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    hey fly! i checked your guide to upgrad. it really helped me. if you want any other help, ask me. you can check out my lavaloonion+queen walk guide on my profile

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    What about Town hall 9

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    where is the strategy for th9 10 and 11

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    Nicely done!

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    help with attack strategie

    hi i need some help im in a clan war and i am against a base i dont know how to attack please help

    the base im against:

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    Thanks for posting this guide.I have yet to read it completely,but its great.

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    Great post will bookmark!!!

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    lava hound upgrade

    can u upgrade the lava hound attack to 35 at level 1

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    Gonna use this thread to ask because I don't want to open a new one just because of a quick question. How do I defeat that stupid TH11-eagle if I still have TH10 troops? I'm doing okay against TH11 who don't have it or have it upgrading, but as soon as that thing works I'm screwed. I know it's only starting to work as soon as a certain amount of my army is set, but I'm never able to get it withoug triggering it first. Is that just not possible and will be better as soon as I've upgraded my troops or is there a trick or an army comp I'm missing?? I'll admit my heroes are badly rushed (17/18/upgrading to 4 and working on queen and king too) but my farming troops - GiWiWi - were Th10 max before I went up.
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    TH11 & TH8, work in progress

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    That is a good guide it was useful at th8 for me Ty

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