So, first of all hello everyone. I used to play Hay day but due to irl issues I gave it to my brother who was playing it for a like a year now. Now, present day my bro has a new phone of his own where he's playing on the ID made my by. Since I want an individual ID I was using my old phone to do so, but his level wasn't getting off my phone even though I disconnected it from google+. So, I just simply cleared the data in order to have an ID of mine. But now as I want to register it on my email which is I can't do it as whenever I press on google connect it logins in with the old ID which I don't want to. I want an individual email. And sometimes I asks choose account, and whenever I add my email there it says, and fill the info of username and all that, it says "Username not valid" or something like that. How do I fix this?