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Thread: Use The Giant skeleton The better way

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    Use The Giant skeleton The better way

    The Giant larry has great potential to be a great troop.i like this troop very much.The best part is that i have not failed in securing 2stars in any of the attacks using this strat.
    My strategy basically is getting the GS to the core where the th and defenses are side by side.And then make then burst there.
    The army for th9 is like this-7 GS,
    44 Pumkin barbs,
    36 arch.
    And BK,AQ.
    Spells are 2jump
    and 5 skeleton spells,
    1 max eq spell can be taken for cc but not nessesary)
    .i have taken 44 barbs for completing the event.(for th9 the reqd amount to do the event is 44).
    There are many parts of the strat.
    1)SCOUTING THE RIGHT BASE-first scout a base where the core has the th and 3 or 4 defenses beside it in the same compartment.
    2) PLANNING THE FUNNEL-after finding the ideal base,plan from which side you would try to funnel your GS to the core(take the way in which there is a layer of defense gaurded by walls.And the Th compartment is just a wall beside it)My objective is that after the giant skeletons get to the outer defense comapartment.then by a jump only the compartment of the Th is opened.So that the GS go to the core.
    3)DEPLOYING GS AND SKELETON SPELLS-Deploy the GS in 2 groups(in the side you want to start to attack) like you do for the golems,when the defenses target the GS.use the 5 skeleton spells to clear those defenses attacking the GS Or any other defense that may interfere with the funnel.
    4)JUMP SPELL-after the outer layer is down and the giant skeletons have broken into that (now)empty defense compartment,Drop a jump spell in a way that the TH compartment with defenses is only opened.If done right,The GS will sweetly enter the Th compartment.You can either enjoy watching the rampage or can do the next step.
    5)DEPLOYING THE BARBS AND ARCH-this is for taking loot and to creat the funnel for the heroes.But mainly its just to get the extra% and secure the 50% if the GS fail to take the TH down.
    6) ENJOY SEEING THE TH GET DESTROYED- THIS IS NESSESARY-now as the GS are entering the core,they will get roasted by the defense as this is the most damage dealing area.As the GS take down one defense one or two GS will go down and 60% of th will be gone.By the time GS reach the 3rd or 4th Defense,the th will be blown away.
    7)KING AND QUEEN-Now the part of the king and queen,they can be dropped for getting some more loot and %.
    8)EQ SPELL- Some times the GS MAY NOT BE NEAR ENOUGH TO PUT THE BOMB IN THE PLACE NEAR THE TH for more than 2 occasions.So 80%of the th will be gone.And the GS have either died or have finish clearing that area.There is no funnel for the Heroes.Then you just drop the EQ on the TH to get that star.
    Hopefully you liked the strategy and thanks for reading.
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