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    Lightbulb Items higher each time you buy them

    Each time i purchase an item the price goes up. It's not easy to make money and everything should be at a set price. Depending on the item if it should be cheaper or higher. Most of the production machines are ridiculously way over price. The fruit trees and bushes can only be used 3 times? I checked and you don't get many fruits from one plant. Please either create more times they can be used.

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    What level are you? I only ask because things seem more expensive at earlier levels. If you read posts from people at high levels, coins are no problem for them. It is all relative. I don't quite understand the price structure (how supercell chose it) but in the long term it seems to work well. I have no coin problems at the moment so I can decorate at will: that is one of the rewards of working my way up to level 57. I think having it all too easy at the start would take away some of the fun of the game. Just my perspective, though.
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    I agree, set price for decorations....

    I definitely agree, I think if a flower pot is going to cost 50 coins, it should stay at 50. Not rise higher and higher if you buy several. I'm not at a real high level yet, only 33, so perhaps this is why I have a problem with it. But it seems if I'm going to buy nicer decorations, it should cost more. Not simple things rising in price just because I've bought a few. Just my a opinion.

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