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Thread: how to produce cotton (hayday)

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    how to produce cotton (hayday)

    Hai all buddies..just need help anyway..iam now at level 21( hayday) iam facing a difficultness to produce a cotton stuff to make some cotton fabric or any other thing that need cotton.where can I produce that cotton. I have searched in the shop but not everytime I need it I always go to roadside shop only for buying that stuff(cotton).need ur kind help..thank u

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    So the way it goes is you grow the cotton (be sure and have a good amount because you need 3 cotton balls to make 1 cotton cloth). Then you go over to the loom and there will be a choice to make cotton fabric. Those take 25 minutes to make for each cotton cloth. Then when that's done, you go over to your sewing machine and make clothes using the cotton you made from the loom.

    To grow cotton, it's on the second page of crops.

    I hope that helps. Let me know if that didn't help.
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    Further to the previous post, assuming you're at the right level to grow cotton, you'll find it by clicking on the circular arrow symbol that shows up when you tap to sow any crops. That will take you to the next page of crops to choose from. It looks a bit like a recycling symbol and is easy to miss.
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    Thanks to all..madge it really works..I ve just realize that there's a second page of crop to grow...I ve found it..thanks anyway....

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    I think that the first time farmer reaches a level where a crop/product has a second page, the scarecrow ought to pop up to show how to use it. I only found out about the second page because I had let my nephew (who introduced me to Hay Day) work on my farm and I discovered he'd planted indigo and some other "page 2" crops. He pointed out the little icon for rotating the pages.

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    Omg Madge! Tks! Not knowing how exactly to grow cotton was driving me crazy! Lol I must have browsed at the shop hundreds of times. It's a little tricky that there's a second crops page I think.
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