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    Red face hope i got them all cheers

    cake oven open ,
    extra barrel near jam maker,
    missing milk barrell near dairy ,
    cherrie tree turned near river,
    bike seat different colour ,
    bike missing basket on front,
    missing brink patten on side of dairy,
    2 handle on pie oven bottom door ,
    swaped crops near juicer ,
    hing on horse stable missing

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    Wink I found them


    I found the 10 diff. it was really hard.


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    Spot the difference

    Can only find 3 differences :
    1. Milk can
    2. Cake oven
    3. Indigo near juice press

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    Red face spot the difference. 7spotted.

    1. bicycle color 2. number of milk containers 3. open & close cake oven 4. ready to harvest and not indigo alignment 5. stable door 6. cherry tree

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    I dont speak english, but I found al differents

    el arbol de cereza esta alreves
    el indicador de presion de la maquina de jugos
    el cultivo de lavanda, alado del tomate, esta alcontrario
    las puertas del horno estan cerradas
    falta una cerradura de la puerta del establo de caballos
    detras de la productora de lacteos, falta un contenedor de leche
    en la productora de lacteos falta un ladrillo al lado derecho
    en el horno de los panes, falta una "puntilla"
    En la bicicleta, falta el canasto
    en la bicicleta falta la pata para sostener
    ...... sorry for my traslation :

    The cherry tree is the upsidepressure gauge of the juice machine
    the cultivation of lavender, winged tomato is backwards
    oven doors are closed
    missing a door lock of horse stable
    behind the production of milk, a container of milk missing
    the dairy producer needed right brick
    in the oven breads, lack a "lace"
    On the bike, missing the basket
    bicycle kick in the leg to hold

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick[Supercell] View Post
    Hey Y'all!

    It's time to kick off another - Spot the Differences competition! Try to find 10 differences in the two images, and post your answer in this thread! As you may notice, you can't see any replies in this thread (not even your own) to keep it fair. All replies are visible to me, so please don't worry or re-post. Every reply with the correct answers posted in this thread within 24 hours has a chance to win 100 diamonds! There will be one lucky winner, chosen randomly from those who answered correctly. The winner will be contacted via a Personal Message from me here on the forums.

    Important note: Please do not post your answers on Facebook, Twitter or here on the forums outside this thread to keep this competition fair & fun for all players!

    To enter the competition you need to either register to these forums, or login if you already have an account. You can register here: (there's also an option to sign up/in using Facebook which is super easy!)



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    Spot the differences

    1. Milk jug missing, 2. Basket on bike missing, 3. Temp gauge on jam machine different, 4. Indigo beds have changed positions, 5. Second cherry sitting different direction, 6. Brick on end of barn missing. 7. Bike stand missing, 8. Bike petal missing, 9. Bike seat different colour, 10. Cake oven door closed. Thanks Melissa

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    The 10 differences are...

    1. Clock on the jam maker
    2. Door on the cake oven
    3. Bottle missing at the dairy machine
    4. Cherry tree facing opposite way
    5. Lavender patch (Next to the black horse)
    6. Bicycle seat
    7. Bicycle colour
    8. Basket on bicycle
    9. Three knobs on the horse stable
    10. Brick missing on the dairy machine

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    Thumbs Up Hey. Ive found the 10 Fails.

    1. At the diary lacks a milk container.
    2, 3 and 4. The bike is a different, a different color and a different basket. There are 3 Fails
    5. At cake bakery is open flap
    6. The fields in front of the juicer are swapped (Indigo)
    7. At the top are 26 raspberry bush raspberries, raspberries on the bottom 25.
    8. The cherry tree has More like a bush in the other picture
    9.The pointer is moved from the marmalade Press.

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    Hope I can win(-;

    1: The milk jugs are different.
    2: The bricks on the side of the dairy machine are different.
    3: The cake oven doors are open.
    4: The pie oven has double buttons or door buttons on the front on the bottom portion.
    5: The cherry tree is facing the opposite direction.
    6: The indigo next to the tomato plant is switched.
    7: The bikes are different colors.
    8: There are only 2 hinges on the horses stable door instead of 3.
    9: The meters hand on the Jam machine is facing left in one photo and facing right on the others photo.
    10: There is an extra mud whole in the cow pin!!

    It took me awhile to find the last spot the difference which it was in the cow pin but some people may think the brick by the bikes are different bc you can see an extra piece on one photo and you can't on the bottom photo due to the seat on the red bike!! Thanks for the chance to win diamonds. My Game Center id is dottie_143 and thanks again for making this game I love it and my farm has become part of my daily life lol (-;

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    Wow, this was hard! But fun! :)

    1) 1 less milk carton behind diary barn
    2) Grown Lavender and growing lavender switch rows in middle
    3) Cherry tree by "Hay Day" is bigger
    4) Basket on bike missing
    5) Bike seat is different color, one white, one black
    6) Missing knob on pie oven door
    7) Bike wheels are bigger
    8) doors open on cake oven, closed on other
    9) missing hinge on horse stable door
    10) bigger windows on diary barn

    Hope that's them and they are correct! Hope you post the answers as well! I'm curious to know what's wrong or missed. haha.

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