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Thread: The Valkyrie Strategy Guide

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    The Valkyrie Strategy Guide

    The Valkyrie Strategy Guide
    So the most recent update is featuring some buffs to both Valkyrie and the Jump spell. Valkyrie will now purposely target multiple targets. This is huge because itís functionally a huge situational attack bonus. Now toss in a rage and its going to be huge DPS on compact base designs.

    The jump spell is also functionally an AI change. Troops now will recognize that the jump spell offers a better path, rather than ignore it unless already within its radius. This means if I miss 1 or 2 wall pieces that a unit may target, as it is now, they will go to the area where the spell is in effect rather than attack that 1 or 2 wall pieces. This will make utilizing a jump spell much easier and also allow you to use them for efficiently. However, the radius is reduced Ė so that will require relearning how it functions (for those of us who already use it)

    Valkyrie Revamp Video:

    Side Note:

    Join Vallhala September 1-14 to share your Valkyrie attack strategies or just learn some new tricks!

    Just go to to sign up!

    The Valkyrie
    The most important part of any strategy is understanding your strengths and weaknesses. So here are some things about the Valkyrie

    -Despite being a ďtankĒ unit Valkyries are rather vulnerable to splash damage. Think of them more liked supped up Barbarians or mini PEKKA. They also tend to run ahead of other tanks, causing them to take point damage fire

    -Valkyrie have a slow attack speed, which means wizards are a huge problem on the battle field. Valkyrie are very likely to get KOed before every getting off their legendary whirlwind attack. Rage spells help tremendously and if lower level, a heal is a life saver

    -Valkyrie will destroy compacted base designs, where spread out bases wonít allow her to capitalize on her strengths.

    -Valkyrie tend to run out in front of other troops, due to there AI looking for a point of attack that hits multiple targets. This can be problematic or beneficial. The problem is that she will get ahead of any tanks you have along in your composition. If she is tanking, however, she is knee deep in defenses and will attract fire.

    -Heros are not a major threat post update. With the Valkyrie splash all you need is a rage if the hero is higher in level. Any CC troop that is not a wizard isn't generally a huge issue, though wizards are devastating. You still need to pick a good attack angle as these troops can pull your Valkyrie off target

    -Valkyrie do best moving in a line, spread out but as a group. They seem to lose steam after 50% as their tanks die and they begin to thin out. It seems difficult to move them past a 2 star at Th10 but very capable of 3 stars at Th9 and 8.

    -Valkyrie seem inefficient when they bunch up. They appear to waste attacks (whiff) when they get bunched up, where if they stay spread out they can level a cluster of buildings very quickly. They have a bug where if the building their targeting get destroyed they'll do no damage even if in mid animation. They'll finish out their animation and reposition themselves for a new attack.

    Original Post
    Itís been a long journey but my moment is here and these strategies I have been developing for months will be much more effective. This was my original working post where I was testing out different builds.

    Current Builds

    GoVaPe - Golems, Valkyrie, and PEKKA -
    GoWiVa - Golem, Wizards & Witches
    GoViz - Golems Valkyrie and Wizards

    Viz - Valkyrie, Wizards and Jump

    Valkyrie Tornado - Valkyrie, Healers, Giants, Wizards

    Mixed Tactics - Giants, Wizards, Valkyrie, Barbs, Archers

    Valkyrie to Kill a Whole Clan Castle (Godson)

    Random Videos - before and after - Valk/Archer - Mass Valk

    Giants & Valkyries - Valk/Giant - Th10 - Th10 - Th10

    Hogs en' Valks
    hienhuynhtm -

    Nigel Momongan from Youtube - healer lure


    Special Thanks to

    Unity Sharp - GoWiVa-WiPe (Sharp's Army)
    ZenCoC -GoWiVa
    SadistKandra - Valkyrie Tornado
    Milanese - GoWiVa
    Daddy - Mass Valks
    hienhuynhtm - HoVaPe
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    Valkyrie and Jump

    Before any update the Jump Spell and Valkyrie were an effective strategy, now it is only more so. Jump allows Valkyrie to keep moving unhindered and to do so quickly. This allows the Valkyrie to capitalized on her high DPS capacity but low stamina (when compared to other tanking units). Its an extremely effective strategy for taking out a TH but moving past the second star is tricky.

