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    Cool 10 Differences by Tuckzer

    1)The grass under the picnic Bench
    2) The man's Tie
    3) The words on the Dumbell
    4) The colour of the Bicycle
    5) The number of stripes on the Brush
    6) The Flowers under the fountain
    7) The Tiles of the pink coloured Roof
    8) The White dots around the chicken
    9) The Swimming Pool
    10) The doorknob of the door near the pink coloured van

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    spot the difference

    2)richards tie
    3)cinema holding
    4)cycle seat
    5)grocery store
    6)spa brush
    7)diner door
    8)swimming pool
    9)picnic table
    10)body builders weight

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    Red face Hay Da Competition - Spot 10 Differences

    I have Spotted 10 Differences !!!
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    10 differences

    1) The barbells are different weights
    2) The number of dots around the Cinema sign
    3) Doorknob on diner are on opposite sides
    4) The bikes are two different colors
    5) Flower bed around fountain are placed differently
    6) Businessman's tie
    7) 2 stripes around handle of brush on Spa
    8) Grass in front of picnic table leg

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    10 differences on the pictures

    Hello, there are:
    1st - colour of bicycle is red/pink (second bike)
    2nd - gentleman has tie and does not have it
    3rd - on the illuminated advertising are under ♥♥♥♥ 4/5 lights
    4th - handle by the door are on the opposite side (left, right side)
    5th - the 2nd bike does not have basket
    6th - brush has 1/2 strips
    7th - flower beds are mirrored
    8th - dumbell there is written 100/1000
    9th - seat of 2nd bike is black/white
    10th -on the roof under the left window there are 5/6 roof tiles

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    1-5 spots below hen poster
    2-cycle colour
    3-grass below desk
    4-fat mans tie
    5-weight the man carrying
    6-position of middle pink flowers among three
    7-2 strikes in brush image
    8-replaced door handle
    9-in pool near ladder a line is missing
    10-one roof is missing on the top of the house

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    Lightbulb Amazing challenge

    1. Bike
    2. Mantel
    3. Pine tree
    3. Color of flower attract butterfly
    4. Name of Hay Day
    5. Cinema
    6. Fountain
    7. swimming fool
    8. Golden Pig
    9. Grocery
    10. Brush

    Good luck!!



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