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    I have to disagree with your drag loon attack strategy. It works better with 10 loons (+5 in cc), 7 drags, a quake spell, two lightning spells, a rage spell, a haste spell from cc, 10 archers, and ur king.

    First drop two lightning spells on on the air defense that is furthest from the other two, (drop the quake as well if the two lightning dont wreck the air defense) deploy 1 or 2 drags close to the other two air defenses to clear the first few buildings so ur drags dont circle around the base. Then drop ur loons to take out the air defenses. Drop 3 or 4 drags as well. Drop your rage on the loons to speed them up so they dont get taken out too fast. Drop your haste spell for the loons, so they can take out the last air defense. Once the town hall is exposed, drop the remaining drags. Drop your king and your archers on the side of the base that is opposite the of the drags.
    That's my attack strategy for th8. So far it has absolutely killed. 3 stars almost every time.
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