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Thread: TRADE-Expansion-Mining-Items-Saws-Axes here (part 8)

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    Have Wood Panels, Need Nails

    Looking to trade my 17 Wood Panels for your 12 Nails.

    Default prices
    GC only
    kik Honeywell4 for a quick trade

    kik: Honeywell4
    GC: Honeywell4

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    Centennial Club FrozenAllure's Avatar
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    Aug 2014

    my sem for your bem/food

    I have

    340 screws

    Ratio: me:you

    For bolts and planks 2:1
    For tapes 1:1

    My sem for your food:

    Caramel apple 1:2
    Toffee 1:2
    White sugar 1:3
    Syrup 1:2
    Soysauce 1:2
    butter 1:3
    Cheese/ Goat cheese 1:2
    All kinds of Soups 1:2
    All kinds of Candles 1:2
    Lemon pie 1:2
    Lobster tail 1:2
    Honey/ beeswax 1:2
    Honeycomb 1:4
    Duck feather 1:2
    Also trading screws for nails/ panels 1:1
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    Kik: FrozenAllure
    Farm level 113

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    Aug 2014

    planks needed

    I have 24 bolts to trade for 24 planks
    Kik: prostho

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    I'm looking to trade:

    My 20 screws for your 20 panels

    My 20 tapes for your 10 planks

    My 20 saws for bem, panels, nails, mallets, stakes, axes, ratio up to you

    Please kik as I can't check the pm here
    GC: EastCao
    Level 64
    Kik: eastcao

    GC friend requests are welcome

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    Dec 2014

    axes and saws ft

    trade done
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    GC: aroyals420 (feel free to add even if we aren't trading)
    Kik: aroyals420
    Lvl: 56
    sry no fb trades

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    trading bolts for planks

    Holiday deal:
    15 bolts and 10 tapes for 18 planks.

    Hurry...Christmas is coming

    Kik Thornarm
    Level 104
    Android, so FB only:
    kik: thornarm

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    May 2013

    Cool need BARN Expansion Materials

    need BARN Expansion Materials

    Plank, Bolts and Duct Tapes

    I have the following to trade:

    92 Maps
    82 Nails
    74 Land Deeds
    62 Hand Drills
    60 Hammer
    57 Tar Bucket
    56 Bricks
    53 Stone Block
    52 Paint Bucket
    40 Screws
    10 Marker Stake
    7 Mallet
    4 Wooden Panel

    I don't have specific ratio... so give me your best offer....
    Default Price
    KiK me for faster communication....

    Let's trade!
    GC: aqua.0303|KiK: aqua0303 |Farm Name: chelle
    Farm Level: 118|Town Level: 32

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    looking for land expansion materials

    I'm looking to trade silo and barn materials for deeds/stakes and mallets

    x24 nails

    x100 screws

    x5 wood panels


    x17 bolts

    x16 planks

    x3 duct tape

    kik username and gamecenter >>>> dreggman238
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    need panel, bolt, land deed

    Here are my stocks (for trade): plank(5), nail(5), tape(5), screw(5) And I need panel(1), bolt(4), land deed(3)
    I would love to trade 1 for 1 except for land deed, which I can provide 2 for 1.

    update: done
    GC: Whoops android phone
    lvl: 30
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    Nov 2014

    I Need BEMS

    I need 20 tape30 bolts
    30 planks

    I have
    Hand drills

    Kik stalions88

    Offer ratio

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