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    [ The Waffle Family ] - [ Experienced ] - [ Active ] - [ Dedicated] - [ Organised ]

    About Us and Some History
    Our Clan was formed by a small group of players tired of the immaturity, drama, and pressure commonly found in other clans. Colossal Waffle was made on the 12th of April 2014. As a result of the tremendous work and community involvement by our leaders, we have grown quickly and now comprise a stronger fighting force. Our clan is active around the clock and requests are filled quickly and accurately, what you ask for is what you get. Our members range in age from kids to mature teens to adults, we have a zero tolerance of both drama and immaturity.

    This thing!

    But twice the size!!

    We ate too many yummy troops waffles and ended up.... colossal!!

    An active, friendly and fun clan!

    so....What then? Watch these requirements and go Colossal!

    Clan video: coming soon!!


    Clan Rules:

    -Play fair(no ghosting and no spying!)
    -share min 2 attacks per day (at least one that is hard).
    -self-critique and give others tips; even if you think you're no good, teaching others is the best way to teach yourself
    -must read clan mails AND clan chat, especially (a) around any donation requests, and (b) before attacking in war (so you're not attacking a base that everyone has been discussing).
    -don't swear, be respectful. We are a respectful clan and we want to maintain that.
    -only donate what’s requested, archers are default troop.
    -donations should be at least 600 a season
    -Your Requests are expected to have archers most of the time. (Exception - war requests)
    -should be chatty/talkative.
    -"do not" request troop levels unless its for war.
    -don't spam the chat.
    -share replays and attacks, ask for tips on your attacks.
    - do a min. number of 14 attacks per week
    -Most importantly have fun & feel free to give tips to others.

    Here are a few sets of rules you must obey if you participated in Clan wars. If you fail to obey them, then you know trail, this is colored in red for a reason!! To participate in clan wars you will need to submit a "qualification raid" - which is a three star attack made on a villege which has a similar strength to your villege, is a war base/trophy pushing base and has the same level as your th; more information will be given on this once you join the clan.

    1. Attacks the enemy base to favor his entire clan NOT his entire bonus loot. (e.g. if some of the top players had already got three starred, you may not attack those bases because then you are not working as a team or gaining any stars for the clan. In other words you are doing no benefit for the clan or are contributing to "Clan Wars" in any way. But rather gaining some loot bonus for yourself - this phenomena is known as being selfish and is NOT what we are looking for.)

    2. Must get a decent war base before the war starts(if suggested by our leaders/co-leaders).
    3. Uses all(two attacks) in clan wars!
    (Only exception to these last two rules will be if the leader is notified about you being inactive before the war starts! We take war seriously!!)


    we always kick with style... with a pretty pair of stiletto....

    -We don't like booting people, we try to avoid it at our best. But the integrity of the clan is more important than any single member. Just be decent, play as a team and you wont get booted.

    - Your activeness, your teamwork and support plays a crucial role for the clan. We boot for inactivity and not playing as part of the team specially in clan wars. We all have lives and we understand that. But you need to talk to us if you will be away for a while so that we can make further arrangements - this is crucial for clan wars.

    If you think you are eligible for some colossal waffle's and then come on in!!
    If you don't meet the requirements then join our feeder clan for cooking waffles(see next post)!!

    Apply Now!

    (Note: the clan will remain full most of the time from now on, hence it is mandatory for every new comer to submit an application form.)

    You may fill out this short form and reply it in the thread, do not PM me. We will then post a reply in this thread or PM you if appropriate to let you know if you are accepted or not. Do not attempt to join the main clan if you don't meet the requirements without submitting an application form - your request will be rejected if you do so.

    In your application form for "Colossal Waffle" you must include the following:
    Current Clan:
    IGN (in-game name):
    Town hall level:
    Level of wizards:
    Level of archers:
    Level of walls(numbers or percentage):
    you can do this by going to edit mode and clicking on remove all. Or you can simply tell us the top priority of walls in your village.
    Additional Information(optional): this can be anything extra related to your village, profile, achievements, a small message, etc.

    ---------War log---------

    Colossal waffle:
    Cooking waffles:

    Make sure to visit our war log to see the entire history of our truly deserving victories!

