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    I found them all! yyyayyyy!!! :)

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    I found them all! yyyayyyy!!! :)

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    Spot the 10 Differences Answer

    1) Barbell says 1000 on it in top picture, says 100 in bottom picture
    2) Door knob is on opposite sides of the door next to the bus
    3) Brush at bottom of picture has 2 stripes in top picture, 1 stripe in bottom picture
    4) Rooster sign in upper right of the pictures has 5 lights across bottom in the top picture, 4 lights in bottom pic
    5) Bicycle is red in top picture, has black seat and no basket, is pink in bottom pic, white seat, basket
    6) Man in green suit has no tie in top picture, tie in bottom picture
    7) Line on the edge of the pool next to the pool ladder is missing in bottom picture
    8) Top picture has tuft of grass on one of the picnic table legs, no tuft of grass in bottom picture
    9) Flower planter - one of three - in front of fountain is turned
    10) Pink roof in top picture has a roofing scale under left window, missing in bottom picture

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    no pude pegar mi foto no se como espero le entiendas no hablo ingles

    1) bicicleta de Otro de colores de rosa
    2) maceta de la fuente en Otra posicion
    3) Anuncio del gallo focos de abajo
    4) manija de puerta en Otra posicion
    5) piscina La Ralla Falta
    6) Cepillo Falta Una ralla
    7) corbata del seņor
    8) Falta de la ONU cero en la pesa
    9) Falta el pasto en la pata de la mesa
    10) Falta Una volita en la casa de Lado Izquierdo Debajo de la Ventana

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    i can't post my image to this forum can i send you my image to your email ????

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    The Differences

    1. Green mans tie
    2. Middle bike diffrent
    3. 1 of the Bird sign as more lights on bottom
    4. Tile in pool missing the line.. next to the ladder.
    5. Flower plot by the fountain rotated
    6. Door knob on building next to bus is on the other side.
    7. Patch of grass in frount of picnic table.
    8. Missin roof tile on pink building.
    9. Missing stripe on handle of brush.
    10. Barbell weights diffrent ... 1000 and 100.

    Hope that was all of them cause they were hard.

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    the Answer

    Thanks my gamecenter ID: Kenai&Nak
    and email:

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    Spot 10 differences

    Hayday, this is what i found different in the 2nd pic:

    1. 2nd bike is pink
    2. flowers are rotated
    3. no grass on picnic table leg
    4. business man is wearing a tie
    5. 1 band on the spa's brush
    6. diner door opens on the right
    7. strong man's weight is 100 lbs
    8. pattern of shingles on roof of grocery shop
    9. 4 lights under the chicken on the cinema
    10. added line on top side of pool next to the ladder

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    1. A tie of a man 2.the Led board missing one bup bicycle 4.missing one red flower 5.missing one pink flower 6.the sun light of the bench 7. The black gate 8.the brown brush 9. The door handle of the post office (????) next to the bus 10. 100 and 1000 in the weightlifting of a man

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    my answer to Spot 10 differences on the Picture

    far left bike
    middle bike
    number/letter on man's weight
    man's tie
    flower bed
    dots on marquee
    brush handle
    swimming pool line
    door knob on small house
    grass on picnic table leg

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