    If you used the strategy before the update it changed character. Golems will not provide Valkyrie good cover anymore because the Valkyrie will get ahead of them but they are still critical to create a path and to keep your wizards alive as you Valkyrie punch deeper into the base. These units also help insure you net the 50% for the second star.

    Super Cell Jump Revamp Video:

    Youtube Video - thanks to Stephen!

    The Composition
    Spells: 2-3 Jumps Spells 1-2 Rage 1-2 Freeze/Heal

    Valkyries: 15-22
    Wizards: 10-20
    Golem: 0-2 or Giants: 6-12
    PEKKA: 0-2
    Wallbreaker: 0-5

    The Ideal Base
    : Valkyrie preform best on compact base designs, you want their splash to matter. That and you want a base that doesn't permit your Valkyrie to run every which way. For example, bases with rings of buildings tend to be bad because the Valkyrie may follow the ring, rather than proceed farther into the base. If the buildings are more compact in a certain area this may still provide a good route for your Valkyrie. Its also ideal if the infernos are spread out, much easier to eliminate one before tackling the second, as Valkyries can take 1 inferno on pretty well but 2 can be more of an issue. Also muti-target infernos level 2 or below aren't a major threat to Valkyrie.

    You may also want to consider defense placement. Its best if your Valkyrie are clearing a path for your Wizards. If your Valkyrie punch a hole and leave defenses standing in there wake then you will be flanked. If this happens your wizards will go down quickly. However, if the defenses in range are destroyed - your momentum will hold out much longer.

    Centralized heros and clan castle troops is actually very good. These can be used to help guide your Valkyrie to the right place. Having one of these things directly behind the th is very effective. However, if the archer queen or clan castle troop is off to the side of where you want to attack, it could pull you away from your target. The Barbarian King is less likely to cause a huge problem if he pulls your forces away because of his lack of a ranged attack. The queen or archers could cause your Valkyrie to pound on walls while they get hammered by defenses if not in a compartment you are attacking.

    If using the freeze spell, having the CC in the path of an inferno is ideal. That way you can freeze both the inferno and CC troops at the same time. For Valkyrie, freezing only the inferno tower is really a waste.

    The Attack: Neither hero is a major problem for Valkyrie, due to the fact Valkyrie can dish damage to heros while still destroying the base. A well planned freeze spell may be very effective if both heros, CC, and infernos are in the core. The biggest role heros play in your attack is drawing your forces where you want them to go. If the heros will draw you off of your target, that can pose a problem. Be particularly wary of off center Archer Queens and archers/wizards. These ranged units can cause your Valkyrie to pound on walls while getting hammered by defenses. However, if all three of these are centralized its actually a positive for attacking.

    Only lure a CC if it has the potential to draw your attack in the wrong direction. Most bases centralize their CC and in these cases your Valkyrie do not need those troops to be lured. In fact they can be critical in making sure your Valkyrie go where you want them to.

    If your up against a Th10 base you need to bring Golems for the opening of the attack for maximum effect. Spread them out just far enough to cover a central attacking zone. Deploy the wizards in this zone along with about 4 Valkyrie. At this point wait and allow the wizards to destroy the defenses if everything is going smoothly, drop wall breakers just as the outer layer of defenses is going down. If possible near a wall that has taken a hit for two so you only need one. If you don't have wallbreakers and instead a 3rd jump spell, drop that.

    Be careful choosing a location to break into the base. Its often tempting to break compartments open as your golems and wizards hammer on defenses, but if you do this at the wrong stage your Valkyrie may move towards those compartments instead of where you placed your jump spell. This requires experience to learn when to hold off on breaking into the second layer.

