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    the pre answer was cuted (the pic

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    10 differences

    1. light is missing on the bottom of chicken sign
    2. tie on business man is missing
    3. 1 bike is pink
    4. 1 bike is red
    5. piece of grass is missing in front of left leg of picnic table
    6. diner's door knob is on the right
    7. 1 pink plant in front of water fountain is turned
    8. the amount of pounds on strong man's dumbbells is changed to 100
    9. 1 stripe is missing from bowling pin

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    We have a winner and that person is known here on the forums using the nickname: kimchi93!!! Congratulations!! We have contacted you so please check your inbox here on the forums!!

    Here are the correct differences:

    Thanks to all of you who participated!! For those who sent me private messages with the answers, please read the rules carefully next time which say that you should not send them as messages to the staff.

    Keep your eyes & ears open for more sweet events coming up!


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