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Thread: New War Clan! "6Inches Of Fury" Recruiting!

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    New War Clan! "6Inches Of Fury" Recruiting!

    6Inches Of Fury

    As you can tell from the title we are a brand new war clan that war straight after another!

    Mostly made of friends and players who have an interest in wars.

    We have lots of different level players, from 92 all the way down to level 21. We are recruiting any level player that has an interest in clan wars.

    We are medium sized clan of about 25 players at the moment, that's where you come in.

    What we ask of you:
    To donate to requests and preparation days.
    To use both your attacks during battle days.
    To gain as many stars as possible.
    To have battle experience! (not just dump your troops any where and pray!)
    And to have a sense of humor. (most of the clan are well over 18, and clan chat can get quite dirty lol)

    Reasons for recruiting:
    We would like to establish our self's, with the many clans out there.
    With time and effort, i would like for all our clan members to grow together.
    To have a trust worthy group, that donates and help to the preparation days.

    If you are interest in our clan please join us in game. Currently anyone can join as long as you have over 1200 trophies.

    If you have any questions then please feel free to ask and i'll answer as soon as i can.

    Thank you if you read this and happy hunting.
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    Btw! we are 4 for 2 atm. not the best start, but its good, for our bunch of misfits.

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    6 wins, 2 losses 1 draw so far. if interested give me a holla.

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    Like the sound...

    I have 4 others that I CANNOT leave behind and we all kinda keep our trophy count down! We where 15 strong at one point, but many couldn't handle going to war as often as some of us like! The 5 left are highly active and want to war as much as possible! We would be here to stay and fight gloriously in wars! All are over 21 with dark sense of humors! The clan we are left in now is: the go getters! Green and black shield and my name is DEADxPOET! Would like to hear back either way!

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