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Thread: TRADE-Expansion-Mining-Items-Saws-Axes here (part 8)

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    TRADE-Expansion-Mining-Items-Saws-Axes here (part 8)

    Hi All-

    This thread is for trading expansion items.

    Barn Expansion (BEM): Silo Expansion (SEM): Land Expansion (LEM): Train Expansion (TEM): Train Expansion (TEM):
    Attachment 655
    Attachment 656
    Land Deeds
    Attachment 657
    Stone Blocks Bricks
    Attachment 658
    Attachment 659
    Attachment 664
    Paint Buckets Tar Buckets
    Duct TapesAttachment 665 Wood PanelsAttachment 666 Marker StakesAttachment 667 Hammers Hand Drills

    **The Number One Rule (yes rule) of trading (please read completely):

    The following are guidelines on how to conduct a trade. They are not hard and fast rules. However, if most of us follow the same guidelines, there will be that much less room for misunderstandings, and trades will go much faster and smoother for everyone.

    How to trade:

    1. Please make sure you have space in your barn for the items being recieved.
    2. Share your GC or Facebook name what level you are. (level need for those with lots of friends)
    3. Agree to the number of items being traded and the price to trade at.
    4. When posting items, always be sure to uncheck the advertise button. (dont want a stranger swooping in)
    5. Place 1 wheat for sale for 1 coin in the LAST open slot on your store. (decreases the chance of a drive by)
    6. When that is purchased, the name of the person you're expecting to buy should be there.
    7. Immediately put up the expansion items one at a time, and verify the expected purchaser is buying it.
    8. If the wrong item is put up, try to buy it anyway (never happened to be yet, but would suck if someone else got something) It can alway be traded back.
    9. Do the same for the other trade.

    Communication tips:
    1. Use PM's (private messages) to contact prospective traders or KIK if you have it (provide the KIK ID in your trade post. Please do not attempt to conduct conversations on this thread or post "I sent you a message." etc. If you sent someone a PM or KIK, they'll get it. Let's keep this thread clear for the trade posts themselves and keep trades private.
    2. Exchange information like level and Boat Leaderboard rank (makes it easier to find)
    3. Be aware you can send only 1 message every 60 seconds
    4. Try to communicate as much as you can - like who trades 1st.
    5. keep your mailbox under 50 messages.. both inbox and sent mail counts.
    * I changed the default to stop saving my sent mail.
    6. Thank the other person at the end to be sure the trades went as expected.

    Other Tips:
    1. I've notice that trades seem to take anywhere from 3 to 20+ min depending on the traders experience.
    2. When you've completed a trade, please delete or edit your post to "TRADE CLOSED" so people don't continue contacting you about an expired trade.

    Anything I missed or got wrong let me know and I'll add/fix!

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    i have 30 nails, 30 screws, 31 panels --- Panels gone

    looking for stone blocks and a few hammers

    1:1---- TRADE COMPLETE


    kik isser28
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    I need Nails and have Wood Panels to trade

    I need 40 Nails. I have 40 Wood Panels to trade.

    1:1 - Default Prices for all - GC/KiK only please.

    ***Trade Completed***
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    Trade Maps for Bems

    Hi i have 60 maps to trade for 20 planks/bolts or 30 tapes.Partial trade is welcome. Please kik pinkiehayday .Thanks

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    Need planks


    I have:

    18 bolts (1:1)

    I need:

    18 planks

    Small trades welcome. Default price for both. Trade via gc only.

    Please kik LakeviewFarm if interested, thank you.

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    Looking for planks and tapes

    looking for planks and tapes

    offering bolts at 1:1 ratio

    kik me please - gc user only

    trade completed
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZielonyKapturek View Post
    Trading my 20 shovels for 40 saws, ratio 1:2 (mine:yours), selling/buying at max price, partial trades are ok.

    I'm also looking for TEM:
    hand drills
    paint buckets

    I have the following to trade:
    4 maps
    and food products: strawberry cakes, strawberry ice creams, cheesecakes, sushi, cherry popsicles, apple juices, cream cakes, soya sauce

    buying/selling at max price

    Can trade through my NH or facebook only, link in signature
    Still trading

    Edit: Trade done! thanks Maria
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    Thumbs Up Let's make a trade!

    Looking to trade, 1:1...

    Looking for Duct Tape, Bolts, and Planks

    In my inventory up for trade (will update as trades are made):
    50 Screws
    30 Maps
    30 Land Deeds
    30 Hammers (the wood ones - not Town hammers)
    30 Markers
    10 Box of Nails


    Message me if interested. GC only, no FB. kik: jd5189
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    Looking for plank n bolt

    I have tapes
    Please kik setyadi.h
    Trade via fb or nh
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    Stuff for Sems

    Trading Axes/Lems for Sems


    Axes 4:1

    Lems 4:1 ( max price )
    (over 400)


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