    If possible keep your Wizards in a "pocket" where the Golems are covering the flanks and the Valkyrie are paving a way straight ahead. That way they are providing fire instead of taking it. This is critical if you want to keep your momentum going because Valkyrie are terrible at taking out walls. If your not using 2 golems or any giants spare a few of your Valkyrie at the beginning, you'll want heal spells for this scenario. Valkyrie alone do not really create a solid pocket but a heal spell can help buy wizards times as they pick off flanking towers.

    When deploying your Valkyrie do not drop them all in one location. It's best if you can spread them out some so that when they engage their targets they do so from multiple locations. When Valkyrie bunch up they tend to waste attacks and are very vulnerable to splash damage. Where when Valkyrie spread out they waste far less attacks and destroy multiple buildings very quickly. Also if wizards come out of the CC, you are far less likely to waste half of your force get zapped to death (or watch as your Valkyrie painfully take 1 archer out at a time). Valkyrie are prone to attacking the outer buildings, make sure a path is cleared before deploying rapidly. I do not personally recommend the lightening spell with Valkyrie, often a rage or heal is all they need to demolish those units. In particular at Th10 a well timed freeze and rage will render those units dead in seconds.

    Once inside the outer compartment drop a jump spell where you want your Valkyrie to attack. Picking the location and timing of this spell is tricky. Walls can be used to direct your Valkyrie just as much as prevent them from getting somewhere. Essentially you want to create a "runway" for your Valkyrie. A direct path to the TH, hopefully with just one Jump spell. You want this runway, if possible, to not leave buildings flanking your wizards. Its very easy for Valkyrie to surge ahead, destroy the town hall and get 30%.

    Be careful not to inadvertently create a path that leads your Valkyrie right past the inferno tower, while never attacking it directly. You'll also want to pick a path that has enough buildings for a 50% - this will take practice but Valkyrie can often take the TH without getting a high % of damage on the base.

    Your first rage spell or heal spell should be used as your Valkyrie collide with the enemy CC. These spells allows for you to quickly dispatch (survive) enemy CC and heros. If packing a freeze time this so you get a high priority defense or two in the freeze. The inferno tower is the best target for this. If not attacking a Th10, please note the heal spell is more versatile and useful .

    The second rage you will want for dispatching the core quickly. Placing the rage just in front of where the Valkyrie will attack. If packing a heal try and wait to use it until the Valkyrie have low health. If possible also try and time this rage so if can help you clear a path in walls if nee be, if you don't heave enough jumps to keep going.

    With multi-target infernos, try and attack from an angle that allows you to deal with one inferno at a time. Attacking in the middle of disco inferno fire is generally bad, as the DPS is high enough to make big problems. However, Valkyries can take the fire from 1 inferno fairly well.

    Once the core is gutted this is where your battle decisions will show. If your Golems kept the "pocket" strong, you should still have momentum from your wizards. Also if your "runway" was perfect you should of cleared a path that left no defensive building to flank your advancing army. Also if you where frugal with your wallbreakers and jump spells you should have enough to keep your line advancing beyond the core.

    If your pocket broke, chances are your wizards are dead. If you used your jump spells all on getting into the core, you could very well be watching as your Valkyrie get shot to pieces trying to punch a hole in the wall. If your "runnway" was poor your Valkyrie may be all over the place or you'll have 30%, the town hall, but no second star.

    This is a solid 2 star comp, particularly once you level your heros. Its great at getting the core but can sometimes fall short of getting 50% because of losing momentum as spells run dry.

    Example Comps:

    Mass Valkyries: 2 Golems, 18 Valkyries, 15 Wizards, 3 Wallbreakers - 2 jump, 1 freeze, and 2 rage

    Mass Valkyries 2 (no Golem): 22 Valkyries, 16 Wizards, 3 Jump Spells, 1 Freeze, 1 rage

    : - th9 (Th9) - Th9 with 1 jump and 3 rage - TH9 VS Th10 (Th10 maxed) - Against a Maxed Base - th10

    Stewey -

    Variation: - Valkyrie/Giant/Archer
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    Valkyrie & Healers

    If your a giant/healer expert.... be prepared to rethink how you use the healer. I recently got to use her a few times in successful war attacks on TH9 players and a premature Th10. Using ideas I gained from SadistKandra and a few youtubers I experienced allot more luck with the wayward healers.

