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Thread: Lvl 19, Th 4 looking for a clan!

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    Lvl 19, Th 4 looking for a clan!

    Hey guys, I'm a town hall 4, lvl 19 non-rusher looking for a nice, chatty clan. Mature friendly player. Don't mind if there're back to back or no wars at all, looking for a clan I can settle in and grow.

    Pic of base:

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    WE fill your every need

    I am the leader of KC Clique and we are a multi-purpose clan. We have players that have farming, trophies, and hybrid bases. We are looking to vastly improve the number of people in our clan. We also reward loyal players in our clan with different prizes.
    Leader: JDash
    Members: 15
    Trophy req: 800
    Hope to see you soon!

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    Hi Im Elgo (Leader) from the feeder clan ANB, ANB have two clans and I just recently moved to the new feeder clan to help the TH3-TH5 players, I am looking for active players to start building this clan.
    The main clan will offer support and I will help the new younger members in their path to TH6 and beyond to one day join the main clan.

    Search for ANB on the clan search option at your clan castle. ANB (Make sure to join the clan with me (Elgo - Leader) as there are a few others with the name ANB.

    Good luck.

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    Main: Pharsalus, Feeder: Hydaspes

    Hey, welcome to the fastest growing clan family in Clash!

    This is the leader of a newer clan named Pharsalus. I just started days ago and the clan is already solid; our main clan is 40 strong, and we started a feeder clan on top of that; all in a few days work.

    I've been in a top 1000 clan so I know how to make it work. Ratios aren't important. You can request as much as you want, as long as you're active. This encourages high donations.

    Requirements are daily increasing.

    You can try the main clan, but if you aren't strong enough, send a request to the feeder. We'll be happy to have you

    Make sure to mention that you're from the forums.
    IGN: Reaper
    Clan: Shadows Fall
    Lavas: Complete , Magmas: Under Construction
    Heroes: 40/40/18

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    Give Us a Try

    Hidden Tactics

    Hidden Tactics: Recruiting Active and Loyal Clashers for WAR!!

    About Hidden Tactics:
    We are a clan desiring to build a fun, respectful atmosphere where we help each other progress and win wars!
    Prefer Adults: 18+
    Farming and Trophy Pushers
    War: Sunday, Wednesday, Friday
    Default donation troop: Archer
    Currently: 24/50 members

    Yoel - TH7, lvl 63
    Killer_Instinct - TH8, lvl 63
    blayne- TH7, lvl 39

    Henry - TH8, lvl 59
    LunarCrisis-TH7, lvl 53
    Jesus- TH7, lvl 46
    Dj Salty Nuts-TH6, lvl 31

    Minimum Requirements:
    Trophies: 800

    - These requirements will progress as the clan grows.

    Clan Rules:

    Be active
    Be friendly and respectful
    Keep a minimum 1:1 ratio of donated to received CC troops
    Use both war attacks
    Pay attention to war strategy

    Clan Politics:
    Leader/Co-leader positions are set
    Elder: Be active, honest, and loyal. Promotions at leaders' discretion.

    Our clan is set on invite only to avoid hoppers send a request. Check us out we will be the only ones that pop up on search.
    Let us know you came from the forum. CLASH ON!!

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    You might fit in well here

    Reply on the seeking clan mates thread i started for "The Alley" if interested.

    Now recruiting adults, age 21 and up, who want to build and be part of a clan that is competitive yet is understanding of having an adult life. In the past we've been a clan that was half way serious about war but, winning 60% of the time means you're losing 40%. We decided it sucks losing that often and are going through a revamp currently. We take the time to come up with a plan for every war and listen and learn from each other. We focus on developing each other to dominate in war both offensively and defensively. We will have level 6 perks when the current war ends. If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of apply below.

    Th7s and below we'll almost always accept since we can get you where you need to be rather quickly. Th8s and above will be evaluated to make sure they're not rushed. We are primarily US time but are willing to accept others if online at similar times. All members need to communicate, we're not into anti-socials.

    Copy and paste the below form to apply:

    COC user name:
    Current clan (if applicable):
    Th level:
    Preferred war army/armies:

    Note: you will not receive elder/co upon joining, these titles are earned. If you're a th9 or 10 and are accepted you will sit out first 2 wars to be observed for commitment and activity as a th 9/10 war jumping hurts a lot more than a little guy. Wars are put together in multiples of 5 and proven members are given first entry. If you're not in first war don't worry, you'll get worked in soon.

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