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    Cool Clash of Clans ringtones

    Hey Chief!

    Get the Clash of Clans ringtones, text message alerts and other notification sounds on your iPhone or Android phone

    Download links below. If you're using an iPhone, make sure to download them on a computer that has iTunes (you're going to need that). More detailed instructions below.

    Download iOS ringtones:

    Download Android ringtones:

    How to set up a custom ringtone on iOS

    1. Click the download link on your computer (iTunes access needed)
    2. Open sound files in iTunes by double clicking them
    3. Connect your iPhone to your computer and click on “iPhone” when it appears to iTunes (to top left corner)
    4. Choose Tones and sync all tones
    5. Open your iPhone’s Settings and go to Sounds. Here you can change all sound notifications (ring tone, text message, new email, calendar alerts etc.)
    More detailed guide can be found for example on this site.

    You can have custom ringtones also on Android phones If you’re not sure how that’s done on your Android phone, please search the instructions from Google. It’s a bit different on different makes and models. At least on Samsung’s devices it’s pretty straight forward (for example on Samsung Note 3: download the mp3, go to Settings / Device / Sound / Ringtones and choose Add, then pick the one you just downloaded).

    If there'd be more Clash ringtones and text message sounds, what would you like to have?

    I already saw a few people suggesting "Hooooooogrider" and also Archer Queen's "A-ha". What else would be cool if we'd get a next batch of these?

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    Thanks Marika! I've been toying with the idea of building my own for a while now, but you just saved me the trouble.

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    Shoot! I was going to download it on my iPad! But, great ringtones! That might get my iPad off mute.
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    Cheers done...
    I emailed the MP3 ringtone to my phone and downloaded it from there.

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    Will the still be an update this month?

    Is there still an update this month since all of you were on vacation?

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    Saving link for computer

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    thank you !

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    OH MY!

    I've found my new ring tones and text tones!

    This is awesome!


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    Oh wow. That's a huge list of ringtones.
    Thanks Marika <3 and **SELECT THIS AREA TO REVEL A SECRET MESSAGE ===> i luf u mar1ka kthxbai
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    Iits probably filles with secret illuminati messages
    They are trying to brain wash us!
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