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Thread: Recruitment Thread for Death's Door

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    Recruitment Thread the Death's Door Family

    Death's Door consists of 3 clans and one official partner clan. Our main clan is Death's Door, which has existed for over 2 years. \/alhalla is our event clan that specializes in Valkyrie based strategies and has been featured on Daddy's YouTube channel 3 times. Death's Angels is our younger clan for newer players. WarBears is an allied clan that we are working with to improve both clans. WarBears is a constant war clan with its own affiliations.

    We like to call ourselves the Chuck Norris of clans! Check us out.

    Death's Door

    General Rules
    No offensive language in chat
    No drama
    No asking for elder or co-leader over and over
    When wars are declared participation is mandatory
    Don't pester Stephen or other leaders who contribute to the youtube page
    Have fun and chat!

    Youtube Channel -

    Facebook Page -

    Methods of Communication
    We do offer the LINE app for members run by our co-leader from Death's Door. The LINE is called Death's Door, just let us know and we'll add you once your a member (and want to join)

    Requirements for Elder
    Elder in out clans is earned through a combination of solid donations, chatting, loyalty, providing other members sound advice, leadership, and making positive contributions to the clan. When a co-leader feels you've earned the title (which we never award immediately) they recommend you to the other leaders in the clan. If approved we promote you. Co-leader is the same process, only the standard is held higher.

    -Level 70 and Th8 minimum for new members
    -We do not accept members who leave in the middle of a clan war
    -Friend in Need achievement shows active donations

    -Raiding: anything except wallbreakers and goblins, giants only if requested
    -We have a take what you get policy for regular raiding
    -War: put what is requested in the clan castle!

    Clan Activities
    -Our war frequency varies. Currently we do high level, low level, and everyone wars. We rotate war organizers so we war between 2-3 times a week. Depends allot on member enthusiasm
    -We push occasionally
    -In our event clan we host \/alhalla

    -We donate what is requested for the CC
    -Go for 3 stars on th8 and lower th9 bases
    -No Sniping
    -Go for at least 2 stars on advanced th9 or th10 bases
    -Use war armies!
    -We do war brackets

    What We Offer
    Very loyal and stable clan that has been around over 2 years. Mix of th10 to th7. High donations and connections to other clans. We give advice and share ideas. Home base for the creators of \/alhalla.

    To Apply
    Post or PM me your friends in need stats, th level, your level, troop levels and favorite war strategy

    Check out My Signature for my \/alhalla Guide and any other projects I have up my sleeve!

    Stephen's Popular Trap Network Base
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    Folkvangr is our recently opened war clan. At the moment we are trying to get it to level 5 as quickly as possible for perks. Its also the clan we plan to us in events to be VS match-ups.

    Very Similar to \/alhalla but looking for more permanent membership (except of course around events)

    More information when I have time to put it here
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    Event Clan



    Channel -

    Like and Subscribe!

    *note spelled with a forward and backward slash*
    \/alhalla is an event clan originally created on the 1st of September devoted entirely to the use and development of Valkyrie based strategies. The event attracted the attention of the youtuber Daddy and below you can see a list of youtubers who contributed to the event. Due to its overwhelming popularity Death's Door is keeping \/alhalla around to host events such as the original \/alhalla event. Though existing primarily as an event clan, \/alhalla is how accepting a small crew as part of its permanent membership. However, \/alhalla has always been about developing new strategies and sharing them with other players. Want to visit and learn some Valkyrie strategies, great! Wanna send a new recruit to learn the ropes or a veteran over to learn a new trick? We welcome visitors and are more of a network of clans than a single clan.

    Since then we've held a trophy push, air/ground event, Valk/Hog and Girls of Clash events resulting in 3 visits from Daddy.