    I'll get into specifics later but Valkyries can make a good compliment to healers. They have enough HP th 8-9 to take hits and a much higher attack than giants. They also can make a good compliment to various strategies that use the healers with Valkyrie - but you need to rethink deployment. The biggest issue you'll run into is that Valkyrie can pull healers into the frying pan (so to speak) and if you don't consider this before an attack you'll fail miserably.

    A shout out to Sadist Kandra here. Its his strategy guide that helped me pick up and notice nuances in using healers with Valkyrie based compositions.

    See SadistKandra's post for the Valkyrie Tornado:

    Backbone – 8-14 Valklyries, 2-4 Healers, 0-15 Wallbreakers
    Compliment Units: 8-12 Giants, 8-15 Hogs, 3-16 wizards, Archers
    Support: 1-3 PEKKA (great for walls), Witches (CC troops)

    Spells: Varies, though freeze is great vs CC troops or to lock up Air Defenses

    Selecting Targets

    I am not master at this currently. I am Th10 and bases vulnerable to these ideas are few due to the popularity of multi-target mode. But recently I had a few war matches where I was up against Th9 or weak Th10. The reason for choosing these strategies had to do with my ability to isolate parts of the base not protected by Air Defenses. I kept either my Valkyries or other units in the range of defenses while they got healed but away from air defenses, I then sent the other part of my army into the core to but it while everything was distracted. I saved extra heals for the core group. If you can isolate the base into sections this way, the strategy can be devastating even vs Th10. The problem with Th10 tho is that not many bases will allow you to avoid all 6 defensive towers during execution.

    Obviously exposed Air Defenses are good also, as you can take them out quickly but its more important that you can isolate sections outside of there ranges than necessarily take them out quickly.

    You generally want a base where the CC can be lured. Valkyries can handle the CC but in general if you using this strategy its about spell conservation and efficient use of the healers/spells. Taking CC troops out in the core is generally spell dependent/heavy. Also wizards are a huge problem when trying to use healers and its best to avoid they destroying your raid.


    Before you attack separate the areas under air coverage. Are their large portions of the outer base that air defenses don't cover? Are a few Air defenses easily taken out, leaving the otter rim of the base vulnerable? From my experiences so far these attacks work best if I use the strengths of my units where they are needed.

    Lure the clan castle out. You can send Valkyrie into a core with a rage and freeze but its safer to lure them out so they don't complicate your deployment. These strategies make use of a variety of units and adding the extra concern of CC troops can make effective deployment difficult.

    In general I have been running 4 healers because it lets me divide up the units involved. With giants I have been splitting up them into two smaller groups and have them act like Golems. I want them taking and distracting fire but at the same time I try and keep them out of the danger zone of air defenses. Which generally is away from standard trap placement.

    With Valkyries they can have a few roles. Blitzing the core, being healed and used as tanks, or punching up the middle under healing. It depends on the base layout. You use healers where they are strongest and the unit that is best suited for that role.

    Hog Riders can either be used to clear the sides of the base or the center. I prefer using them to clear the center. There fast and jump walls, a good compliment to Valkyries.

    One of the major issues with these strategies is that the healer is an idiot. It actually really doesn't pay to put more than 2 healers on a group. They end up getting them to 100% and then healing something you don't want them to. This is also why giants and hogs are strong complements to Valkyrie with healers. They benefit from healers to, so it won't ruin your raid if the healer goes ADHD on you and heals them.

    I am not expert at this yet but if you can segment the base and hit it with the group best suited for it, the strategy can be quite devastating. Traps can be an issue and if units behave unpredictably you can have your attack fall apart.

    Be very careful when using heros. Healers love to attach themselves to the BK and forget about the rest of your units. I actually like to send him in a different group than where my healers are. It can ruin a raid when they used their nerfed healing abilities on the king instead of your main units. Wizards can be risking to but can be great with a few witches and the king out front. Just be careful they aren't pulling your healers away from the action.

