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Thread: The Town - anyone else not like the Town and the people?!

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    Question The Town - anyone else not like the Town and the people?!

    Does it matter very much if you never visit your town and ignore the stupid little people's demands? Is it very detrimental to the game? Anyone else find it annoying? Or am I just a sad recluse?

    Also, the Neighbourhoods, what exactly is the point of the Neighbourhoods? I tried joining one but it eaither wasn't very active or? I just don't get it.


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    I prefer the town to the boats. If you get orders you don't like in the town, you can just send them away and there are still others you can serve. If you get a bad boat order you have to wait 4 hours for the next one.
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    Neighborhoods are varied. You'll find some that are very active and some that just want a quiet place to chat when the mood strikes. Some were created with trading in mind, and some just to have a safe place to hang out.

    The town...I have taken to sending away almost all of my 12 Eggspress train people so that my neighbors can pick them up if they want. I use my 4-person Personal Train to pick up from neighbors, but send away any that I don't want to fill. At least they get the rep points for picking up. So, I've cut way down on the amount I'm serving...I've been trying to think of my town as a funner version of the truck or boat, lol. I just do as much as I feel like and send the rest away.

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    I may be another sad recluse because I didn't even bother starting the town. I haven't heard any raves about how much fun it is and it hasn't appealed to me so far.

    I joined a Neighbourhood only only several levels after that option became available to me. And lucked out and found a great neighbourhood. We buy and sell expansion stuff from each other, ask our neighbours if they have those last 2 cream cakes to fill a crate or a latte for a townie. We let each other know when we have trees or bushes that need watering, even giving a general location most times.

    Some of us like to chat and joke and some are pretty quiet. Many we know by their given name, not just their farm name. We know which neighbor often has bargain priced wheat or corn and who can almost always be counted on to have exactly what we are looking for, just for the asking.
    We have none of the stolen trades I read about when I joined the forum.
    Really one can play without a neighbourhood. But if you find a great neighbourhood you have found some wonderful helpful friends.

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    I like the town but found it too stressful to continue with it after buying all the buildings. There was little incentive after that.
    So I went back to doing just the truck orders and a very occasional boat and found that I'm now levelling up in half the time it took me whilst doing the town, and that was even though I was fulfilling a good 95% of the townie's orders!
    Neighbourhoods don't interest me in the least and I think they had a detrimental effect on the game.
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    I use the town, but I don't care for it in the same way that I love my farm and my fish grounds. To me, the town just isn't as aestetically and emotionally rewarding as the farm.

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    I was only interested in decorating the town, so now that I've opened all the locked areas and decorated to my liking I'm sending away about 75% of my townies. If and when they introduce a clothing store, I might start visiting my town more.

    As for neighborhoods, I was lucky to immediately find a great NH with lovely people that shares my playing style. Frankly, without my NH friends, I'd have quit the game by now. So I think it would be worth your while to try finding a neighborhood that matches you.
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    I have to say I still love my town. I've played it all different ways, i.e. sending express train peeps away and only using personal train peeps, sending away 3-building peeps and keeping those wanting 2 buildings, and right now I'm keeping ALL of my visitors because I've expanded the xp to varying degrees on all of my buildings, some fully, some halfway (no expansions at all on the grocery). Since I'm focused more on the xp than I am on the gifts, I don't mind sending away those that want lobster, two pizzas per order, and nowadays I'm also dumping those who want more than one sugar/dairy item. I just hit level 80 on the farm and 19 in town which happened in a respectable amount of time no doubt due to the high xp I get from the town. Especially since I do so few boats and even fewer trucks. They just don't pay the way townies pay. Seriously, 158 xp for 20-something brown sugars? So right now the town is about my only fun part of the game. Well, that and helping others' boats since I'm not doing my own. And the town helps me clear my barn, too, which is always good.

    Still hoping for a clothing store, though given how SC seems to have "checked out" lately that wish might be pie in the sky.
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    i dont like the town and the people either. their faces irk me a lot. i could look at greg or mary poppins all day but i just cant stand the sight of the town visitors.

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    I have some issues keeping up with the town lately :/ the cinema and the beach café ask so many rare food

    now I always do them in first and I send my visitors back too many times :/
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