    Promotions guidelines:
    Promotion is really about being loyal, helpful, respectful and leading by example. The dot points are guidelines. You will also need to share attacks and help others with bases and attacks, etc... you know how it works now
    - Leads by example
    - Helps other clanmates, gives tips on bases and attacks
    - Loyalty
    - Keeps donations & received ratio similar (or relatively close)
    - No disrespectful talking/swearing
    - Does not ask for elder
    - Has been in clan for one month and meets these guidelines
    - Promotion is Leader's responsibility
    - Promotions will be done at the end of the fortnight closest to month end
    -All clan members are able to nominate monthly elders (no selfies).

    Wondering what our symbol look like? you guessed it! it looks like a waffle!

    What does our clan mates think about us?
    Quote Originally Posted by Jvon View Post
    this is an awesome clan n im glad to be a part of it
    Quote Originally Posted by BenMoz View Post
    This is a great clan! Everyone is very friendly, quick to donate, very helpful and always improving! I can't believe the clan is only 2 days old! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
    Quote Originally Posted by Alex5911 View Post
    Seems like a promising clan. Definitely staying!
    Quote Originally Posted by chef1234ireland View Post
    Everything a clan should be.
    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny56123 View Post
    Best clan I've been in for a long while! Great atmosphere great people and great clashing!
    Quote Originally Posted by Alleo View Post
    This clan is awesome! exactly what i wanted
    they're fun, active chatters. Donate what you ask of them. have good troops.
    give you advice on your attacks and base, what more could i want
    Quote Originally Posted by NinjaKartoffel View Post
    Everything works well and we are a kind of "family".
    The chat is very active and you get answerd every single one of your questions.
    War allways works fine and we act as a team and end up winning most of our wars.
    yannic, AKA. the dark knight(love that name)
    Quote Originally Posted by seagr8 View Post
    This clan is very well ran. Very nice to have donations when asked anything you ask! Clash on colossal waffles
    Even our war enemies seem to like us
    Originally Posted by jmak0424
    you guys show a great level of sportsmanship. It was a pleasure seeing you on the battlefield! Thanks for accepting our guys into your clan, it was very nice chatting with you guys. I really enjoyed this war, it was very fun and it helped our clan gain experience and made us stronger. I will see you guys soon!

    Psst! we also have a private facebook group page, it is private because there are real accounts linked to it. Feel free to join it here, if you are having troubles then you will have to PM me your facebook name so that we can link it with you.
    so... what happens in our facebook group page?... its private! duh!!

    and....if you want to know a little more about our clan mates before coming in;

