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Thread: Clan War loot question

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    Clan War loot question

    I apologize in advance if this has already been answered, but I couldn't find it in the FAQ.

    Suppose a clan mate attacks a TH6 base with 100K war bonus loot and gets 1 star.

    Now as the clan war progresses and the opposing team and us are on par on star count. Our leader asks us mid level (TH8) players to attack the few low level bases who have been one starred.

    I now attack that base and get 3 stars.

    How will the loot be distributed in this case?

    1) Only I get all the bonus 100K loot if we win, since I got more stars? The low level player who attack wont get it.
    2) Me and the other player will both get the 100K loot?
    3) The loot will be shared 50K each
    4) The loot will be shared proportionally.

    Another scenario, I attack a base that has been 2 starred and I 3 star it. How will the loot be distributed in that case?
    1) To me only.
    2) To the player who 2 starred it.
    3) To both of us.
    4) To both of us proportionally.
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    Any win on a base regardless of stars gotten or previous wins on the base will give the full loot bonus.

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