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Thread: Lvl 35, lvl 6 Active Town, Daily Player looking for NH

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    Lvl 35, lvl 6 Active Town, Daily Player looking for NH

    I am on many times a day and help a lot.

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    Hi, are you on gamecenter? We are looking for more members i our nh.

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    Check out our neighborhood

    Quote Originally Posted by ballgame View Post
    I am on many times a day and help a lot.
    We are an active neighborhood with levels from 30-62. We all play daily and are very helpful (but are not pressured to do so). There is no list of rules or expectations. We just want to have fun and relax. We do have lives away from Heyday, so if you need a very chatty neighborhood, this may not be the best for you. Look for "Lisa &. Friends Happy Farm" with green cat on purple checked shield, and check us out.

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    Would you like to build one together? I'm on level 43

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    I have a good neighbourhood, Famous Farmers [GER] levels 33 - 53. come and join us

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    Come join KNOLLERUP. We are just starting our NH.

    You are welcome here. We speak English and German

    Knollerup neighborhood

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    Thumbs Up Mmm ....

    I'am an active player . My level is 29 . daily player and very helpful .
    I love that there is no list of rules or expectations. I just want to have fun and relax .
    I don't need a chatty neighborhood , this may be the best neighborhood fo me .
    So can you accept me as a neighbor ??
    Please i'am waiting an answer & 10xx ...
    Annouss's farm

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    Quote Originally Posted by ballgame View Post
    I am on many times a day and help a lot.
    Hi there!!!
    We are looking for friends not just members!!!
    We are a new neighborhood. We are at three players strong now with nine possibles joining. This is the time to join a new neighborhood that can help you and you can set the standards with us for the new hood. Many times you join a neighborhood and clicks are already formed. The rules of have been established and your opinion doesn't count as a new member. This is the time to join ours so that we can have a friendly helpful neighborhood together. Together we can form the rules because we are for friendly people. I have training experience in how to get you to level up and earn money fast. I even have references :-). Lol. So come join us if you want to be a part of a neighborhood not just a member. Very friendly, very open and willing to learn from each other. As time passes I will pick up two coleaders that I know will be dedicated to stay and are true leaders at heart that show dedication and ability in training to help others. Title means responsibility and leadership skills that show a giving, patient, spirit! We are also "believers in Christ" and are looking for those great gifts of kindness, patience. helpfulness, temperance. Etc.

    Our neighborhood is called "friends helping" with a red background and green fox. It only started four days ago so we can grow together and design the neighborhood we want!!!

    I am looking for good members and neighbors that can be friends!!!! Looking for you so please join us to have a great neighborhood and a fun time!!!!

    I am "Roseysbuds" and you can find me by sending me an email here on the forum or adding me to your friends and contacts through Facebook or game center. Game center name is is Pinkie365.

    If no one happens to be there when you join please be patient as we all have lives but we all play hard and come often to the neighborhood. Looking forward to welcoming you! Rose

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    Come Join My Neighborhood

    Quote Originally Posted by ballgame View Post
    I am on many times a day and help a lot.

    Looking for members to join "Shady Cove." Active members who want to trade, sell and chat. Everyone welcome, you don't need to wait for an invite to join.
    If you:
    - speak English
    - are an active daily player min level 29
    - are friendly and mature adults , leave the drama to your mama
    - need a NH to pick up visitors and can provide visitors for your neighbors as well
    - want to trade tools, exchange food products with your neighbors
    -no asking for tools then selling them in your shop
    - new player discount. I will give you one item for barn or silo upgrade at one coin when you join.

    Look for the red mouse on green checked shield.
    GC ID: trish0303
    Farm: Shady Cove
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    Feel free to take a look at The Hoodlums

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