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    253 ish!❗fingers crossed I win to get at least a few of the diamonds back that disappeared after an upgrade

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick[Supercell] View Post
    Hey Y'all!

    It's time to kick off our Eggstravaganza competition! Guess or count how many Apple Blossoms there are in this picture and post your answer in this thread! As you may notice, you can't see any replies in this thread (not even your own) to keep it fair. All replies are visible to me, so please don't worry or re-post. Every correct answer posted within 24 hours has a chance to win 150 diamonds! There will be 3 winners chosen randomly from those who answered correctly. The winners will be contacted via a Personal Message from me here on the forums.

    Important note: Please do not post your answers on Facebook, Twitter or here on the forums outside this thread to keep this competition fair & fun for all players!

    To enter the competition you need to either register to these forums, or login if you already have an account. You can register here: (there's also an option to sign up/in using Facebook which is super easy!)


    Eggsreavaganza 156 eggs

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    Hi.. My guess is 245?

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    Apple blossoms

    There are 215

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    Eggstravaganza competition


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    Answer is174

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    Hay Day Competition: Eggstravaganza (apple blossoms)

    159 apple blossoms

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    The number of flowers are 111 . In the latest competition. Still trying to find my way round, hope I posted the answers on the right page.

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    Answer Eggstravaganza!

    174 Apple Blossoms

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    228 apple blossoms

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