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    Choose me!!!! :)

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    Cool Spot the Differences - Answers

    Here are the 10 differences:

    1) Bubble in the waterfall
    2) Ladder
    3) Bike light
    4) Well handle
    5) Cow feed
    6) Bench
    7) Chicken Pen Ramp
    8) Pig Pen Post
    9) Brick Wall
    10) Coal next to Grill

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    10 spots

    1. Stair of Barn Storage
    2. Stone wall near Barn Storage
    3. Garden Bench
    4. Water fall ( 3 spot v.s 2 spots)
    5. the well handle
    6. Right coal bag of BBQ Grill
    7. Stair of chicken coop
    8. Cow Feed v.s Pig Feed (Feed Mill)
    9. Pig Fence
    10. Head of Bicycle (Yellow v.s Green)

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    Spot the difference

    Different benches,
    piece of rock wall missing in lower picture on far right,
    different feed on feed mill tray,
    wrung missing from ladder,
    color of light or reflector on bike,
    well handle missing in lower picture,
    ramp on chicken coop has different number of boards across it,
    pig pen fence post missing top,
    different number of bubbles in waterfall,

    That's all I can find....
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    Spot the difference

    Rung missing from barn ladder; extra rung in chicken coup ladder, no arm on well, extra spot on waterfall, top of stake missing from pig fence, different (smaller) bicycle bell, end of wall missing in mid right of picture, muddy puddle differently, different colour bench, cow feed instead of pig feed.

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    Contest entry

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    Spot the difference competition 18 Apr 2013

    1) Feed mill table in top photo has pig's food but bottom photo has cow's food .
    2) Bicycle head light is yellow in top photo whereas orange coloured in bottom photo.
    3)Bench near chicken coop is white in top photo but brown in bottom photo with different shape & size.
    4) Steps of the chicken coop hut ladder are 4 in top photo but 5 in bottom photo.
    5) Ladder of the barn has 3rd step in top photo , whereas 3rd step is missing in bottom photo.
    6) The well in the top photo is having handle for collecting water , which is missing in bottom photo.
    7)Fence of a pig pen has 3 wooden poles in top photo, but 2 in bottom photo.
    8)Waterfall flowing water has 2 white bubbles in top photo, but 3 in bottom photo.
    9)Coal bag in bottom photo has 2 more coal pieces in bottom photo than in top photo.
    10) Wall near barn, just right side of barn in the top photo, is missing in the bottom photo.

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    We have a winner and that person is known here on the forums using the nickname: JUVE10BARCA!!! Congratulations!! We have contacted you so please check your inbox here on the forums!

    Here are the correct differences:

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