    For now, I will opt out of writing more. I am still learning these units and have been hitting weak bases to build up on my skills.

    Example Comps:

    Hogs N' Valkyrie - 10-11 Valkyrie, 4 Healers, 15 Hogs (includes a full CC), 2 Witches, 3 Wizards and troops for luring. 1 Jump, 1 Rage, 3 heal (possibly a freeze as well)

    Valkyrie Tornado - 8-10 Valkyrie, 12-13 Giants (Includes CC), 10 Wallbreakers, 15 Wizards - 1 heal, 2 freeze and 2 Rage

    Youtube - Valkyrie/Healer/Jump

    SadistKandra - and Th9 Valkyrie, Giants, Wizards - Th8 - Th8 - 5 Healers and Valkyries - th8 valk/wiz
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    Go Valks!

    This strategy is more flexible in actual composition because the Valkyrie play a specific role, to gut the core and clear the enemy CC. The Valkyrie do the heavy lifting of demolishing cores that are packing centralized heros, clan castles, and tight nit defenses.

    The various combinations are GoWiVa, GoVaPe, GoViz and various compositions with giants instead.

    The Composition

    The Tank:
    2-3 Golems
    8-16 Giants
    Ranged Damage:
    5-15 Wizards (only use less than 10 Wizards if utilizing PEKKA)
    40-60 Archers
    Second Wave:
    8-14 Valkyrie (only use less than 10 Valkyrie if utilizing PEKKA)
    0-2 PEKKA

    Spells: 0-1 Freeze, 1-2 Heal, 1-2 Rage, 0-1 Jump (recommended spell)
    -Freeze is best if it can be used to neutralize a disco inferno and CC troops/heros at the same time.
    -Rage is a necessity for colliding with CC troops.
    -Heal is very powerful with Valkyrie and is great at keeping support troops alive and giving Valkyrie more staying power. If facing infernos heal is still powerful as long as your not facing both at the same time.
    -Jump is a great spell to get Valkyrie into the core and to free up room for more troops (instead of wallbreakers). Most bases can be breached by one jump after getting through the outer layer.

    Other: Wall Breakers 0-9, Witches 0-4

    Ideal Base: A Valkyrie's favorite base is one with a tight core and centralized heros. Centralized clan castle's are often a good thing as they help get your valkyrie to the right place. Just plop a rage or heal spell as the troops to collide to make sure your Valkyrie come out on top. This is particularly effective if you can drop a freeze on an inferno and CC troops. This varies some depending on your exact composition, but its best if you can deploy your Valkyrie in a spread out fashion, this prevents you from losing the whole lot to a few wizards. For this reason 10 Valkyrie is often best, as less can result in you not getting enough to go the right direction for a win. The exception is if your bringing along PEKKA, then 8 Valkyrie will do the trick. The heros and CC troops will act as vacuum to bring your Valkyrie into the core, helping to prevent their AI from making them wander.

    For all of these strategies clearing a path is important, some more than others. Be careful when attacking bases with a tight nit group of buildings pushed away from the second layer, these are designed to make it difficult to get your troops to go the right direction.

    I find this strategy is ideal for bases that have a large outside compartments that with a jump spell can lead into the core. Something that will allow the Valkyrie to hit the core fairly spread out, to capitalize on there splash damage. Also to maximize spell slots.

    These compositions also do fairly well vs 1 single target and one multiple target inferno or infernos under level 3. The Valkyrie hold up well to fire from either mode, though if two level 3 disco are active at the same time, the DPS is hard for the Valkyrie to sustain for a long period of time. If you are packing a freeze or two they generally do well. A very effective tactic is to attack from an angle so that you take one inferno down right away, activate your hero's iron fist and plop a healing spell down as troop hp gets low. As long as they take the second tower down quickly, this greatly improves your chances of keeping your momentum after breaching the core (as if often also helps prevent your wizards from dieing as they rush into the center). If heros and CC are in the core with the infernos, you can sometimes freeze the whole lot.

