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Thread: I hate the grocery store

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    I hate the grocery store

    Ok so I hate going there IRL too, but the one in our town is just awful. The coins and XP not to mention the Rep. Points are just not worth two cheeses or two butter and two different jams. That last one gave less than 400 coins. I am going to adopt my daughters plan for it. She sends everyone to the grocery first and then if they get ridiculous she can send them away without having given them anything on a previous trip. At least the cinema gives 11 rep. Points.
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    I guess that's the trade off for being the fastest location?
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    Apart from its low rep, I don't mind the grocer, at least their needs are simple there; but I find I am most inclined to ban my townies from the diner, cinema and beach hut, each of which attract the wrong sort of crowd. I often have to chuck the rabble out of town completely. Ironically, it is the bed and breakfast that I enjoy the most, and after that it is the spa -- a better type of clientele altogether.

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    Honestly, I think the Grocery Store is the best location. I don't care about EXP, COINS or REP. I can always get that no matter what as I play the game. The Grocery Store is the best for me because it's the fastest serving building. Which means I can get TEMs faster, which means I can expand my town faster.

    And time >>>> any food product. Heck, even if the Grocery Store townies asked for multiple jams or candies, or lobsters products (if possible), I would still do it just for the possibility of getting a TEM.

    I'm almost done with my Town portion of my Town. My Beach portion is still completely locked though (they use a loottttttt of maps....)

    I have lots of hammers and drills though....which are useless to me because I don't have the other pairs of TEMs and BEMs to use them effectively to upgrade my buildings (well, technically I have the BEMs, but I won't use them on my town....I'm saving up my BEMs for my barn, same with SEMs). Bricks and maps are a PAIN to get, so you just gotta roll through as many townies as possible (which is why when I use my Personal Train, I always try to find Townies who want to go to the Grocery Store. If my Grocery Store is full, I'll get the Cinema or Diner, whichever one isn't full. And if they are all full, I'll just get the Grocery Store anyways ---> I'll just wait one hour of my Grocery Store to empty out.

    I hate the B&B the most because the service time is soooo long. Even with the Service Time Reduction upgrades, it is still the longest serving building. The Spa too. The higher end buildings ask for very premium and rare products. I'd rather save them up to make use of them on my machines (to work towards masteries). The most premium product the Grocery Store asks for is I think Jams.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LordMagikarp View Post
    Honestly, I think the Grocery Store is the best location. I don't care about EXP, COINS or REP.
    Agreed. I don't mind the grocery at all. It's the spa and beach cafe that's annoying. They're always asking for sandwiches and salads. At this point, coins, xp's, even TEMs aren't a concern...I'm doing it only for the RP's and the hr wait is the quickest to get those visitors in and out.
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    I do that, too. I send townies to the grocery store first, and if I don't want to give them what they want, I can send them on their way without having wasted any products or time with them.

    My town is fully expanded now, so I don't need TEMs. I have 2 million coins and nothing to buy, so I don't need coins. There is nothing new to unlock, so I don't need XP or RP, either.

    I do it for the BEMs and SEMs, but who knows what you're going to get as a gift. Send 'em away and bring in another customer.
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    I don't mind the grocery store too much. The spa and beach cafe tend to bother me more in that they ask me for precious premiums and just LOADS of food! No one person eats a casserole, frutti de mare pizza AND an apple pie. Do they get doggie bags or what? Or are they trying to beat the Man vs Food guy? Anyways, I neglect my town lately so anyone needing a grocery visit helps me immensely.

    As far as appearances though, the grocery store is now hidden behind as many trees as possible. Tiggerr pointed out awhile back that the grocery store looks like a monster. I saw said monster and can't seem to see that grocery store as anything BUT a weird monster lol. In fact now I see the train station building as something from outer space with large, creepy, nobody-is-home, blue eyes. But that's another story.
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    LOL. I, too, thought the grocery store looked like a monster the first time I set eyes on it.

    And yeah, some of the orders are just ridiculous. Who orders more than one salad?

    That said...I don't mind the spa and beach cafe. In the spa, the orders are often easy: a few berries, a pumpkin, or a goat milk. The beach cafe tends toward premium items, but I don't mind that too much. At this point in the game, that's what I'm making the premium items for. There's really nothing else to do with them. I do help my friends, followers, and neighbors, but they don't ask for salads or ice cream very often. Trading them for expansion items is the best use of them, for me.

    It's the requests for raw materials that I refuse. Sugar, butter, cheese, lobster tails, fish filets, stuff like that.

    I don't like to get down to zero on anything. After weeks of playing the town, I am convinced that it works the same way as the boats and little people: they ask for what you don't have. So if you sell them your last lobster tail, you'll be get a lot more requests for lobster.

    And going down to zero on an item that's used as an ingredient in other products is a pain, because not only are you out of, say, lobster, you also can't make any more lobster soup or seafood salad or frutti di mare pizza. At least with salads, ice cream, soups, etc., they are the final product. You don't need them to make other products.
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    My grocery store is closed

    My grocery store is closed till further notice. Actually I'm hoping high tide carries it away.

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    A lot of times, I pick up 2-3 visitors from a neighbor's town that want to visit the grocery store just because it's only an hour wait to pick up a gift.

    But I still send some of them away now and then. Visitors wanting multiple jams or 3 fish fillets really aren't the kind of people you need in your life.

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