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    I'd really, really love to have a ringtone of when the Archer Queen is dazed. icon14.png
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    I agree with the Archer Queen's voice when deployed, A-HA! Soon please

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    Here guys an easy tutorial on how to get the ringtones for iPhone using MacBook Air

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    Consider creating a little tune out of the different selecting tones.

    Such as the DE/Gold/Hero/Teslas ect
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    How about clan castle alert sounds

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marika[Supercell] View Post
    If there'd be more Clash ringtones and text message sounds, what would you like to have?

    I already saw a few people suggesting "Hooooooogrider" and also Archer Queen's "A-ha". What else would be cool if we'd get a next batch of these?
    Yes, both of those, and then the music that plays while you search for a base? Then a remix of that

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    Do you even meow, bro?

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    Check your gold storages....
    Hopefully merchandise is next.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by FireThief View Post
    Two of the jingles are working the rest aren't State Farm? Like a good Clasher, Mariaka is here

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    There is this thing called the sun. It misses you.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nmills View Post
    Im not going to go around giving out free shields, I'm not a charity.
    Quote Originally Posted by Daddy View Post
    It's a credit card base, aka "Mom you might not want to read your credit card bill this month"

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    Sorry for the bump. Just excited for the AQ's A-ha! tone

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    Cool Ohh yeah!!

    This is outstanding! Thank You For These Amazing Ringtones! I'M Probably Never Gonna Turn My Phone To Vibrate Anymore. Thanks Again,

    Suggestions: Add The Archer Queen "Ah-Ha" For Sms.
    Hog Rider "aaaaaahh Yeaahh"
    Maybe Some Wizard too
    Builders Building. Etc

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