    For that larger outside compartment its also ideal if that is a place where defenses can be cleared away leaving a clear path. Meaning that you won't become flanked as your Valkyrie punch a hole into the center of the base. A common problem in using Valkyrie is they get ahead of your support troops, leaving them to get fired on by the defenses left behind.

    GoWiVa is a powerful variant that relies on witches. The extra witches mean using a heal spell is actually quite doable as the infernos are often occupied by skeletons. However, this means mortar fire is very important to pay attention to. You don't want to breach in the core and then have all 3 mortars firing on you, as the witches will be mostly useless.

    However if you can take out 2 mortars on your way to the core, or get your Valkyrie into the core ahead of your witches under rage (to deal with those mortars) this strategy can do allot of damage once the Valkyrie have made quick work of the biggest threats. However, these units have difficult to manage AI and it will require practice to get the timing right.

    The Attack

    Only lure the CC if it will draw your Valkyrie away from the core or your target. CC troops are actually very effective in pulling your troops into the core, but can ruin your raid if they pull them in the wrong direction. The only exception to this is if heros are present in the core and the CC is easy to learn. Then luring is a good idea for extra insurance. Heal, freeze, and rage are good options for insurance when dealing with CC troops and heros. Freeze is good if you can get CC troops and an inferno at the same time, or after destroying the first inferno to allow for a heal. Freeze only for an inferno isn't a great use of the spell.

    Pick a section of base that has a cluster of defenses in a larger compartment, ideally one that isn't flank by defenses your ranged units and tanks would leave standing after your Valkyries make the push into the core. Also if the heros are located on the opposite side of the TH or target, that is best. I often destroy the heros and TH at the same time when they are positioned like this.

    Drop your tanks with ranged directly behind. With giants you'll want to get them into the compartment right away, while with Golems feel free to just let them bang on the walls for a while as your range does the heavy damage. Its important in this phase you engage enough of the defenses to attain a 50%. If you concentrate your forces tro much you'll destroy the Th but run out of steam and fail in getting that second star.

    Be careful when you open up compartments in this stage. Its easy to accidently draw your forces in the wrong direction but opening up a compartment at the wrong time. Ideally you want them to converge on a central location, mastering this will greatly improve your attacks.

    You want to clear a path so your Valkyrie go to the core. Destroying the sides of the base first and then deploying in the center is a good strategy for this. You still want your tanks to provide cover fire - so don't spread them too thin. Make sure to use your wallbreakers wisely as you will only have a few.

    Get your troops into the first layer and assess the situation. If a clear path is present to the core, then deploy the Valkyrie. If not you may need to give your tanks and range a bit longer to clear out buildings but don't leave them unsupported for too long. Timing here is critical. Keep your ranged or support units alive!

    Deploy your Valkyrie so that they make a beeline for the direction of the core. Ideally drop a jump spell to get the Valkyrie into the core, if TH8 you'll need more wall breakers since you do not have access to the jump spell. Have a few wizards follow close behind in case of air troops. If possible spread them out, but be careful as their AI is prone to attacking the buildings on the side of the base instead of inside the base. .

    When the CC is activated take a careful look at what comes out. The rage spell will help your Valkyrie quickly clear out heros and the grand majority of clan castle troops. However, wizards can pose a serious threat and require a rage (if a wall is in the way, a jump as well). Low level wizarrds and other CC troops can de dealt with using a heal or rage. For Th10 a well timed freeze that takes out important defenses and the CC is powerful.

    If carrying two freeze and a heal (or one freeze depending on the number of disco infernos) a nice option is to put the core on lock down with the freeze spell once your Valkyrie have taken a beating and drop a heal, getting them back to full health. Again the rage spell is always a good pick for the core. This is best if heros, CC, and infernos are in the core as you can get them all in the freeze. Otherwise heal is better than a second freeze.

