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    Spot the differences!!

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    1. The food is cow instead of pig (top picture)
    2. Theres missing a stone wall on the right side of the photo (lower picture)
    3. Theres missing a pole on the pig fence upper right corner (lower picture)
    4. The bench is brown instead of white (lower picture)
    5. Theres missing a step on the ladder (lower picture)
    6. Theres step missing on the chicken ladder (top picture)
    7. In the waterfall theres missing a water bubble at the end (top picture)
    8. The tree on the car is darker than the other (top picture)
    9. The light on the bike is different than the other (lower picture)
    10. The Hay Day sign isnt the same color

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    Question Hay Day Competition: Spot the Differences

    1. Cow/Pig animal feed
    2. bench brown/white
    3. light on bike
    4. handle on well
    5. ladder against barn
    6. wall by barn
    7. ladder on chicken coop
    8. waterfall
    9. post missing from pig pen
    10. ??????

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    Spot 3 thing

    I spot 3 different, 1st is animal food pig and cow food not the same. 2nd different type of chair 3rd is beside stall there have a thing...

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    10 differences

    1. stone wall on the right, there is on top, there is NOT on bottom
    2. bench color, white on top, brown on bottom
    3. bike lamp, yellow on top, orange on bottom
    4. animal food, cow on top, pig on bottom
    5. well, something sticking out on top, nothing sticking out on bottom
    6. chicken home stairs, less stripes on top, more stripes on bottom
    7. pig home on the very top, another | <-- on top, nothing on bottom

    i give up on the rest.. zzz..
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    My answer!

    Hi there!

    Here's the 10 difference I found!

    Thank you and have a great hay day!

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    Cool Hay Day Competition: Spot the Differences Answers!

    the pig and cow feed on the feed mill
    the white and the brown bench
    the light on the bike
    the white dots on the waterfalls
    the coals on the bbq grill
    the stone wall beside the barn storage
    the number of steps on ladder on the barn storage
    the number of steps on the house on the chicken coop
    the handle on the well
    the pig fence

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    Answer :)

    Can i answer it with photo
    full size :

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick[Supercell] View Post
    Hey Y'all!

    It's time to kick off another - Spot the Differences competition! Try to find 10 differences in the two images, and post your answer in this thread in one single post (do not post the answers separately)! As you may notice, you can't see any replies in this thread (not even your own) to keep it fair. All replies are visible to me, so please don't worry or re-post. Every reply with the correct answers posted in this thread within 24 hours has a chance to win 150 diamonds! There will be one lucky winner, chosen randomly from those who answered correctly. The winner will be contacted via a Personal Message from me here on the forums.

    Important note: Please do not post your answers on Facebook, Twitter or here on the forums outside this thread to keep this competition fair & fun for all players!

    To enter the competition you need to either register to these forums, or login if you already have an account. You can register here: (there's also an option to sign up/in using Facebook which is super easy!)


    benches, ladder against barn,the well, brick by the barm ,benches, food mills(pig/cow,

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    spot the difference

    1. white bench vs brown bench
    2.missing piece of wall by barn
    3.cow feed vs pig feed
    4.missing handle on well
    5.3 dots on top water fall vs bottom
    6.missing post on pig pen
    7.chicken house ramp
    8.missing step on latter
    9.head light yellow vs orange on bottom pic is darker then bottom pic

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