgraded all my collectors to level 11 at the end of TH7 journey, which i think is the perfect time to do it.

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    This thread is officially closed due to the fact you are all attacking each other left, right and center, and there are so many posts disrespectful of others opinions.
    No matter which side of the fence you sit on when it comes to loot, attacking others is NEVER ok, and if it continues in future loot threads, it will mean instant closure.

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