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    Spot the differences


    Strong mans weights
    Flowers around fountain facing different way
    2 stripes on hair brush
    No tie on man in green suit
    Door knob on diner on different side
    Extra tile on grocery shop roof
    Extra lights on cinema sign

    Sorry I've never completed your competitions before and could not for the life of me figure out where to go to put the answers in.
    Regards Gordana

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    Hay Day Competition - Spot the Differences!!

    1) barbel/weights lifted by the weight lifter
    2) necktie of mr. green man
    3) bike's basket
    4) doorknob of the diner
    5) lower bulb lights on the chicken signage on the cinema


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    Cool Answer

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    Spot the Difference

    The business man tie is missing...

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    spot the difference. .. I found 8

    I found 8.
    1. The bike left
    2. The spots on cinema board
    3. The brush handle
    4. The tie
    5. The grass at table
    6. The door on diner
    7. The numeric value on strong man's barbell
    8. The flowers by the fountain

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    Cool Yeaaay, Finally I can insert the image ^^'

    Wish me Luck >.<

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    cycle is difference in the both the pictures...
    thank you

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