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    1. Bikes at the top are different
    2. Cake oven door is open in one, closed in the other
    3. Indigo by the juicer is switched
    4. Cherry tree by the river is facing opposite direction
    5. There's a brick spot missing on the end of dairy wall
    6. A little knob is missing on the bottom of the pie Ben
    7. The needle on the gauge of the jam maker is pointing a different direction
    8. A milk jug is missing by the corner of the dairy
    9. There is a hinge missing on the horse stable door, only 2 instead of 3
    10. A circle of dirt is missing in the cow pasture
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    My answer

    1. left cherry tree near the Hay Day logo
    2. pie Oven knob
    3. bicycle color
    4. diary brick design
    5. diary milk container
    6. cake oven open door
    7. lower right field, indigo crop
    8. horse stable door
    9. jam maker thermometer
    10. cow pasture small circle

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    Rotated cherry tree
    brick on dairy
    milk churn at dairy
    jam pressure gauge
    hoof print in centre of cow pasture
    hinge stable door
    Indigo in front of juice press
    cake oven door
    bakery drawer knob

    Suggestion: Nick, maybe you can enable the option to attach picture, so we can just reply u by picture, circle the 10 differences will do, instead of using words to describe. Thanks!
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    10 Diffrences

    1. Bike seats are different color
    2. one bike has a basket, while the other has a light
    3. one bike has a kick stand removed
    4. Open cake oven Door
    5. Lavender in front of the juice machine is in a different position in the field
    6. One picture is brighter then the other
    7. Brick on the side of the barn is different, 4 bricks versus 3
    8. One pie oven is missing the lower handle on the door
    9. Missing milk can on the side of the barn
    10. Dial on the jam maker is in a different position
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    Spot 10 differences

    Oven door open on one, shut on other
    One bike is purple, one is pink
    More milk jugs behind dairy farm on one
    Indigo and other crop is switched
    One of the cherry trees is different
    Bike has basket other doesn't
    Bricks on side of dairy farm are different
    One horse shed has three hinges the other one has two
    Hands on the clock are different
    Knob missing off of oven

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    Nick, please allow us to attach photos we would really appreciate it..
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    10 spots competition answer ^^

    1. 2nd Cherry tree.. Near Hay Day logo
    2. One of Pie oven knob is missing in below pic
    3. Different bicycle color
    4. One of brick on Dairy is missing in below pic
    5. One of milk container is missing in below pic
    6. Cake oven door is open in upper pic and close in below pic
    7. Jam maker thermometer
    8. Indigo fields
    9. One of circle on the ground in Cow pasture is missing in below pic
    10. Horse stable door

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    Found 9

    I have no idea where number 10 is. Maybe you count the lavendel as 2. Differences I found:

    Bike changed, top right
    Cherry tree rotated, top left
    quiche oven missing knob, top

    Lavendel, moved, center
    Wall diary changed bricks
    Milk cans changed

    pie oven, doors
    Stable door, hinge missing
    Fruit juice, dial changes

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    Ok folks, the competition is now over! We have a winner and that person is known here on the forums using the nickname: mwilliams1501!!! Congratulations!! We have contacted you so please check your inbox here on the forums!

    Here are the differences:


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