    This is typically where you will run out of the steam, as your Valkyrie will likely be ahead of your Golems and Wizards at this point. If your wizards are taking fire from defenses along the sides of your attack, you're unlikely to go much further. This is why a heal can be powerful. It puts a second wind under your sails, especially if you keep wizards (witches) kicking. Valkyrie do not do particularly well when they have to break through walls. There strongest on the move and doing as much damage as quickly as possible.

    For Th8 and 9 players I recommend utilizing the heal spell to keep the Valkyrie going strong. Their Hp is solid but not remarkable, so the heal spell can help keep the momentum going.

    Giants are acceptable VS Th8 and 9 but aren't really enough for an advanced Th10. I personally recommend 3 Golems or 2 Golems with PEKKA or Witches due to the DPS Th10 defenses pack with 15 wizards following suit.

    GoWiVa -
    This particular comp requires a few more notes as its a bit different in character. Witches with Valkyrie are both powerful and difficult to execute flawlessly. The Witch's skeletons are actually great for keeping inferno beams busy when you drop a healing spell and are great at keeping the momentum going after the core is breached. However, Witches are prone to wander and very vulnerable to mortar fire. So base selection and attack angle considerations are more fussy. Also note that 1 witch is weak, pairs are much better.

    You don't want to have mortars taking out your skeletons so its best to take 1 or two of them out along the way or have your Valkyrie hit them full steam. With Witches you want to form a pocket with your golems and get those golems inside the walls. Being frugal with your wall breakers is important. You also want enough time to build some momentum, as premature deployment of the Valkyrie can be very bad.

    With this comp I find freeze to be not particular useful when stacked against healing spells. If you can capture several things within one freeze having one along is a good thing but otherwise it just doesn't have enough bang. If searching for a match in normal match making, I do recommend 1 freeze as it may be necessary for certain base builds.

    If your Valkyrie can finish off the CC and a few of the major splash towers during the surge part of the raid, you'll find this compositions keeps its steam a bit longer as cannons and archer towers are very ineffective verses witches and the Valkyrie actually become excellent tanks due to their tendency to run into the thick of things.

    Example Comps:

    GoWiVa: 10 Valkyries, 10 Wizards, 2 Golem, 4 Witches, 6 Wallbreakers, 2 Rage, 2 Heal, 1 Jump

    GoViz: 10 Valkyrie, 15 Wizards, 3 Golems, 5 wallbreakers, 0-1 Freeze, 0-2 Heal, 1-2 Rage

    GoVaPe: 8 Valkyrie, 2 PEKKA, 8 Wizards, 2 Golem, 9 wallbreakers

    Sharp's Army (GoWiVa-WiPe) - 2 Golems, 3 PEKKA, 3-4 Valkyrie, 13 Wizards, 10 Wallbreakers, with witches and wizards in the cc, 2 Freeze, 2 Rage, 1 Jump

    Mixed Tactics with Valkyrie: 12 Giants, 10 Barbarians, 14 Archers, 8 Valkyrie, 10 Wizards, 16 Wallbreakers - heal and rage spells (effective Th9 and below)

    Youtube Videos:
    GoVaPe - GoVaPe - GoVaPe - VaGo WiPe - VaGo WiPe - Vs high lvl th10 - Early Th9

    Milanese - - GoViz - GoViz - th10 raids - Th8

    ZenCoC -,,, &

    GoWiVa - WiPe
    Unity Sharp -,,,,
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    Great thread i know gowivalk works on th10's quite effectively especially with behind providing some help i personally use 2 rage 2 heal as valks run out of steam near end so a hp boost is handy especially with mine still at 1 but i do find my 11 valks start to split up as they are at the core so be careful with that as that could end your raid.

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    The new Valkyrie's AI does more damage, but you have to be careful. They can be unpredictable and go where you don't want them to from time to time. If you're using wizards to clean up outside buildings, you might want to spread them out more than with GOWIPE to level a larger area out of the walls.
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    Updated the jump spell and support sections.

    Please post any videos of using the new valks effectively - I'll put them in the guide

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    Nicely done on the thread. Like the thoroughness. 👍

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    What about using valkaries to get I to the core with Jump spells. The valks will target the core because of how compacted cores are.

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