What's new:

Introducing Leagues: compete in your own division!

✔ Joining a League is easy: just own 400 trophies or more!

✔ Get a Loot Bonus out of every victory just from being in a League!

✔ Loot Bonus increases the higher you climb in the Leagues

New unit, defenses and building upgrades

✔ Rock Hard: summon a mighty Golem with Dark Elixir. A glutton for punishment, the Golem won't stop even if you ♥♥♥♥ it in half!

✔ Upgrade the Dark Barracks to level 4 to unlock the Golem

✔ Bolster your defenses with an additional Wizard Tower and a Seeking Air Mine at Town Hall level 9

✔ Level 5 Clan Castle and level 7 Hidden Tesla upgrade now available, also at Town Hall level 9!

Clan improvements

✔ Clan Leader is now able to send messages directly to Clan Members' inboxes

✔ Chat message formatting overhauled

✔ Clan tournament length increased to two weeks, reward doubled

✔ Troop donation statistics now reset every other week

✔ Clan troop donation information is now visible to all players, not just Clan members

Usability improvements

✔ If Clan Castle has space for more troops, "Request" message displayed on top of it

✔ Added option for rotating a Wall section

✔ Added confirmation dialog when speeding up unit and spell upgrades

✔ Attack notification improved for players playing with multiple devices

Balance tweaks

✔ The percentage of loot that can be stolen from Gold Storage and Elixir Storage was decreased to make it easier for newer players to save up resources. The maximum possible amount of loot remains the same.

✔ Upgrade times for Hog Rider, Minion, and Valkyrie decreased

✔ Air Bomb explosion radius decreased

✔ Level 5 Minion hitpoints decreased

✔ Hidden Tesla trigger radius increased

✔ Gold Mine, Elixir Pump and Dark Barracks upgrade times reduced

✔ Spells are now much faster to create

✔ Balloons explode and deal additional damage when destroyed

✔ Wall Breaker behavior improved

✔ Mortar and Wizard Tower don't restart their attack cycle if their would-be target is destroyed, instead they switch targets

✔ Clan Castle troops deploy faster to the battlefield

✔ When your village is under attack from flying units only, your melee troops will stay inside the Clan Castle

Also many small bug fixes and tweaks!