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Thread: FARMING KINGS Family: Breakdown & Split ----- New Clans: The Invictus Family

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    FARMING KINGS Family: Breakdown & Split ----- New Clans: The Invictus Family

    The feeder clans of Farming Kings have split off from the main clan as of August 2014. How did this happen? Continue reading for an explanation.

    For quite sometime, the Farming Kings family consisted of five farming clans. We were Farming Kings and its feeders, Farming Kings 2-5. These clans all farmed with some feeders also providing free troop donations.

    Since Clanwars was introduced, Farming Kings has been focusing on war and has become a clan specializing in war. Farming Kings 2-5 all do clanwars to varying degrees but haven't become war specialists.

    This new direction taken by Farming Kings (warring) resulted in a divergence of clan goals and activities with Farming Kings 2-5 (farming and donations). The fact that the clans do different things should not have been a problem, and for Farming Kings 2-5 it wasn't. We were impressed by the war record of Farming Kings as we carried on our farming activities. However, we soon learned that Farming Kings was not happy that the farming feeders were not providing them with new war recruits. A number of members of Farming Kings 2 met the requirements to go to the main clan, but not many wanted to go and war everyday.

    Soon, Farming Kings 2-5 were subjected to insults and name-calling from certain co-leaders in Farming Kings. The leaders of all the clans attempted to bring about peaceful relations but the animosity continued to come from certain people in the main clan.

    Sadly, Farming Kings 2-5 made the decision to split from the main clan and carry on farming and donations in a new clan family. These four clans hope to enjoy the camaraderie of our new family as we continue to play this great game that we all love.

    The word "Invictus" means unbeatable or unconquerable. Our clans are invictus.

    The Invictus Family now:

    Invictus Kings #8GQVGYJY, Level 8 Clan

    Invictus Lords #8OLV8PCO, Level 7 Clan

    Invictus Beasts #8OQ2G8UC, Level 6 Clan

    Invictus Nobles #PPQP2RPR, Level 7 Clan

    Invictus Fire #82JJGQR2, Level 7 Clan

    We are high-level farmers who war and provide free donations of troops to guests, and are always looking for others like ourselves.

    Look for more details about the Invictus family (requirements and activities) in the clan recruitment thread found in my signature below.

    Come join the Invictus family!
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    Thanks for sharing. Wrong sub forum btw

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    Sad to hear you guys separate from the Farming Kings.

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    I recognize the quarrel that Clan Wars can introduce into a clan. That's why I very much like to have an opt-out/opt-in for clan wars inside a clan.

    I feel for your loss and wish all the best to the new clan family as you move forward!

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    Very sad to say

    Wrong Subforum

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    ohithere tora~
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    Invictus family

    Was very sad we had to do this best of luck to Farming kings, Invictus Family is another door that open

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    Quote Originally Posted by freshlikealex View Post
    Thanks for sharing. Wrong sub forum btw
    Kinda remember Daddy doing a very similar post in the exact same forum about the whole sky/rising thing so.....not really

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    Good luck to the Invictus Family.

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