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Thread: TRADE-Expansion-Mining-Items-Saws-Axes here (part 8)

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    Trading screws for nails!!

    Hi I am looking to trade my screws for your nails!!

    I have 30 screws to trade at a 1:1 ratio!

    I would also trade some of my screws for bolts or planks!!

    Partial trades okay!

    Please message me on kik!

    Kik and Game Center only!

    kik username: Bella.hayday

    Thanks and Happy Farming!!!

    Trade complete!! Great trade thanks!!

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    i have bolt and duct tapes im looking for 5 pcs planks ratio 1:1

    kik e5l1t9on
    no gc

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    BEMs wanted

    I have : ratio (mine:yours)

    1000 saws 4:1
    100 panels 2:1

    i need :

    gc & kik : gao5257
    farm level :100 farm name: gao's farm
    buying & selling at default price
    fb :
    Kik me with what u have/need amount

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    Looking for 1 to 1 trades

    Land Deeds


    kik: Otis1903

    Trade Complete
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    Need planks

    Quote Originally Posted by rachrabbit View Post
    Trading the following:


    1) my 47 deeds for your 11 planks (4:1) [partial trades are accepted at the same ratio]

    2) my 10 screws for your 9 panels completed.

    3 my 20 bolts for your 16 planks (5:4)

    Kik me if interested.
    Still trading.
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    G.C.: Rach Rabbit
    Kik: rach_rabbit
    Level: 109

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    Need bolts and deeds

    I have tape to offer

    My 1 tape per 1 bolt
    Deed trade has been completed

    kik: Fiauchi

    use gc

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    I need bolts !

    Hey! I have screws and duct tape to trade for your bolts! (1:1) -

    All trades are discussed by kik !
    GC only (no FB)

    kik :

    ​Thank you !
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    Life is full of surprises...🌷
    For any trade, please p.m me or Kik me !
    Kik / GC :
    Level 33

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    Land expansions for SEM, BEM and metal bars

    Hi everyone, i am selling my

    11 mallets
    4 land deeds
    4 marker stakes for

    SEMs and BEMs at 2:1 rate (mine:yours)
    Example: you get 2 mallets for every nail you give me

    Metal bars at 1:1 rate
    Example: you get one stake for each coal bar

    KIK: madeleineakaino
    GC: madeleine akaino

    Thank you and happy farming

    -trade done-
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    have tapes, mallets,

    Trade 40 tapes for 100 nails/planks/screws

    Trade tapes for planks/bolts

    Trade mallets for deeds/markers

    Partial trades accepted, trade at base price

    Kik: atcandycove

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    I need 2 planks, will trade my 3 bolts or 4 tapes

    I need 21 deeds and 8 mallets, trading my 1 tape for any 3 of them

    Please kik
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    GC: EastCao
    Level 64
    Kik: eastcao

    GC friend requests are welcome

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