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Thread: Invictus Lords Donating/Farming Clan

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    Wink Invictus Lords High-Level Donating/Farming Clan

    `.•.•*) .•*)
    (.• _
    Invictus Lords
    (.• (.•Part of the Invictus Family `•..•`••._.•

    •`•‹.What is Invictus Lords?-‹.„„.›•

    Invictus Lords used to be Farming Kings 3 but due to some issues,we decided to split off from the main clan. We're a farming and donating clan who provide free troops and are always looking for new members that fit the requirement. We support each other, through thick and thin and help each other grow.Our clan was intended to be completely drama and bias free.The only thing you have to do is to have fun and follow the rules. We're more concerned about Quality Over Quantity here, we want people we will look forward to having log in, and playing with.

    •‹.What do we expect from you?-‹.„

    We expect anyone who joins our clan to be mature,social,and active. In order to make this clan successful, it is our belief that everyone needs to develop relationships, not with just the leaders, but everyone in the clan. It is your responsibility as a member to always abide by Supercell rules, in addition to our clan rules, and treat everyone with respect and dignity.

    •‹.What can you expect?-‹.„`

    We can promise you that we will always remain dedicated, faithful, and honest to the clan and the entire community. We realize that this clan would not exist without you , therefore we value and respect every single individual who decides to become apart of our family. You have our vow to always remain committed to this clan.

    (.•* (.•
    Requirements to Join
    •Level 115+
    •Townhall 10 or a very well-developed Townhall 9
    •Walls Level 8+
    •Heroes AQ and BK Level 15+
    FIN 40k+
    Gold grab 300m+
    Have LINE apps (If possible)

    (.•* (.•
    Clan Rules
    •Requests are just as important as donations so emptying clan castle on every raid is highly recommended.
    •Only donate what's requested and if unsure just ask.
    Archers and Wizards are considered as default.
    Donations are expected to be at a minimum of 1500 per season (or 250 by end of "new" status) and a maximum of 1:3(donate:request) ratio should be respected.
    •Each season donations will beposted and the lowest ones reviewed.
    •Please make elders/co-leaders aware of any planned inactivity.
    •Clan hopping is not permitted and any visits must be discussed with leaders and agreement gained. We do prefer you to hold visits at the end of each season and after you have used both attacks in war.
    •When leaving the clan for some reason remember to take a screenshot of your donations and post it to LINE.(If possible)
    •Eldership is earned over a sustained period and voted by fellow leaders. (minimum of 4 weeks and should be showing the key attributes needed.)
    •LINE is used as a key communication tool so everyone will be expected to join the group.
    •Be respectful to fellow clan members and treat them how you expect to be treated.
    •We play this game for FUN so no one should feel he is forced to obey rules or meet certain requirements.

    *All above rules and suggestions are common sense in a serious clan. In a clan that respects its members,in a clan chat that cultivates champions. We have concluded to these rules after too much thought and consideration and we expect all of you to cherish and respect them. Talk to a leader if you have any suggestions upon them. Together we will rise to the top.

    (.•* (.•
    How to Join?

    If you are interested in joining us,please copy and paste the application by filling it in. A elder/co-lead/lead will shortly review the application.

    ﰯﰯﰯﰯﰯﰯ ﰯﰯ

    (_.•*).•*) Clan Application (*•.(`*•._)

    In-game Name:
    Town Hall Level:
    Which time zone do you come under?:
    Have you read and understood our clan rules?:
    Hero Level:
    Picture of current base(If possible):

    ﰯﰯﰯﰯﰯﰯ ﰯ

    Donation counts from previous season : -

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    Our glorious TH10!

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    Athens - Greece

    Recruitment ON

    Excellent clan for mature TH9s, TH10s.
    We Farm but do War twice per season (every weekend) and we expect 2 full-strong attacks from every single member !

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    AWESOME clan !

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    Thumbs Up


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    Cool clan...

    Good to be with u guys...

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    Join the party fellas. Lets grow together!

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    Check us out today!
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    Daily bump! ��

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