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Thread: Town Hall Level 11.

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    Thread could be longer

    TH 11 is a truly big change, please, make the thread longer, and better written so that it comes out to be a great idea!
    Recently came back into the newer CoC, comparing to the one I used to play a lot back in 2015. They made nice changes, and the game sure is going the right way!
    About me, I should say, as always, trying to do my best!

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    I'm pretty sure there will be a TH11 at some point in the game... SC needs to keep their top-players interested, don't they? Once you've maxed out TH10, there isn't really much to look out for in the game. For now, these top-players have Titan and Legend Leagues to keep themselves amused, but my guess is that will become less interesting as you keep running into the same opponents on that high level... On top of that, these opponents have exactly the same of everything you have.
    So, to enlarge the difference between the high-end players and keeping multiplayers battles more interesting, I assume the introduction of a new TH-level is inevitable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Liberation View Post
    You said why would you want clash to end at TH10? People will pose the same question a few years down the road, why would you want clash to end at TH11? If SC keeps adding more and more TH's it will overwhelm new players because of how long it will take them to make it to end-game. I'm not disagreeing, but seriously don't use that as your selling point..
    Bingo! For now, it is much better if SC works on new dark troops, dark spell or the CW tournament.
    Players are not bored because they are maxed out, but short of attacking variety and tournament to prove theirselves.

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    All good except the 2 new army camps. Just make the existing ones go to lvl 9

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    A few thoughts on your thoughts

    Quote Originally Posted by EasyD View Post
    No negative comments please. Constructive criticism!
    Looks like you have given this a lot of thinking. For what it is worth, my reaction is that TH11 and beyond are the only option to the end of this game. As people have said there are tons of maxed TH10 (some with less than 200 raids lol). But in any game, when you reach the end, it is quickly a dead end. And dead ends produce no dollars for gems.

    At the same time, the farther it goes, the bigger the chasm between the low and the the high end. And the harder it is to maintain the balance that makes the game work. The impressive thing about the game so far is how well the balance has been maintained, so that when a new upgrade comes out, it does not create an easy path to victorious raids or lead to impregnable bases. My observation is that that they constantly tweak the programming to maintain the balance, but that is not based on anything other than my own perceptions. If you consider the number of calculations that have to be made for each incremental movement in a raid, it is staggering. And yet they have kept things in balance.

    A third inferno would change things more than anything else you mentioned for me. Hard for me to see how that would not drastically change the balance for defense. But I must be missing something.

    We have another problem, or rather they do. TH 11 would mean more troop upgrades, and that might make it harder for Tier 1 troops to retain any relevance. Just a side effect of the widening spectrum of the game. And it is hard to see how they could add more wall segments with the existing village structure, but equally hard to see how they can extend the TH range without more walls.

    I would throw out an idea that has been rejected. You may have noticed that there is a beach to the south of your village. You also may have noticed that your barbarians have a Scandinavian flair. As I see it, the problem with TH 11 is that TH 10 is already op in the current game, so TH 11 can only be more op.

    What if TH 11 were more like CoC v2.0, level 1? What if we started to build ships and went to sea? We might have naval battles or raid coastal villages. SuperCell said that they have Boom Beach already and will not use the sea. I played Boom Beach once for 10 minutes, which was 11 minutes too long. CoC is the only game I play. For me, it is not an option.

    I have a rushed TH 10 and have fun with it. But I started 2 other accounts to help some friends, and found myself spending more time with them. They are now up to TH 8 and 9, and you know what? I find the game more fun at the lower levels. Upgrades do not require months of planning, and what I learned on my TH 10 account makes life a lot more fun.

    If SuperCell would expand to the sea and effectively make TH 11 like a new TH 1, then all of those max TH 10 would suddenly have the fun of being lower level again, and if the two universes were kept separate, they would not affect the balance of the other.

    Anyway, I totally get your frustration with reaching the end and your desire for some headroom to explore, but I wonder if what you want is really found in 24-day upgrades that cost 12 million gold obtained from raiding TH10 bases.

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    there should be town hall 11 and more...!!!

    I think clash need to upgrade faster and in each update they should bring new things...
    For th lvl 11 I think it would be good to have two new dark troops and one new dark spell and one new x-bow and also"" hidden walls"hidden walls will appear like hiddwn teslas but their hitpoints are very low and the number of them are about 5 to10 and their price are more than 4, 000, 000 ....

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