    Check out our Handbook on Valkyrie! -

    Mission Statement: I know its funny think of a clan as having a mission statement but the Orginals of this clan do. We are not an elitist clan, and though we may do pushes or other events that require higher level players, our goal is and shall remain helping clashers grow and improve. While in this event clan you must share replays and members are strongly encouraged to provide feedback. It was this mentality that made our first run so successful and allowed many of our members grow and improve in the game. If you are willing to learn and improve, you have a place in \/ahalla.

    Players seeking to become part of the permanent membership will need to demonstrate a genuine interest in using Valkyrie strategies, show a willingness to give and receive feedback, and while new share replays daily sporting the use of Valkyrie.

    Event Schedule:

    War Log from \/alhalla - updating

    We met up on October 16th and made it into the list of top 500 clans, we did this with our Valkyrie based troop combinations, and inside a week!

    October 16th Push

    Members Chat:
    I have a LINE group put together of currently 90+ members - feel free to post your LINE ID to join to conversation. You need not join an event or be part of the permanent clan to do so. Only be interested in exchanging ideas and learning new strategies.

    NOTE On Leader/Elder Status
    Leader is earned through contribution to Valkyrie strategies and tactics. I pay particular attention to innovation, leadership, and willingness to teach and give others feedback. Elder is similar but just not a high a standard. We have a VERY solid leadership base - gaining a title will require effort!!

    Requirements -
    Th8 with level 3 Barracks
    Th9 lvl 2 Valks is recommended
    Th10 lvl 2 Valks but lvl 3 recommended
    Actively or willing to actively use Valkyrie in attacks

    But most importantly a willingness to learn, grown, and comment. You MUST share a replay of an attack every day (well if your on) and failures are great! Our objective as a clan is to help people learn how to attack. If you stink, great! We will help you improve

    If you become a permanent member you will not be required to use Valkyrie for every attack you use in war. But this is only after demonstrating a genuine interest in the unit. We are a Valkyrie based clan, so permanent members are required to use this unit as their primary strategy.

    Clan Activities
    Members of \/alhalla are not only allowed but encouraged to tour the clans that contribute membership to our events. Member clans are also free to visit and war as they can. We host events periodically and during those events their may be a theme in which you are required to post replays of or use in war. Experimentation and learning new strategies is a part of being in this clan. Getting to know different clans and how they run or operate is also encouraged, not discouraged.

    Note about Training
    We do train players. And we accept and and all replays with Valkyrie. We love to year you ask for advice, but if you plan to come in never having used Valkyrie and want to be on the war docket immediately - you'll be disappointed. You need to be willing to practice outside of war. We are now a level 4 war clan and can not afford to have completely green people doing attacks they are only starting to be familiar with.

    So be willing to use war attacks outside of war, otherwise you can expect frustration.

    War Rules
    Please note I reserve the right to bench people for war. We are a teaching clan and are more than happy to get you up to speed but throwing 3-4 people who are only learning a new attack strategy in war means we lose. Losing makes everyone unhappy. When we are with our core membership we win, I will periodically (about once a week) do a war where everyone gets a chance. However, if you can't handle being benched you've been warned.

    For non-events or just smaller events I am using clash caller. I will post the ID via line and in member chat. You select a target and put your name down. If you steal someone's mark you get benched the next war, check to see it a target is reserved! (Also if you reserve a target, try and attack it quickly so we can reassess)

    We strongly encourage members to post their strategies or to confer with a co-leader on their war plan. \/alhalla is known for making an army that suits a base, not finding a base that suits our army. We have many great strategists that can help you get that elusive 3 star.

    War make up varies allot due to our membership base being spread out over several clans. So pay attention to any analysis posted by myself or other co-leaders. I have a good track record for war plans, and again failure to listen will get you benched. Wars are won as a team, remember that.

    Attacks must feature a minimum of 5 Valkyrie (CC troops count) but otherwise any other troop combination is pretty much acceptable. The one exception to this is if we need a 50% 1 star in a war where the base can not be 2 stared. Valkyrie are great for this purpose so I do not require them in these instances.