    Adam Sleepy smurf likes his... sleep... Sometimes we worry he likes his sleep more than us. If he's not sleeping, he's sure to be on or off the soccerfield. Ask him for local gym tips
    battle1 Close friends with sharky, these two love to work together in and outside coc.
    Beausef The other half of the flowerpot men duo AKA "ironman extraordinaire". Just don't get between him and an open donation request or a request for base/attack tips.... unless you are offering him a particularly nice bike.
    Ben Moz Part of the famous Beau and Ben the flowerpot men duo. Also, the worlds most dangerous animal. But wait there is more - he loves to parade through clan chat wearing a pink bikini and red stilettos. You have been warned - avert your eyes!!!
    Bipi Farmer extraordinaire (check our farming comp results), this solid, dependable, reliable and more than a little bit "kookie" guy is just the waffle mixture. Whatever you do, do NOT ask him what he wears to conferences.
    canary84 Canaries were taken down into the mines as a disaster warning system for many centuries. Our real life disaster warning system is cooller (and more fluffy and yellow) than any canary.
    Chef1234Niall Tired of the same old waffle recipe? Need breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Cooking lessons? Our real life chef will keep your bellies happy.
    Cjd0721 King of clan descriptions, especially during war, always up for a chat and ready to give anyone a hand sharpening their attack strategies.
    dark_jet All round good guy. Always ready to help out, be it with attack tips or troops. DJ never takes anything personally and trust me I have TRIED to stir him.
    dirtyfoot5665 Famous for being thrown out of a supermarket late at night, shoeless. The supermarket bouncer said "you and your dirtyfoot… don't come back" and ever since the name has stuck.
    ethan Anyone watching Ethan's first war raids HAD to quickly shut their eyes… or suffer longterm nightmares. One of our lowest warbases, Ethan now loves to wreck low-mid level higher town halls.
    Fauti Third member of the dynamic German trio, Fauti is as dedicated to our clan and helping us win wars as he is to the gym.
    fk Part of our dynamic German trio, famous for awe-inspiring war raids. Fk is back after a game- and war-break and we expect great things. Aaah the pressure!
    gottistgeil Long time member, GIG loves sharing his wizzies.
    jackrelph Who is this person and who let him in the clan? Let jacky coach you to 6 star war perfection… if you dare
    Jstone0515 AKA "popeye". Wondering why you can't find any spinach at the shops? He's escaped out of rehab again. You take your life into your hands if you ask him to share his spinach.
    Kieran Neill Recently a first time Daddy, KN is always quick to help.
    Lady D Beloved of all, lady brings that special female touch and care to our clan's leadership. She wields a strong whip on all who overstep the mark. After appointing herself herself our "CEO of Entertainment and Other Stuff" - whatever that means, she stepped into noone's smelly shoes.
    Loubee Loubee loves sharing his max troops. Happy as long as he sits at the top of our clan trophy list. Lookout if he's not.
    Man on Fire Fire burning? Call our fireman to put it out. Whether its 3 star attacks in a war without a spell factory, or any other emergency, our fireman can be counted on to put the group first.
    -noone- Recently returned from retirement, noony is the self-appointed chief clan stirrer, prowling chat wielding a big stirring stick. Keep well clear if you don't have a sense of humour
    Parry AKA Parry the portable party. Knight to our fair lady diva.
    pena Pena loves leading our clan to war victories. Unfortunately, his own record of a mere 5/6 stars per war leaves a lot to be desired.
    Prince Mailan Our very own multilingual prince is quiet and fair… but don't be misled. He wrecks much higher bases in war whenever we let him off the leash.
    pwnervicky Love eating, love ignoring noone and challenging jack to three star my base which we all know is beyond impossible heheh!
    Ricoh6h Crazy affro-haired wizzy by day… And night.
    Rory War assistant extraordinaire, Rory posts great war strats… and more.
    sharkbait2801 Banner maker extraordinaire, we are waiting with baited breath to see Sharky's clan video.
    Shequan On a RL break from wars, we are looking forward to his return. Sheq gives the best clanwar feedback this side of the… well… waffle tree
    Squip Poor squip thinks his jokes are funny. He thinks he is funnier than noony, but everyone KNOWS noony has the monopoly on being fun. Humour him and pretend you're laughing. Oh and don't forget to invite him to share a meal.
    sultan The final member of the dynamic German trio, like his brother, his raids are a pleasure to behold. Unless you're the enemy…
    Wzzkd Joint winner of "most improved" in clan. Wzzkd's first few war performances gave noone that dreaded extra grey hair. Definitely NOT the case anymore.

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Cooking Waffles: closed because everyone was soo good they became colossal

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    Colossal Waffles Rule! ok
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    Lvl 5+ arch/wiz, well developed th8+ base & serious about having fun -> Colossal Waffle

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    Thumbs Up Excellent Clan!!

    I had months searching for a decent clan with no drama, respect and true comradery. If you are searching for the same and think you may qualify feel free to apply. War is also very organized and strategies are thoroughly discussed in this clan. A special thanks to everybody at Colossal Waffle for making me feel at home ,Lady, Noone, Ben Moz, Olly, Fauti , Shequan, Chichi, Adam !!

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    reserved for future use
    Colossal Waffles Rule! ok
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    Lvl 5+ arch/wiz, well developed th8+ base & serious about having fun -> Colossal Waffle

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    Co-leader at: Colossal Waffle
    Serious, but not too serious!
    International - always online..
    ONLY level 5 and 6 troops... - Very active, instant donations.
    Talkative and a fun atmosphere -Easy going, choose what you want to do...

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    Current Clan: SaroshIGN (in-game name): Luk33llizz
    Town hall level: 8
    Level of wizards: 5
    Level of archers: 5
    Level of walls(numbers or percentage):All were level 7 when I went to th8 a few weeks ago with 29 skull walls as of right now.
    Additional Information(optional): Umm... gold grab is over 146mil friend in need is 9750+, BK is on his way to 7. Average about 1500 donations and 1000 recieves a season with my record donations being 3123. I think that 's about it :]

    Edit: also i'm only level 71 but other than that I meet all requirements.
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    Not sure - maybe you can tell me?
    Luk. We have accepted you. Please apply in game and say noone sent you.

    Thank and see you soon
    Proud Leader of the awesome bunch of peeps known as Colossal waffle(click for more info)
    Founding member of the Crusher fanclub. Pls ONLY join if you have instagram (I don't)
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