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Thread: Differences in Fishing Holes

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    Differences in Fishing Holes

    The various fishing holes have different "costs" to open. Is there any functional differences once they are open?

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    Yes. They have different refresh times, and you can catch different kinds of fish in some of them. (For example, the golden trout is found only by the waterfall.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Janilee View Post
    (For example, the golden trout is found only by the waterfall.)
    Not on my farm it isn't.

    On my farm it's known as either The Mythical Golden Trout or The Great Gold Voucher Eater.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cbt View Post
    Not on my farm it isn't.

    On my farm it's known as either The Mythical Golden Trout or The Great Gold Voucher Eater.
    LOL. Have you read the tips in the fishing thread? Some people catch several a day. They learn to recognize it by the circle size and the way it moves.

    I have never caught one myself, but I haven't really tried yet, either.
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    Here are very helpful links to fishing:
    This picture is the numbered map of fishing spots.
    Fishing related wiki pages:
    Fishing Spot | Fishing | Fish | Lure | Lure Workbench |Tackle Box | Net Maker | Lobster Pool

    This forum post has the info on fishing locations for specific fish types & their inner circle sizes. Remember some fish can be only caught in a specific area. If the link is outdated you need to go to the last page of the thread.

    You can check the weights of different fish types in this thread. Also go to the last page of this thread if the link is outdated:

    My suggestion is this path (check the wiki map for the numbers):

    1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 3, 4, 11, 12, 6, 10, 5

    Here is the long list of why:

    When you open new spots you need to consider;

    First one is the cool off time of a fishing spot. That is the time that you need to wait after you used a lure on that spot. Fishing spots 1 & 7 has the minimum cool off time of 2 hours. After that comes 8 & 4 with a cool off time of 2 hours and 30 minutes. If you still have 2 slots on lure maker (&net maker) 3 dedicated fishing spots is enough for your lure fishing activities. But from time to time you will have larger stock of lures in your tackle box, either because you have more slots on your lure maker and net maker, or you make colored lures (for fishing event) or you have a large stock of fish fillets in your barn and you want to store your fish fillets in your tackle box as red lures. So when you have a large stash of lures in your tackle box or when there is a fishing event going on you will need more fishing spots and the spots which have minimum cool off time is the best spots for those times. For that reason I suggest you to open the fishing spot 7 and 8 first.

    Second, you also need to have THE fishing spot which will help you most in a fishing event. That spot is the number 9, which houses RED TAILED CATFISH. This fish is the most heavy fish that can be caught with a red lure during the fishing events. And only with this fish you can reach your 4th event goal. And with minimum number of green or blue vouchers you can finish your last goal. You can find more hints for fishing events at the end of my post. But for event purposes you should open the fishing spot 9 as soon as possible.

    Third thing that you need to consider is filling the fishing book, as each medal gives you diamonds. "How is your-fishing going?" has the list of fish types which can be found only in specific areas. Fishing spot 9 houses 3 types of single area fish. 8, 3 & 6 houses 2 types of single area fishes. And fishing spot 10 houses 1 type of single area fish. But as you are still opening fishing areas I assume you need to save your vouchers for your pets. So after opening the fishing spot 9, I suggest that you open fishing spots 2, 3 & 4. After that you can open fishing spots 6, 10 & 5.

    My regular fishing strategy which gives me a balanced number of lobster tails and fish fillets is as follows.
    I have 3 slots on lure maker and net maker. And even 1 additional slots on both do help a lot. I only produce lobster traps on the net maker and produce as many red lures as possible. I use fishing spots 10, 6 & 5 for lobster traps because they have a maximum cool off time of 4 hours for lure fishing. If they are occupied with traps I use fishing areas 2, 3 & 9 they have the next maximum cool off times with 3 hours. For lure fishing I use fishing spots 1 & 7. When they are cooling off I use fishing spots 8 & 4. With 3 slots on each machines I almost never run out of fishing spots and have the see food that I need.

    Hint for the fishing events:
    The fishing events take place periodically. And the next one will probably start next Thursday night or the one after that. You will probably fail in the fishing event if you catch regular fish during the event. You need to catch event fish during the event. Because even the rarest normal fish types (which will use your colored vouchers) are not heavy enough for the event. Basically the normal fish NEVER weight MORE than 5 lbs & event fishes ALMOST NEVER weights LESS than 10 lbs, either with red lures (worm) or colored one. Event fishes can be distinguished by their inner very small inner circle sizes. Their inner circles are almost as big as the shadow of the fish, so they are harder to catch.
    During a fishing event on the fishing spot 9, catch as many red tailed catfish as possible. It is possible to catch more than 30 red tailed catfish during the event but anything above 20 is a big success. 20 red tailed cat fishes are enough to complete your 4th goal on the fishing event and with a help of another 20 green vouchers you can complete all your fishing event goals. Also you may have to try 20 to 30 times before red tailed catfish appears, and you may probably lose that fish as well.

    Update: Winter update came with 2 new fishing spots. #11 is on the left of #10 & #12 is on the right of #10. They both have short cool of durations (#11 is 2h & #12 is 2h30m). They both have one place only type of fish (#11 has 2 types #12 has one type). So those two fishing spots are way better to be opened before middle 3 (6,10,5).
    So: 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 3, 4, 11, 12, 6, 10, 5
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    Wow, a lot of thought went into that post. I can't vouch for it because I hate to fish. My philosophy was always that opening fishing slots was a good way to get rid of my extra expansion materials! That's also the only reason I expanded my tackle box. Barn was full, and I didn't have enough to expand the silo so I tossed them into the tackle box. I have the biggest emptiest tackle box around. 8) That's how much I hate fishing. I don't put much thought into it, I'd rather just farm!

    But due to the list of fishing links alone, this is a valuable post. Thanks for all the advice. It seems sound. Good work.


    Added this thread to the new people tips also!
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    Thanks to Red (again) for the picture !!

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    Wonderful information Thank you so much!

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    Yes that's very helpful.

    A lot of times I play at night before I go to bed. It's very hard for me to stay awake through the fishing. I'm almost to the point of only using nets for fish.

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    Why can you only finish the last round with red tailed catfish? (Listed in that guide)

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    The red lures are for free.... so if you catch those, you can easily do the fishing for the last 360 kg post.

    But if you got enough blue and green vouchers, why not catch the fish with green or blue vouchers. Only thing: it costs vouchers. And the red tailed catfish is most easy to catch. When the circle gets small you can take it in. Not studying how big is the circle, isn't it too small etc. And yes it takes sometimes 30 tries.... But it's for free catching 10 kg per time
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