    Then keep in mind this is primarily an event clan. So seeing membership drop to 20 then zip up to 40 isn't that uncommon. But those 20 members may all be Valhalla regulars, we are a network of clans. This is a unique quality we have and is a bit different than other clans.

    Making the War Roster - criterion for new members
    To Be Eligible - Post 3 replays vs similar strength bases showing either 3 stars or if your a higher level solid 2 stars. Bases must be active.

    1) Getting 2/3 stars in your attacks. If you get two 2 star attacks or 1 fail and 1 3 star attack, I can work with that on the roster. If your a th10, 1 star may be acceptable (its harder to star on this level). And of course I factor in if we had you attack high or things like that. If your a th9 who makes a 50% attempt on a Th10 base because its what we need to win and fail, will you tried and getting that 1 was a long shot

    2) Using both war attacks. If you fail to use either, I boot you (not questions asked). You can rejoin and explain way but I will boot you. If you fail to use one attack, your on the top of my list to bench unless I really need you to round out the roster (then your lucky)

    3) Following the war plan. Check clash caller, if you steal a mark I will bench you. If you attack outside of a bracket that I assigned, I will bench you. Wars require planning, which does no good if you go all lone wolf on me.

    4) Be a team player. Wars aren't about the loot bonus. The bonus is nice but its not the point. Attacking high just for loot (or low) when its not the best for the team will make me question putting you on the roster. We do occasionally allot members to raid for loot, but this is only when we are kicking tail and our opponents have no chance of winning. Most of us use this as an opportunity to experiment or try a new strategy. Also, donate to your team mates and communicate. Wars are won as a team.

    5) Members who have been around longer who have shown they are consistent are permitted more forgiveness for a poor war performance. After all we are all human. If you consistently put up 5-6 stars every war and you have one war where you get 2, well you've proven that was just a bad run.

    Participating Clans

    -Death's Door - #v0982LR
    -Fólkvangr #PVG00R80
    -AndūnėWar #2C99QR9J
    -Suok Village - #920Q0Y9L
    -Elite Pro's - #2GLQ8Q2L
    -Phlying High - #22CGVCJ9

    -WarBears - #29JQP8LC
    -Firebears - #9y8G2VLR
    -Riverbears - #22OP89Y8
    -Icebears - #2QCL2PGV
    -Cavebears - #QRUP9GQ

    -D.K.2 - #2LQYLVGC
    -The SPQR Clan - #292UG8OG
    -Novus Ordo - #99R86GYPG
    -P.A.S.A.W.A.Y - # YUVC802
    -Phoenix Soaring - #28Q8JURL

    Signing Up-
    PM me or post in this thread that you'd like to join
    Show up on a non-event day to tryout - see event schedule
    I'd like to have your in-game name and home clan's name.
    I want to show this is a collaboration/get together

    Contributing Member's Youtube Channels
    Daddy -
    ZenCoC - (ZeNeLLiE) -
    DeathsDoorCoC -
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    A \/alhalla ally

    info added some day
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    Nio's Th10 Trophy Pushing Anti-GoWi Base: Gridlock

    Thanks Stephen! My base is up on our clan's YouTube channel.
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    Loyal active player looking for a long term home

    IGN: Dioden 37yrs old
    3 days from TH8
    Lvl 63
    5700 troops donated
    Base near max for TH7, one tesla left to upgrade. Lvl 2 drags, lvl4 all other troops. Would like to join your 1.5.

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    \/alhalla promo

    Promo for my incoming project - thanks stephen!

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    Th 4
    Lvl2 barbs, archers and giants
    New to the game

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    Clan request

    Ign: Kris
    Gold 3
    Level: 63
    Troops lvl 3 and Archers, Wizards, Giants and baloons lvl4
    Gaming type: Farming - aprox. 1.5million gold/day
    Clan wars: Two full beam dragon attacks
    Extra: Barb King, DBarracks lvl2.
    Nationality: Norway


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    Can I join I)eaths Angels

    Th lvl:6 maxed except walls
    Friend in need: 706
    War stars:16

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